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The text of this edition of Persius is in the main that of Jahn's last recension (1868). The few changes are discussed in the Notes and recorded in the Critical Appendix.

In the preparation of the Notes I have made large use of Jahn's standard edition, without neglecting the commentaries of Casaubon, König, and Heinrich, or the later editions by Macleane, Pretor, and Conington, or such recent monographs on Persius as I have been able to procure. Special obligations have received special acknowledgment.

My personal contributions to the elucidation of Persius are too slight to warrant me in following the prevalent fashion and cataloguing the merits of my work under the modest guise of aims and endeavors. I shall be content, if I have succeeded in making Persius less distasteful to the general student; more than content, if those who have devoted long and patient study to

this difficult author shall accord me the credit of an

honest effort to make myself acquainted with the poet himself as well as with his chief commentators.

In compliance with the wish of the distinguished scholar at whose instance I undertook this work, Professor Charles Short, of Columbia College, New York, I have inserted references to my Latin Grammar and to the Grammar of Allen and Greenough, here and there to Madvig.



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Quando cerco uome di gusto, vado ad Orazio, il più amabile; quando ho bisogno di bile contra le umane ribalderie, visito Giovenale, il più splendido; quando mi studio d'esser onesto, vivo con PERSIO, il più saggio, e con infinito piacere mescolato di vergogna bevo li dettati della ragione su le labbra di questo verecondo e santissimo giovanetto.


Συνίσταντο οι μεν ως τούτον, οι δ' ως εκείνον πλήν μόνου του "Ιωνος: εκείνος δε μέσον εαυτόν εφύλαττεν. ΛΟΥΚΙΑΝΟΥ.

PERSIUS das rechte Ideal eines hoffärtigen und mattherzigen der Poesie beflissenen Jungen.


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