View of Irish Affairs Since the Revolution of 1688 to the Close of the Parliamentary Session of 1795: With Introductory Remarks, and a Preliminary Sketch of the Revolution

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T. Henshall, 1795

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Strana 315 - Ferrers, a nobleman of a violent spirit, who had committed many outrages, and, in the opinion of all who knew him, given manifold proofs of insanity, at length perpetrated a murder, which subjected him to the cognizance of...
Strana 313 - The court, on due consideration of the whole matter before them, is of opinion that lord George Sackville is guilty of having disobeyed the orders of prince Ferdinand of Brunswick, whom he was by his commission and instructions directed to obey as commander...
Strana 262 - ... were carried off : the men were either shot upon the mountains, like wild beasts, or put to death in cold blood, without form of trial : the women, after having seen their husbands and fathers murdered, were subjected to brutal violation, and then turned out naked with their children, to starve on the barren heaths.
Strana 179 - THE constitution of England had now assumed a new aspect. The maxim of hereditary, indefeasible right was at length renounced by a free parliament. The power of the crown was acknowledged to flow from no other fountain than that of a contract with the people. Allegiance and protection were declared reciprocal ties depending upon each other. The representatives of the nation made a regular claim of rights in behalf of their constituents; and William III.
Strana 223 - Such was the issue of a rebellion that proved fatal to many noble families ; a rebellion which, in all probability, would never have happened, had not the violent measures of a whig ministry kindled such a flame of discontent in the nation, as encouraged the partisans of the pretender to hazard a revolt.
Strana 226 - Maurice Annefley had appealed to the houfe of peers in England, from a decree of the houfe of peers in Ireland ; which was reverfed. The Britifh peers ordered the barons of the exchequer in Ireland to put Mr.
Strana 75 - Brass and copper of the hasest kind, old cannon, broken bells, household utensils, were assiduously collected; and from every pound weight of such vile materials, valued at four-pence, pieces were coined and circulated to the amount of five pounds in nominal value.
Strana 313 - Brunswick, whom he was by his commission and instructions directed to obey as commander in chief, according to the rules of war ; and it is the farther opinion of this court, that the said lord George Sackville is, and he is hereby adjudged, unfit to serve his majesty in any military capacity whatsoever.
Strana 281 - British admiral had been properly exerted, the French fleet would have been defeated, and Minorca relieved : a man's opinion of danger...
Strana 302 - ... of M. de Conflans, the fate of which we have already narrated. The original armament of Thurot consisted...

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