The history of Helyas, knight of the swan, from the ed. [tr. and] pr. by Copland

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1827 - 1512 strán (strany)
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Strana 23 - God's seat, to the end he might be the more perfect in all his being ; but when he began to be high minded, proud, and so presumptuous, that he would usurp the seat of God's Majesty, then was he banished out from amongst the heavenly powers, separated from their abiding, into the manner of a fiery stone, that no water is able to quench, but continually burneth until the end of the world.
Strana 51 - ... that it is a thing impossible : no matter for that, it is as it is, and let it be as it will, once it is done in such a manner as now according unto your request, I...
Strana 46 - ... way, Faustus looked, and behold there was nothing but snakes, and all manner of venomous beasts about him, which were exceeding great : unto the which snakes came many storks, and swallowed up...
Strana 10 - Faustus had made his promise to the devil, in the morning betimes, he called the spirit before him, and commanded him, that he should always come to him like a friar, after the order of St. Francis, with a bell in his hand like St.
Strana 32 - ... unquenchable fire, where is no hope of mercy to be looked for, but abiding his perpetual pains, world without end : for even as much it availeth thee, Faustus, to hope for the favour of God again, as Lucifer himself; who indeed, although he and we...
Strana 83 - That it is but our opinion . for if one star fall, it is the great judgment of God upon us, as a forewarning of some great thing to come : for when we think that a star falleth, it is but as a spark that issueth from a candle, or...
Strana 31 - HIIMANO capiti cervicem pictor equinam Jungere si velit, et varias inducere plumas Undique collatis membris, ut turpiter atrum Desinat in piscem mulier formosa superne, Spectatum admissi risum teneatis, amici...
Strana 20 - Well (quoth Faustus to his Spirit) I have called thee to know what thou canst do if I have need of thy help. Then answered Mephostophiles and said, my Lord Faustus, I am a flying spirit : yea, so swift as thought can think, to do whatsoever.
Strana 15 - Faustus to take a copy of it ; with that the perverse Faustus being resolute in his damnation, wrote a copy thereof, and gave the devil the one, and kept in store the other. Thus the spirit and Faustus were agreed, and dwelt together: no doubt there was a vertuous house keeping CHAP.
Strana 128 - ... they heard him no more. But when it was day, the Students that had taken no rest that night, arose and went into the hall in the which they left Doctor Faustus, where notwithstanding they found no Faustus, but all the hall lay besprinkled with blood, his brains cleaving to the wall : for...

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