A Wild Pursuit

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Harper Collins, 24. 2. 2004 - 416 strán (strany)

It is whispered behind the fans of London's dowagers and in the corners of fashionable ballrooms that scandal follows willfully wild Lady Beatrix Lennox wherever she goes.

Three years before, the debutante created a sensation by being found in a distinctly compromising position. Now, the ton has branded her as unmarriageable, her family has called her a vixen, and Beatrix sees no reason not to go after what -- and who -- she wishes.

And she wants Stephen Fairfax-Lacy, the handsome Earl of Spade. Beatrix, with her brazen suggestions and irresistibly sensuous allure, couldn't be more different from the earl's ideal future bride. Yet Beatrix brings out a wildness in the earl he has tried to deny far too long. Still, he's not about to play love's game by Lady Beatrix's rules. She may be used to being on top in affairs of the heart, but that will soon change.

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LibraryThing Review

Prehľad pre používateľa  - coffeenut1992 - LibraryThing

I really enjoy Eloisa James' books, and didn't mind this one, but I did find it a bit slow at times. I like the characters and enjoyed reading the next installment in the lives of these duchesses, but did find that I skipped a few pages here and there to get to "the good parts". Čítať celú recenziu

LibraryThing Review

Prehľad pre používateľa  - doxiemomx2 - LibraryThing

I am basically enjoying this series, but I have to agreed with others that there are probably too many characters and the whole thing is becoming a little diluted. My problem with this book is that I ... Čítať celú recenziu


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Eloisa James is the author of twenty award-winning romances. She’s also a professor of English literature, teaching in New York City, where she lives with her family. With two jobs, two cats, two children, and only one husband, she spends most of her time making lists of things to do—letters from readers are a great escape!

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