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after the old spring near Venusia, you can hardly deny; if you will but turn to a beautiful part of the third Æneid."


· falsi Simoentis ad undam.

349. 351. Procedo, et parvam Trojam, simulataque magnis
Pergama, et arentem Xanthi cognomine rivum
Agnosco, Scaæque amplector limina Porta.

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2 S. 1. 34, 5.

HORACE born, 8 Dec. near Venusia, in the Ep. xш. 6
Consulship of Manlius Torquatus

3 C. XXI. 1.

4 C. IX. 2.

3 C. IV. 9-20.

His adventure when a child

Is carried by his father to Rome for education. 1 S. vi. 71-6.

His father dies about this time.

Battle of Pharsalia.

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He takes the Toga Virilis.

He goes, as to an University, to Athens...... 2 E. 11. 43.
Cato, at Utica, kills himself

1 C. xii. 35, 6.

Julius Cæsar assassinated.

Horace leaves Athens, to join the standard of 1 S. vi. 48.
Brutus, as military tribune

2 E. II. 46.

calidus juventâ | Consule Planco shares in the defeat at Philippi, and in the confiscation that followed

Authorities and allusions.



His friend Pompeius Varus betakes himself to
Sextus Pompeius, then master of Sicily

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3 C. XIV. 27, 8.

2 C. vii. 7—9.

2 E. 11. 49-51.

2 C. vii. 15.

In the winter 42 | 41 he returns to Rome, having

been nearly shipwrecked off Cape Palinurus 3 C. IV. 28. becomes acquainted with Virgil and Varius;

is by them introduced to Mæcenas ... 1 S. vi. 54, 5. obtains his patronage, and is admitted to his


Ibid. 61, 2.

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The first Class of his Writings.

The first book of Satires.

Years of Horace... XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII, R. B.
27, Fast. Hell.
38, [37, 36].

=25, 26,
B. c. 40, 39,

The second book of Satires.

Years of Horace... XXXI, XXXII, XXXIII.

= 30, 31, 32,
35, 34, 33.

B. C. [37, 36,]

In the spring, Horace enjoys the journey to

Is enriched by Maecenas with the Sabine estate
War renewed with Sextus Pompeius, (dux
Neptunius,) his defeat and flight afterwards.
alluded to........
Division of lands, towards the close of the
Sicilian war; (in the winter 36 | 35.)......
The Edileship of Agrippa.........

R. B.

F. H.

The book of Epodes.

Years of Horace .........XXXIV, XXXV. R. B.
= 33, 34.
F. H.

B. C. 32, 31.

The war impending betwixt Cæsar and


Horace desires to accompany Maecenas to the
war: the battle of Actium, Sept. 2.
On the first news of the victory he addresses

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In this year probably Horace rents or buys.
the Cottage and Garden at Tivoli.


and allusions.

1 S. v.

2 S. VI.

Ep. IX. 7-10.

2 S. vI. 55, 6.
2 S. III. 185, 6.

Ep. vii.

Ep. 1.

Ep. ix.

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The second Class of his Writings.

The first book of Odes.

Years of Horace...XXXVI, XXXVII, XXXVIII. R. B.
= 35, 36, 37, F. H.

B. c. 30,


The second book of Odes.

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Years of Horace

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B. C. [27,]

The third book of Odes.





R. B.

....XLII, = 41, B. C. 24,


F. H.

23, [22, 21.]

Death of Antony and Cleopatra
......1 C. XXXVII.
End of the civil wars: the Temple of Janus


R. B.

F. H.

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41 Augustus returns from the war in Spain .....

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The deliberation about restoring the republic,
and that allegory, Onavis referent...composed 1 C. XIV.
On the Ides of January (13th) the appellation

of Augustus conferred on Cæsar: in the
following night a storm and inundation. (vid.
Append. iv.) ........
..... 1 C. II.
Augustus goes into Spain: he appears also to

have meditated an expedition to Britain... 1 C. xxxv. 30.
After the Cantabrian war, the Temple of
Janus shut a second time by Augustus......


Authorities and allusions.

An Embassy from Parthia: allusion supposed
to it.........

M. Lollius, the Elder, Consul: Horace com-
pletes his 44th year

4 C. xv. 8, 9.

3 C. XIV. & VIII.

21, 2.

1 E. xvIII. 55, 6.

3 C. v. I. 4.

4 C. Ix. 1 E.

XX. 27, 8. 39.

[blocks in formation]

The third Class of Horace's Writings.
The first book of Epistles.

R. B.

Years of Horace............XLVI, XLVII.
= 45, 46. F. H.

B.C. [22, 21,] 20, 19, [18.]
The Carmen Seculare, and the fourth
book of Odes.

Years of Horace............XLIX, L, LI. R. B.
= 48, 49, 50. F. H.
B.C. [18] 17, 16, 15.

The Armenians subdued,

and the Cantabri finally so.

The Roman Eagles actually restored from 1 E. XVIII. 56, 7.


and 2 E. 1. 256.

4 C. xv. 6-8.

Cantaber Agrippa, Claudi virtute Neronis

Armenius cecidit..........................

The Epistles III, VIII, IX. written while Tiberius
is in the East, and not later than this year.
The death of Virgil.

Ludi Sæculares, for the fifth time, celebrated.
In this year, the Carmen Sæculare, and that
prelude to it 4 C. vi. Dive, quem proles...


Horace marks his 50th year (as 2 C. iv. 23, 4.
his 40th). .....

Augustus remains in Gaul; and reduces the


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1 E. XII. 26.

4 C. 1. 6.


His triumphal return, anticipated by Horace, 4 C. 11. 33—44.
did not take place till B. c. 13.

Tiberius (Major Neronum) and Drusus sub- 4 C. IV. and XIV.
due the Rhæti and the Vindelici.

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