The History of Toussaint Louverture

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J. Butterworth and Son, 1814 - 93 strán (strany)
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Strana 90 - ... promises, kindly stepped in, and carried him away, to where the wicked cease from troubling, and where the weary are at rest ! It is during the time that we lived on this farm, that my little story is most eventful.
Strana 14 - What!" said Toussaint, in his letter to the perfidious Frenchman, " have I not passed my word to the British general ? How then can you suppose that I will cover myself with dishonor by breaking it?
Strana 12 - British general did not scruple to go to him with only two or three attendants, though it was at a considerable distance from his own army, and he had to pass through a country full of Negroes, who had very lately been his mortal enemies. The Commissioner of the French Republic, however, did not think so well of the honor of this virtuous chief.
Strana 20 - We have conceived for you esteem, and we wish to recognize and proclaim the great services you have rendered to the French people. If their colours fly on St. Domingo, it is to you, and your brave blacks, that we owe it. Called by your talents, and the force of circumstances, to the chief command, you have terminated the civil war, put a stop to the persecutions of some ferocious men, and restored to honor the religion and the worship of God, from whom all things come.
Strana 41 - The strength of Toussaint flowed from a higher fountain ; and I doubt not that at this trying moment he thought of the heroism of the Cross, and was strengthened from above. Coisnon saw the struggle, he eyed it with a hell-born pleasure, and was ready in his heart to cry out " victory," when the illustrious African suddenly composed his agitated visage, gently disengaged himself from the grasp of his wife and children, took the envoy into an inner chamber, and gave him a dignified refusal. " Take...
Strana 79 - Moniteur for this honorable service, entered the chamber of the hero with a file of grenadier ;,, and demanded of him to go, with all his family, on board the frigate. ' The lion was in the toils, and assistance was hopeless, but Toussaint was still himself; still dignified, generous, and feeling. He submitted as far as concerned his own fate, without gratifying his base enemies by a murmur : but, alive to the fears and to the dangers of his wife and children, he requested that they might be left...
Strana 62 - You, General, and your troops, will be employed and treated like the rest of my army. With regard to yourself, you desire repose, and you deserve it. After a man has sustained for several years the burden of the government of St.
Strana 55 - Francois, and where there was in consequence, the greatest number of cultivators. He summoned them to arms, and they were not now, as before, deaf to his voice. They rose in a mass around him, hailing him as their deliverer and guardian angel. These new troops were badly armed, or rather, for the most part, not armed at all, except with hoes, and a kind of cutlass, which is used in the West Indies, for trimming the green fences. But their numbers and zeal enabled their brave leader to surmount all...
Strana 13 - before we talk together, read these : one is a letter just received from Roume, and the other is my answer. I would not come to you, till I had written my answer to him ; that you may see how safe you are with me, and how incapable I am of baseness.
Strana 49 - ... the very people for whom all this is to be suffered, distrust, forsake, and betray their generous champion, is a flight of virtue too high for any one who does not, like Toussaint, expect his praise and his reward, in a better world. After many bloody actions, and six or seven weeks of almost perpetual marching and fighting, the French general thought himself master of St. Domingo. He boasted to his brother-in-law, and the Consul proclaimed to all Europe, that the object of the war was accomplished....

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