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The following Particulars, in the Author's own hand-writing, and endorsed by him "Some Occurrences in my Life. R.W"were found amongst his papers after his de



Of some Occurrences in my own Life.

RICHARD HURD was born at Congreve, in the Parish of Penkrich, in the County of Stafford, January 13

He was the second of three children, all sons, of John and Hannah Hurd; plain, honest, and good people; of whom he can truly say with the poet

Si natura juberet, &c,

A. D.


They rented a considerable farm at Congreve, when he was born; but soon after removed to a larger at Penford, about half way between Brewood and Wolverhampton in the same County.

A. D.

in the Chapel of Gonville and Caius Col- 1744 lege, Cambridge, by the Bishop of Norwich, Dr. Gooch.

He took his B. D.'s degree in


He published the same year Remarks on Mr. Weston's book on the Rejection of Heathen Miracles, and his Commentary on Horace's Ars Poetica; which last book introduced him to the acquaintance of Mr. Warburton, by whose recommendation to the Bishop of London, Dr. Sherlock, he was appointed Whitehall Preacher in May 1750 He published the Commentary on the Epistle to Augustus in


the new edition of both Comments, with Dedication to Mr. Warburton, in


the Dissertation on the Delicacy of Friendship in

His Father died Nov. 27 this
year, æt. 70.
He published the Remarks on Hume's
Natural History of Religion in

Was instituted this year, Feb. 16, to the
Rectory of Thurcaston, in the County of
Leicester, on the presentation of Emanuel

He published Moral and Political Dialogues

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He had the Sine-cure Rectory of Folkton, near Bridlington, Yorkshire, given him by the Lord Chancellor (Earl of Northington) on the recommendation of Mr. Allen, of Prior Park, near Bath, November 2,

Was appointed to open the Lecture of Bishop Warburton on Prophecy in

A. D.

He published the Letters on Chivalry and Romance this year.

-Dialogues on Foreign Travel in

1763 And Letter to Dr. Leland of Dublin in 1764 He was made Preacher of Lincoln's Inn, on the recommendation of Mr. Charles Yorke, &c. November 6,

Was collated to the Archdeaconry of Gloucester, on the death of Dr. Geekie, by the Bishop, August 27,

He took the degree of D. D. at Cambridge Commencement this year.

He published the Sermons on Prophecy







His Mother died Feb. 27, 1773, æt. 88. 1773 He was consecrated Bishop of Lichfield


and Coventry, the 12th of February
He published the 1st Volume of Ser-
mons preached at Lincoln's Inn


A. D.

And was made Preceptor to the Prince 1776 of Wales and his brother Prince Frederick, the 5th of June the same year.

Preached before the Lords, December 13, 1776, first Fast for the war.

He lost his old and best friend, Bishop Warburton, June 7th

He published the 2d and 3d Volumes of Sermons in

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These three Volumes were published at the desire of the Bench of Lincoln's Inn.

He was elected Member of the Royal Society of Gottingen, January 11

The Bishop of Winchester [Dr. Thomas] died Tuesday, May 1, 1781. Received a gracious letter from his Majesty the next morning, by a special messenger from Windsor, with the offer of the See of Worcester, in the room of Bishop North, to be translated to Winchester, and of the Clerkship of the Closet, in the room of the late Bishop of Winchester.

On his arrival at Hartlebury Castle in July that year, resolved to put the Castle into complete order, and to build a Library, which was much wanted.




The Library was finished in and furnished with a collection of books, late Bishop Warburton's, and ordered by his Will to be sold, and the value given to the Infirmary at Gloucester

To these, other considerable additions have been since made.

Archbishop Cornwallis died in 1783. Had the offer of the Archbishoprick from his Majesty, with many gracious expressions, and pressed to accept it; but humbly begged leave to decline it, as a charge not suited to his temper and talents, and much too heavy for him to sustain, especially in these times.

The King was pleased not to take offence at this freedom, and then to enter with him into some confidential conversation on the subject. It was offered to the Bishop of London, Dr. Lowth, and refused by him, as was foreseen, on account of his ill health. It was then given to Dr. Moore, Bishop of Bangor.

Added a considerable number of books to the new Library at Hartlebury in Confirmed Prince Edward [their Majesties' 4th son] in the Chapel of Windsor Castle, May 14th, 1785

A. D.





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