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No. 1.


Spanish Air.

I. A TEMPLE to Friendship,” said Laura, enchanted,

“ I'll build in this garden,-the thought is divine !" Her temple was built, and she now only wanted

An image of Friendship to place on the shrine. She flew to a sculptor, who set down before her

A Friendship, the fairest his art could invent, But so cold and so dull, that the youthful adorer

Saw plainly this was not the idol she meant.

* The thought is taken from a song by Le Prieur, called, " La Statue de l'Amitié.”

II. “Oh! never,” she cried, “ could I think of enshrining

An image, whose looks are so joyless and dim; “ But yon little god, upon roses reclining,

We'll make, if you please, Sir, a Friendship of him.” So the bargain was struck; with the little god laden

She joyfully flew to her shrine in the grove : “ Farewell,” said the sculptor, “ you're not the first

maiden “ Who came but for Friendship and took away Love."


Portuguese Air.

Flow on, thou shining river;

But, ere thou reach the sea,
Seek Ella's bower, and give her

The wreaths I fling o'er thee.
And tell her thus, if she'll be mine,

The current of our lives shall be,
With joys along their course to shine,

Like those sweet flowers on thee.

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But if, in wandering thither,

Thou find'st she mocks my prayer, Then leave those wreaths to wither

Upon the cold bank there. And tell her thus, when youth is o'er,

Her lone and loveless charms shall be Thrown by upon life's weedy shore,

Like those sweet flowers from thee.

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ALL that's bright must fade,

The brightest still the fleetest ; All that's sweet was made,

But to be lost when sweetest. Stars that shine and fall;

The flower that drops in springing ;These, alas! are types of all

To which our hearts are clinging.

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