Arctic Searching Expedition: A Journal of a Boat-voyage Through Rupert's Land and the Arctic Sea, in Search of the Discovery Ships Under Command of Sir John Franklin. With an Appendix on the Physical Geography of North America, Zväzok 1

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Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1851 - 516 strán (strany)
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Strana 7 - SIR, I HAVE the honour to acquaint you, for the information of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that the...
Strana 170 - ... Though this post is more elevated than Fort Simpson, by at least one hundred and fifty feet, and is only two degrees of latitude to the southward, its climate is said to be very superior, and its vegetable productions of better growth and quality. Barley and oats yield good crops, and in favourable seasons wheat ripens well. This place, then, or the 60th parallel, may be considered as the northern limit of the economical culture of wheat. It has been already mentioned that the Wapiti or Wawaskeeshoo...
Strana 7 - I hope my dear wife and daughter will not be over-anxious if we should not return by the time they have fixed upon ; and I must beg of you to give them the benefit of your advice and experience when that arrives, for you know well, that even after the second winter, without success in our object, we should wish to try some other channel, if the state of our provisions, and the health of the crews, justify it.
Strana 126 - ... a few minute fragments of the pearly lining of a shell. A similar bed in another locality contained, besides the quartz, many scales of mica. The whole country, for many miles, is so full of bitumen that it flows readily into a pit dug a few feet below the surface.
Strana 64 - ... the summer left it, and as the next season is far advanced before the bank thaws, little of it washes back into the water, but, on the contrary, every gale blowing from the lake brings a fresh supply of sand -from the shoals which are continually forming along the shore. The floods raised by melted snows cut narrow channels through the frozen beach, by which the ponds behind are drained of their superfluous waters. As the soil gradually acquires depth, the balsam-poplars and aspens overpower...
Strana 17 - Inlet, after having got as far as Melville Island before. The north-west passage is certainly to be gone through by Barrow's Strait, but whether south or north of Parry's Group, remains to be proved. I am for going north, edging north-west till in longitude 140°, if possible.
Strana 8 - ships are now being swung, for the purpose of ascertaining the dip and deviation of the needle on board, as was done at Greenhithe ; which I trust will be completed this afternoon, and I hope to be able to sail in the night. " The governor and principal persons are at this time absent from Disco , so that I have not been able to receive any communication from head quarters as to the state of the ice to the north.
Strana 241 - They are practical socialists, 'great liars,' but 'strictly honest.' Hospitality is not a virtue with them. According to Richardson, neither the Eskimos, Dog-ribs, nor Hare Indians, feel the least shame in being detected in falsehood,. and invariably practise it if they think that they can thereby gain any of their petty ends. Even in their familiar intercourse with each other, the Indians seldom tell the truth in the first instance, and if they succeed in exciting admiration or astonishment, their...
Strana 41 - The proposed alteration runs thus : — "New RULE. — That the rule for admeasurement be as follows:— The length shall be taken on a straight line on deck, from the fore part of the stem to the after part of the stern-post...
Strana 37 - After the ingredients had been well incorporated by stirring they were transferred to tin canisters capable of containing 85 Ibs. each, and having been firmly rammed down, and allowed to contract further by cooling, the air was completely expelled and excluded by filling the canister to the brim with melted lard, through a small hole left in the end, which was then covered with a piece of tin and soldered up.

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