The Analytical Review, Or History of Literature, Domestic and Foreign, on an Enlarged Plan, Zväzok 14

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Containing scientific abstracts of important and interesting works, published in English; a general account of such as are of less consequence, with short characters; notices, or reviews of valuable foreign books; criticisms on new pieces of music and works of art; and the literary intelligence of Europe, &c.

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Strana 43 - When they become unfit for these purposes, and afford us pain instead of pleasure ; instead of an aid become an incumbrance, and answer none of the intentions for which they were given, it is equally kind and benevolent that a way is provided by which we may get rid of them. Death is that way.
Strana 498 - Even so late as the year 1471, when Louis XI. borrowed the works of Rasis, the Arabian physician, from the faculty of medicine in Paris, he not only deposited in pledge a considerable quantity of plate, but was obliged to procure a nobleman to join with him as surety in a deed, binding himself under a great forfeiture to restore it.
Strana 370 - Where," he asks-, with perfect truth, " is the little farmer to be found who will cover his whole farm with marl at the rate of 100 or 150 tons per acre ? who will drain all his land at the expense of £2 or £3 an acre ? who will pay a heavy price for the manure of towns, and convey it thirty miles by land carriage...
Strana 504 - AH ! poor intoxicated little knave, Now senseless, floating on the fragrant wave; Why not content the cakes alone to munch ? Dearly thou pay'st for buzzing round the bowl; Lost to the world, thou busy, sweet-lipped soul — Thus death, as well as pleasure, dwells with punch.
Strana 144 - ... agreed to by his Grace, both as to measures and men ; till at last there were not left two planks together of the ship which had been originally launched.
Strana 207 - ... such indictment or information, and shall not be required or directed by the court or judge before whom such indictment or information shall be tried to find the defendant or defendants guilty merely on the proof of the publication by such defendant or defendants of the paper charged to be a libel, and of the sense ascribed to the same in such indictment or information.
Strana 245 - At first they lay a floor of this kind of tempered mortar on the ground, upon which they...
Strana 422 - And haft thou fix'd my doom, fweet mafter, fay — And wilt thou kill thy fervant, old and poor ? A little longer let me live, I pray, A little longer hobble round thy door. Nor could'ft thou bear to fee thy fervant bleed, Tho...
Strana 34 - ... the deepest strokes ; but it was a capital one of ours, which certainly gave the happy turn which affairs have taken. Upon my soul, it was time for fortune to interpose, or we were inevitably lost.
Strana 506 - Hark, the wild uproar of the winds ! and hark, Hell's genius roams the regions of the dark, And swells the thundering horrors of the deep.

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