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FOURTH. The English priests, when they pronounce the words of our Lord, have no regard to the force of the expression, or the sacramental solemnity.

This I deny. The English clergy have the same regard to these words which their predecessors had in the apostolical age; they esteem them to have great efficacy in the consecration.

FIFTH. There is no petition put up to God for the purpose of consecrating the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ".

I reply, that there is as valid a prayer for this purpose in the English liturgy, as there is in the Roman for the invocation of the Holy Spirit, which Assemani declares to be essentials. If, then, the English prayer for consecration is invalid and illegitimate, so is the Roman. For a more full view of this subject, see section xix. of the following chapter.

Sixth. The wine of the eucharist is not mixed with watert.

I reply, that even if we were to admit this custom to be of apostolical antiquity, it is yet not essential to consecration by the admission of Zaccaria and Bona, who say that “ no one will contend that it is necessaryo,” and that “ the opinion of theologians is fixed that it is not.” But the church of England

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s Assemani objects to the English liturgy, because it does not contain the invocation of the Holy Spirit to make the

bread and wine the body and blood of Christ. Codex Liturgicus, tom. vi. p. xcvi.

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p Le Brun, Explicati

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