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" ... and their nonchalant ways, what a strange London they saw! A London free from the sin of night and the smoke of day, a pallid, ghost-like city, a desolate town of tombs! He wondered what they thought of it, and whether they knew anything of its splendour... "
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime & Other Stories - Strana 28
podµa Oscar Wilde - 1891 - Počet stránok 168
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Lord Arthur Savile's crime; The portrait of Mr. W.H., and other stories

Oscar Wilde - 1909 - Počet stránok 284
...of it, and whether they knew anything of its splendour and its shame, of its fierce, fiery-coloured joys, and its horrible hunger, of all it makes and...It gave him pleasure to watch them as they went by. Kude as they were, with their heavy, hobnailed shoes, and their awkward gait, they brought a little...
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