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MANUAL of LATIN PROSE COMPOSITION, for the use of Schools. Fourth Edition, revised

Crown 8vo. 58. KEY, for Tutors and Students, price 28. 6d. A stepping stone much needed between Latin composition, with references to abunelementary exercises and selections from English dant sources of materials upon each. Some of authors for translation. The Manual is divided

the most eminent scholars and professors have into three parts - the first containing almost contributed to the secoud part, which is thus literal English translations of passages from rendered highly valuable. By observing how writers of the golden age, to be retranslated into they have adapted modern English for the purLatin; the second, passages from English authors, poses of translation into Latin, the student both in their original form and in an altered may himself gradually acquire the freedom shape, suited for literal translation into Latin ; and classical taste essential to success.' and the third, a number of topics for original

ATHEN ÆUM. ELEMENTARY LATIN PROSE EXERCISES. Intended chiefly for the Middle Classes of Schools. Third Edition, 12mo. 48.6d.

KEY, for Schoolmasters and Tutors only, price 58. A PROGRESSIVE LATIN ANTHOLOGY, for the use of the Junior and Middle Classes in Schools. New Edition

.... 12mo. 48. 6d. “The extracts are all judiciously "The notes, which are wisely placed chosen; the text is clearly and beautifully at the end of the book, are sufficiently printed, and the notes are certainly of the abundant and of a superior character. right kind.

READER, Altogether the work is one of great practical value.

ATHENAUM. NOTES for LATIN LYRICS. In use in Harrow, Westminster, and Rugby Schools. Fifth Edition, corrected

12mo. 48. 6d. MANUAL of GREEK PROSE COMPOSITION. Third Edition

Crown 8vo. 78. 6d. KEY, for Tutors and Students, price 28. 6d. * We are happy to find the success of the of difficalty in the work to be done, accord“ Manual of Latin Prose"-which met with our ing to the progressive ability of the student. cordial approval-has been such as to induce the There is a corresponding graduation in the amount Author to prepare a similar work on Greek prose. of assistance afforded. The second part, which is The first part consists of close translations from perhaps the most valuable, is made up of the con. the best Greek Authors, to be retranslated into tributions of distinguished classical scholars, Greek ; the second, of passages from English whose names are sufficient warrant for the exwriters, each accompanied by an altered version cellence of their versions. Many useful general suitable for literal translation into Greek; and the observations on the peculiarities of Greek prose third, of idiomatic translations of classical Greek. composition, idiomatic usages, proverbs, &c. Thus it will be seen there is a careful graduation occur in the introductory section.'' ATHENÆUM. ELEMENTARY EXERCISES in GREEK PROSE COMPOSITION. Third Edition

Crown 8vo. 48.6d. KEY, for Tutors only, price 28.6d. A PROGRESSIVE GREEK DELECTUS, for the use of

Schools. On the same plan as the Author's Progressive Greek Anthology, and to precede it in use. Seventh Edition

12mo. 48. KEY; a Literal English Translation, for the use of Teachers. Second Edition,

price 28. 6d. A PROGRESSIVE GREEK ANTHOLOGY, for the

use of Schools. On the same plan as the Author's Progressive Greek

Delectus, and to follow it in use. Third Edition, revised .. 12mo. 58. The OLYNTHIACS of DEMOSTHENES, from the Text of BEKKER ;

faces, and Copious English Notes. Editer

Schools, and of University Students......

Crown 8vo. 48. 6d.

London: LC

Paternoster Row.


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