A hand-book of Epsom

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Strana 149 - Beneath those rugged elms, that yew-tree's shade, Where heaves the turf in many a mouldering heap, Each in his narrow cell forever laid, The rude forefathers of the hamlet sleep.
Strana 39 - You would think yourself in some enchanted camp, to see the peasants ride to every house with the choicest fruits, herbs, roots, and flowers ; with all sorts of tame and wild fowl, with the rarest fish and venison, and with every kind of butcher's meat, among which Banstead Down mutton is the most relishing dainty.
Strana 39 - Banstead Down mutton is the most relishing dainty. " Thus to see the fresh and artless damsels of the plain, either accompanied by their amorous swains or aged parents, striking their bargains with the nice court and city ladies, who, like queens in a tragedy, display all their finery on benches before their doors...
Strana 271 - Co. send all Goods CARRIAGE FREE, by their own Vans, within eight miles of No. 8, King William-street, City...
Strana 21 - I have heard as much. This is a sign, that that poor unfortunate woman died penitent; for if I can read a man's heart through his looks, had she not made a truly pious and Christian end, the doctor could never have been induced to speak well of her.
Strana 109 - Parke to the house, and there viewed as much as we could of the outside, and looked through the great gates, and found a noble court, and altogether believe it to have been a very noble house, and a delicate parke about it, where just now there was a doe killed for the King to carry up to Court.
Strana 201 - ROWLANDS' ODONTO, Or Pearl Dentifrice, Compounded of Oriental Ingredients, is of inestimable value in preserving and beautifying the Teeth, strengthening the gums, and in giving a pleasing fragrance to the Breath. It eradicates tartar from the Teeth, removes spots of incipient decay, and polishes and preserves the enamel, to which it imparts a pearl-like whiteness. Price 2s. 9d. per Box. Sold by Chemists and Perfumers. Ask for "ROWLANDS'
Strana 201 - ... improving, and beautifying the human hair. It prevents hair from falling off or turning grey, strengthens weak hair, cleanses it from scurf and dandriff, and makes it beautifully soft, pliable, and glossy. For children it is especially...
Strana 35 - India factory, and another while with the army in Flanders, or on board the fleet in the ocean ; nor is there any profession, trade, or calling that you can miss of here, either for your instruction or diversion.
Strana 49 - King, and all that are in authority under him ; and I will do so, not only because I am so commanded ; but that, as the Apostle adds, we may continue to lead quiet and peaceable lives, in all godliness and honesty.

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