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tions whofe chief objects were the arts, cheats, designs, and various decep.. tions of the metropolis, but they are generally allowed to be deficient, either in point of style, decency, or accuracy of delineacion; and country gentlemen, who have become the purchafers of such unfaithful trash, have been laying out their money to no purpose : for, instead of buying a fair, honeft, and candid description (intending it, very likely, as a kind of traveller's pocket companion) they have bought a farrago of fictitious stories, and a


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parcel of printed pages that cannot be depended upon.

Mr. Robert Randal, however, the Author of the following sheets, was not only a more ingenious, but a more ingenuous rambler: he left his country friends in order to oblige, instruct, and entertain them; and his humble companion, John Trusty, has imitated his master with a very commendable degree of precision.

In the course of these letters we are furnished with a display of undoubted facts: in a very lively and diverting flow of language. The remarks are apropos, the humour agreeable, and the scenes instructive.

Whoever is yet ignorant of the ways of the lower, and, indeed, the higher departments of the LONDON people, may, in these pages be enabled to undertake a journey to the city with less hazard of being gulled and imposed upon ; and, if they read cautiously, they may escape as


PRE FACE. vii thousand disasters and hypocrisies, to which án honest countryman when he comes to London in the fullness of his simplicity is exposed.

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In short, the Publisher of Mr. RAN. DAL's EXCURSION presumes to recommend it as an impartial representation of facts, as they happen every day, and every night, in this metropolis; and as it is the truest guide to warn country gentlemen of misfortune, vice, and danger, by Thewing wherein they confift, and under what an infinite variety of plausible and bewitching disguises they offer themselves to a stranger's eyes, imagination, purse, and passions.

It should be noted, in justice to Mr.. Randal, that these letters are interspersed with such original observations, and such judicious extracts, as put them upon a more useful, exact, and copious scale, than any other publication of the kind, In a word, morality, humoury and well


merited satire, characterise the Excursion:
of Mr. Robert Randal, and his old fen-
sible servant John Trusty. As to the
freedom with which Mr. Randal has
written to his friend Mr. Crony, it must
be observed, that he has never drawn any
'pictures of vice or of voluptuousness, fo
as to make the reader, or even his cor-
respondent, in love with then : on the
contrary, he has never painted a fair and
beautiful temptation, without pointing
very plainly at the pernicious consequences
of yielding to it: nor is there any thing in
this volume that can offend the chastest
eye, except the natural disgust with which
it will view the scenes of artifice, and dan-
gerous ingenuity, that are, nevertheless,,
the instructive subjects of it.


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