The Odes of Pindar in English Prose, Zväzok 1

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Munday and Slatter, 1824
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Strana 134 - To some great city through the public way ; Safe in his art, as side by side they run, He shifts his seat, and vaults from one to one ; And now to this, and now to that he flies ; Admiring numbers follow with their eyes.
Strana 123 - Had flx'd their order and arranged the cars, • All at the trumpet's signal, all at once, Burst from the barrier, all together cheer'd Their fiery steeds, and shook the floating reins. Soon with the din of rattling cars was fill'd The sounding Hippodrome, and clouds of dust, Ascending, tainted the fresh breath of morn. Now mix'd and press'd together, on they drove, Nor spared the smarting lash, impatient each To clear his chariot, and outstrip the throng Of clashing axles, and short-blowing steeds,...
Strana 8 - Heaven's suspicious queen. Believe my nod,' the great, the certain sign, When Jove propitious hears the powers divine ; The sign that ratifies my high command, That thus I will : and what I will shall stand.
Strana 123 - Of clashing axles, and short-blowing steeds, That panted on each other's necks, and threw On each contiguous yoke the milky foam. But to the pillar as he nearer drew, Orestes, reining in the nearmost steed, While in a larger scope with loosen'd reins, And lash'd up to their speed the others flew, Turn'd swift around the goal his grazing wheel. As yet erect upon their whirling orbs Roll'd every chariot, till the hard-mouthed steeds That drew the Thracian car unmaster'd broke With violence away, and...
Strana 57 - Arias of Tarsus, victor in the stadium : — The speed of Arias, victor in the race, Brings to thy founder, Tarsus, no disgrace ; For, able in the course with him to vie, Like him, he seems on feather'd feet to fly. The barrier when he quits, the dazzled sight In vain essays to catch him in his flight. Lost is the racer through the whole career, Till victor at the goal he re-appear.
Strana 124 - Orestes, reining-in the nearmost steed, "While in a larger scope, with loosen'd reins, And lash'd up to their speed, the others flew, Turn'd swift around the goal his grazing wheel. " As yet erect, upon their whirling orbs RolPd every chariot, till the hard-mouth'd steeds That drew the Thracian car, unmaster'd, broke "With violence away, and turning short...
Strana 371 - ... era. Of these three festivals we have only furnished a brief outline, because it is our purpose to place more fully before the reader the order and succession of sports in the Olympic games, which were by far the most celebrated and magnificent of any. The sanctity and solemnity of that institution, the majesty and supremacy of the god to whom it was dedicated, and the great value set upon the Olympic crowns by every province of Greece, were sufficient arguments for furnishing it with an august...
Strana 28 - Chronologists, however, in all their computations, agree to reckon downward from that Olympiad in which Coroebus, the Elean, was conqueror ; with whom also the list of conquerors begins. This list is very useful, since the Greek writers frequently mark the Olympiad by no other designation than the name of the conqueror.
Strana 58 - In all the athletic exercises the combatants contended naked ; * and their bodies were rubbed all over with oil, or with a certain ointment composed of a due proportion of oil, wax, and dust, mixed up together, which they called Ceroma. These unctions were, as some say, peculiar to the wrestlers and pancratiasts...

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