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judgment are accurately accumulated, so as to be fittingly placed before the public. The object of the writer has been to pursue a middle, truthful course--neither exaggerating nor extenuating social evils—but depicting with plainness, sincerity, and dispassionateness, the fearful facts which were presented to his perceptions. The upright, liberal administration of property is the true test of a nation's prosperity-for where men oppress the poor to increase their riches, there can be no soundness in the state of society—all is false and hollow-power has no permanence and servitude has no valid motives for subjection.

Some Miscellaneous Articles upon topics of enduring interest have been added to this collection, and it is hoped that their introduction will not be deemed obtrusive. To Scottish readers it will be hardly necessary to apologize for the insertion of Essays touching the theological repute of Chalmers, or the literary renown of Jeffrey.

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Proposed Weekly Markets in the Highlands,

Desirableness of Steam Navigation as applied to the Outer Hebrides,




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