Remains of the Early Popular Poetry of England, Zväzok 2

Predný obal
William Carew Hazlitt
J.R. Smith, 1866

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Strana 163 - I HAD a little husband No bigger than my thumb; I put him in a pint pot, And there I bade him drum. . I bought a little horse, That galloped up and down; I bridled him and saddled him, And sent him out of town.
Strana 162 - gan somewhat cease Proserpina commandeth peace ; And that a while they should release Each other of their peril; "Which here...
Strana 134 - He toke hys sweard and hys buckler, And among them all he ran; Where the people were most in prece, He smot downe many
Strana 160 - Goe you together, For you can change your shapes Like to the weather. Sib and Tib, Licke and Lull, You all have trickes, too : Little Tom Thumb that pipes Shall goe betwixt you.
Strana 26 - Who is this ? noble Hector of Troy? " sayth the thirde ; " No, but of the same nest," say I, " it is a birde ; " " Who is this? greate Goliah, Sampson, or Colbrande?" " No," say I, " but it is a brute of the Alie Lande ; " "Who is this? greate Alexander? or Charle le Maigne?" 125 " No, it is the tenth Worthie,
Strana 178 - Thumbe did bravely make. Gainst whom these noble knights did run, Sir Chinon, and the rest, Yet still Tom Thumbe with matchles might Did beare away the best. At last...
Strana 248 - I'le see this wedding," Lord Arundel said, " Of my daughters luck that is so fair ; Seeing the matter will be no better, Of all my lands Tom Pots shall be the heir.
Strana 235 - Or all the lords in Scotland fair, And ladies that been so bright of blee, There is a noble lady among them all, And report of her you shall hear by me. For of her beauty she is bright, And of her colour very fair, She's daughter to lord Arundel, Approv'd his parand and his heir. He see this bride, lord Phenix said, That lady of so bright a blee, And if I like her countenance well, The heir of all my lands she'st be.
Strana 126 - Sorrow with a song, He say[s] these jestes can get no grotes, & al this geare goth wrong : Fyrst pride without cause why, he singes the treble parte, The meane hee mumbles out of tune, for lacke of life and hart : Cost lost, the counter Tenor chanteth on apace, Thus...
Strana 235 - And there Tom Pots came he to see. He gave him the letter in his hand, Before that he began to read, He told him plainly by word of mouth, His love was forc'd to be lord Phenix bride.

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