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They put Clarebalde in a whelebarowe,
That strong thefe, be stretys narowe,

Had no fote on to goo.

Sche seyde, Ye that wyll be hale,
And holly broght owt of yowre bale .

Of that ye are ynne,
Ye must schryve yow openlye,
And that wyth a full lowde crye,

To all that be here bothe more and mynne.
That they thoght full lothe to doo, - 2040
Mylys seyde, Syth hyt mufte be foo,

Soone schall y begynne. :
I lykyd never wele, day nor nyght,
Syth y ledd awey a lady bryght,

From kythe and all hur kynne.


Than he seyde to them verament,
How he the lady wolde have schent,

And tolde them to the latte;
And that he wolde have be emperowre,
And weddyd the lady whyte as flowre, 2050

And all hys false, cafte ; And sythe awey he can hur lede, “ For y wolde have refte fro hur hur maydynhede,

That sche defendyd faste.

I had never wyth hur to doo,
For y myght not wynne hur to,

But clene fro me fche paste :"

And fythyn he tolde them of the barley bredd,
And how he brent the armyte to dedd,
And hangyd hur up be the hare:

2060 “ Then y lye men and howndys bathe, And to the wode y went for wrathe.”

There Tyrry gaf answare:
Then came y and toke hur downe,
And had hur wyth me unto the towne,

And that rewyd me full fare ;
Sche fewe Betres my doghtur fchene,
That schulde my ryght heyre have bene,

And yyt let y hur fare;


For sche was fo bryght of blee,
And fo femely on to see,

Therfore let y hur goo.
Then Machary, for he muste nede,
“ Sche dyd me oonys an evyll dede,

-My harte was wondur throo. When y wolde have leyn hur by, My for tethe finote fche owt for thy,

That wakenyd all my woo;

I fewe Betres wyth a knyfe,
For y wolde fche had lofte hur lyfe,

Trewly hyt was foo."


Then Tyrry farde as he wolde wede,
And seyde, False-traytur, dyd thou that dede ?

Then wepyd dame Eglantyne,
And seyde, Allas that we came here,
Thys false traytur for to fere,

That wroght us all thys pyne,
Yyt y am warse for that feyre maye
That was so unfrendely flemed away,
And was gyltles therynne.

2090 Clarebalde seyde, Sche came be me, I stode undur a galowe-tree,

And a rope abowte hals myne ;

Fro the galowse sche borowed me,
For y schulde hur knave have bee,

And serve hur to hur paye.
We were togedur but oon nyght,
At the see y solde that bryght,
. On the seconde day.

Then spake the maryner that hur boght,
When y wolde hur to wyfe have wroght

Soone fche seyde me naye ;


Sche brake my schypp wyth a tempeste,
Sche fletyd fowthe and y north-weste,

And fyth fawe y never that maye,


Upon an ore to londe y wanne,
And ever fyth have be a drery man,

And nevyr had happe to hele;
And fyth y have be in forowe and fyte,
Me thynkyth we four be in febull plyte,

That cawlyd hur to wante hur wylle.
She handylde them wyth hur hande,
Then were they hoole, y undurftande,

And odur folke full feele.
Hur own lorde, alther lafte,
The venom owt of hys hedd braste,

Thus can sche wyth them dele ;


The venome brafte owt of hys ere.
He feyde, Y fynd yow four in fere.

. Hys herte was full throo.
He made to make a grete fyre,
And caste them yn wyth all ther tyre,

Then was the lady woo.'.
The emperowre toke dame Eglantyne,
Tyrrye, and Florence, feyre and fyne,

And to the halle can goo,

They looveyd god, lesse and more,
That they had fownde the lady thore,

That longe had be them froo.

Soche a feste as there was oon,

2130 In that lande was never noon,

They gaf the nonnes rente, And all ther golde, wythowt lesynge, But unnethys that that myght them home brynge,

And thankyd them for that gente. Florence seyde, Syr, wyth yowre leeve, Tyrrye some thynge mufte yow geve,

That me my lyfe hath lente. He gaf hym the cyté of Florawnce. And bad hym holde hyt wythowt dystawnce: 2140

They toke ther leve and wente.

Tyrrye wente home to hys cuntrè,
And the emperowr to Rome hys ryche cytè,
· As fatte as evyr they maye.
When the pope harde telle of ther comyng,
He went agayne them wythowt lesynge,

In full ryall arraye.
Cardynals were fomned be ther names,
And come fyngyng Te deum laudamus,

The certen fothe to faye ;


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