An Election Ball: In Political Letters from Mr. Inkle, at Bath, to His Wife at Glocester: with a Poetical Address to John Miller, Esq. at Batheaston Villa

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author, 1776 - 64 strán (strany)
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Strana 40 - Otaheite. Yet miss at the rooms Must beware of her plumes, For, if Vulcan her feather embraces, Like poor Lady Laycock, She'll burn like a hay-cock, And roast all the loves and the graces.
Strana 3 - An election ball, in poetical letters from Mr. Inkle, at Bath, to his wife at Glocester: with a poetical address to John Miller, Esq.
Strana 33 - Brought down my old wig, that's as red as a carrot, And to it she went, dear, ingenious sweet soul, Drawing up the old caul till it fitted her poll. Then with dripping and flour did so baste it and frizzle, The hair all became of a beautiful grizzle ; Those curls, which a barber would view with despair, She did coax, twist, and twine, with such skill and such...
Strana 38 - And all the fine birds of the Indies. " But above all the rest A bold amazon's crest Waves nodding from shoulder to shoulder ; At once to surprise, And to ravish all eyes, To frighten and charm the beholder. " In short, head and feather, • And wig altogether, With wonder and joy would delight ye ; Like the picture I've seen Of th' adorable queen Of the beautiful, blest Otaheite.
Strana 8 - Olympicum collegisse iuvat metaque fervidis evitata rotis palmaque nobilis terrarum dominos evehit ad deos; hunc, si mobilium turba Quiritium certat tergeminis tollere honoribus; ilium, si proprio condidit horreo quidquid de Libycis verritur areis.
Strana 23 - An Election Ball in Poetical Letters, in the Zomerzetshire Dialect, from Mr. Inkle, a Freeman of Bath, to His Wife at Glocester : With a Poetical Address to John Miller, Esq. at Batheaston Villa.

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