The field book; or, Sports and pastimes of the British islands, by the author of 'Wild sports of the west'.

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Strana 396 - this bird, from the tip of the bill to the end of the tail, is twelve inches, and to the end of the toes, fourteen inches and a half; its breadth twenty-one inches and a quarter, and
Strana 270 - Knife ; the second nibbles a hole with his teeth, as regular as if drilled with a wimble, and yet so small that one would wonder how the kernel could be extracted through it ; while the last picks an irregular ragged hole with its bill : but as this artist has no paws to hold
Strana 306 - little bits of broken straws to render it tough and tenacious. As this bird always builds against a perpendicular wall without any projecting ledge under, it requires its utmost efforts to get the first foundation firmly fixed, so that it may safely carry the
Strana 271 - potato, but could not pick it up. After several ineffectual efforts, he at last blew the potato against the opposite wall with sufficient force to make it rebound, and he then, without difficulty secured it. Now it is quite clear, I think, that instinct never taught the elephant to procure his food in this
Strana 65 - bite the top of the float will sink suddenly ; remain quiet until the line goes clear away, then creep to the water-side, and give as much line as possible ; if it be a good carp or bream it will go to the farther side of the river, strike
Strana 13 - That if any person shall take, kill, or destroy, or attempt to take, kill, or destroy, any fish in any river or stream, pool, pond, or any other water, (not being in any park or paddock enclosed, or in any garden orchard or yard, belonging or adjoining to a dwelling-house, but in any other enclosed ground, being
Strana 166 - lachrymalia in the human head. When deer are thirsty they plunge their noses, like some horses, very deep under water while in the act of drinking, and continue them in that situation for a considerable time ; but, to obviate any inconveniency, they can open two vents, one at the inner
Strana 206 - third imitated a Dutch milkmaid going to market, with pails on its shoulders ; a fourth mimicked a Venetian girl looking out at a window ; a fifth appeared as a soldier, and mounted guard as a sentinel ; and the sixth acted as a cannoneer with a cap on
Strana 75 - island than at present: they are now found only in the open counties of the south and east, in the plains of Wiltshire, Dorsetshire, and in some parts of Yorkshire ; they were formerly met with in Scotland, but are now supposed to be extinct there. They are
Strana 267 - learned to hound a cur dog upon them, by whistling and calling upon him by his name : at last, during a severe frost, the dog was, by that means, excited to attack a cow big with calf, when the poor animal fell on the ice, and was much hurt : the jay was complained of as a

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