Romae Antiquae Notitia: Or, The Antiquities of Rome. In Two Parts. To which are Prefixed Two Essays, Concerning the Roman Learning and the Roman Education

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J. Brown for Otridge & Son, 1812 - 353 strán (strany)

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Strana 334 - And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; and the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, and came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.
Strana 278 - I must remember you, that all the rules by which we practise the drama at this day (either such as relate to the justness and symmetry of the plot, or the episodical ornaments, such as descriptions, narrations, and other beauties, which are not essential to the play) were delivered to us from the observations...
Strana 228 - After these waggons loaded with armour, there followed three thousand men, who carried the silver that was coined, in seven hundred and fifty vessels, each of which weighed three talents, and was carried by four men. Others brought silver bowls, and goblets, and cups, all disposed in such order as to make the best show, and all valuable as well for their magnitude as the thickness of their engraved work.
Strana 66 - On Theatres of Turf, in homely State, Old Plays they act, old Feasts they Celebrate: The same rude Song returns upon the Crowd, And, by Tradition, is for Wit allow'd. The Mimick Yearly gives the same Delights; And in the Mother's Arms the Clownish Infant frights.
Strana 214 - Hell : highly they rag'd Against the Highest, and fierce with grasped arms Clash'd on their sounding shields the din of war, Hurling defiance toward the vault of Heaven.
Strana 87 - Where Romulus was bred, and Q.uintius born, Whose shining ploughshare was in furrows worn, Met by his trembling wife, returning home, And rustically joy'd, as chief of Rome : She wip'd the...
Strana 214 - He spake ; and, to confirm his words, out flew Millions of flaming swords, drawn from the thighs Of mighty Cherubim ; the sudden blaze Far round illumined Hell.
Strana 228 - Next followed young men wearing frocks with ornamented borders, who led to the sacrifice a hundred and twenty stalled oxen, with their horns gilded, and their heads adorned with ribbons and garlands ; and with these were boys that carried basins for libation, of silver and gold.
Strana 277 - First, the Protasis, or entrance, which gives light only to the characters of the persons, and proceeds very little into any part of the action. Secondly, the Epitasis, or working up of the plot; where the play grows warmer, the design or action of it is drawing on, and you see something promising that it will come to pass.
Strana 93 - ... accidents, as sneezing, stumbling, seeing apparitions, &c. &c. 27. The haruspices were priests whose business it was to look upon the beasts offered in sacrifice, and by them to divine the success of any enterprise, and to obtain omens of futurity. They derived their omens from the entrails of beasts ; also .from the flame, smoke, and other circumstances attending the sacrifice. 28. The...

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