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h Even when we were dead in fins, hath quickned us

, i together, with Christ, (by k * grace [Or, whole grace] ye are faved) 6. And hath ' raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. 7. That in the ages to come he m might thew the n exceeding riches of his grace, in' his kindness towards us through Christ Jesus. 8. For by ° grace are ye saved, P through faith; and that not of your felves: it is the 9 gift of God: 9. ! Not of works, lest any man should

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boast :


Tit. 3. S.



s.h Rom. 5. 6, 8, 10. When Heaven. •:- Rom. 10. 14, 15, 19. we were yet without Strength, in due, How then shall they call on him Time Christ died for the Ungod- in whom they have not believed ? ly. God commendeth his Love and how shall they believe in him towards us, in that while we were s of whom they have not heard? and yet Sinners, Christ died for us. If how shall they hear without a when we were Enemies, we were re. Preacher? And how shall they conciled to God by the Death of Preach, except they be fent? iis Son ; much more being re;

So chen Faith cometh by bearing, conciled, we shall be saved thro'10 and hearing by the Word of God. Lis Life

| Eph. 1. 19. † Rom. 64, 5. + Col. 2. 13. 9. 1 + Rom. 3. 20, 26, 27. By Col. 3. 1, 3. See on Joh. 5:25. the Deeds of the Law, there shall

See on Acts no Flesh be justified in his fight.-5. II.

Is That he might be just, and the 6.1 Rom.

6. §. If we have justifier of him that believ.th in Jebeen planted together in the Like- sus. Where is boasting then ? It is less of his Death : we shall be al.. excluded. By what Law ? of Works? o in the Likeness of bis Resurrection. Nay ; but by the Law of Faith. Cor. 15. 20. Now is Christ risen 20 + Rom 4. 2. If Abraham were jue rom the Dead, and become the stified by Works, he hath whereof to At Fruits of them that Nept. Col. 1, glory, but not before God. + Rom. 8.– Who is the beginning, the 9. 12. It was laid unto her, the irft born from the Dead.

Elder shall serve the runnger. † Rom. 7. 1.1 Tim. 1. 16. For this 25 11.6. If by Grace, then it is no Cause I obtained Mercy, that in

more of Works.-- + i Cor. 1.90, ne first Jesus Christ might bew forth 31. Of him are ye int Christ Jesus, Il Long-Suffering, for a Pattern to who of God is made unto us Wilo hem which should hereafter be- dom, and Righteousness, and Sanieve on him to Life everlasting. 3&ification, and Redemption : That, n See on Rom. 2.4.

according as it is written, He that 8.0 : Ver. s. : 2 Tim. I. 9. glorieth, let him glory in the Lord. See on Acts 15. Il.

† 2 Tim. 1. 9. Who hath saved P + Rom. 4. 16. Therefore it us, and called us with an holy Cais of Faith, that it might be by 35 ling, xot according to our Works, bur Grace,


according to his own Purpose and ? † Mac. 16. 17. -Blessed art Grace.- t Tir.3.5. Not by Works

+ lou Simon Par-jona : for Flesh of Righteousness which we have done, id Blood hath not revealed it un- but according to his Mercy be i thee, but my Father which is in 40 fayed us.--

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6. II.


boast. 10. For we are • his workmanship," created in Christ Jesus a unto good works which God hath before. * ordained [Or, prepared] that we should walk in them 11. Wherefore o remember that ye bicing in time passed Gentiles in the flesh, who are called uncircunicifion by that which is called the circumcision in the flesh * made by hands; 12. That at' d' that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the common-ivealth of Ilrael, and strangers from the ficovenants of promise, having no hope, and 8 without God in

the † Pfali roo. 3. Know ye us consider one another, to provoke chiat the Lord he is God, it is he unto Love and to good Works. Tit.2, that hath made us, and not we our

'Who gave himself for


that felves, we are his People, and the he mighe redeem us from all Ini. Sheep of his Pasture. : † Ifa. 19.5 quity, and purifie unto himself a 25. ---Blessed be Egypt my Peos peculiar People. zielous of goods ple, and Affyria the work of my » Works. Tit: 3.6 1. Put them in Hands, and Israel mine inheritance. Mind, -to be ready to every good + Ila. 29. 23. When 'he feeth his work. Children, the Work of mine Hands- 4-10 11. b f 1 Cor. 12. 21 ::: Eph:

uft Joh. 3: 3:5. --Except a Man 5.-8. Col. 1. 211. See on i Cor. be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God. Excepe a Mån C::: Col. 2: II. In whom also be born of Water, and of the Spirit, ye are circumcifed with the Cira le cannot enter into the Kingdom is cumcision made without Hands, in of God. + 2 Cori si 5, 17. He putting off the Body of the Sins that hath wrought us for the self- of the Fleth, by the Circumcifion fame thing is God.- If any Man of Christ. be in Chrift, he is a new Creature.

i Eph: 4. 18. .:: Col. s. Eph. 4. 24 That ye put on the 2021. See on 1 Cor.6.11. new Man," which after God is + See Ezek. 13. 9. Mine created in Rigliteoufvefs and true Mand shall be upon the Prophers Holiness. Col. 3. 10. Have put that fee Vanity, and divine Lies : on the new. Man, which is renewed they shall not be in the Affembly of in knowledge after the Image of 25 my People, neither shall they be him that created him.

written in the Writing of the House off Eph. 1. 4. According as he Ifrael, neither shall they enter inhath chosen us in him, that we to the Land of Israel. should be holy, and without blame be- Joh. 10.16. The Words unfore him in Love 2 Tim. 2. 21.30 der Ver. 14. Acts 3. 25. Ye are -He shall be a Vessel unto ho- the Children of the Prophets, and nour, fanctified and meet for the of the Covenant which God made Master's use, and prepared unto even with our Fathers.- t Rom.9.4, & my good work.

2 Tim. 3:17. That Who are Israelites; to whom pera the Man of God may, be perfect, 35 taineth the Adoption, and the Glothroughly furnished unto all good ry, and the Covenants. The Chil. Works. Tit. 3. 8. –These things dren of the Promise are counted for I will that thou affirm constantly, the Seed. that they which have believed in %: Gal. 4. 8. Howbeit, then God, might be careful to maintain to when ye- knew not God, ye did Sero good Works.-- Heb. 10. 24. Let






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no Gods

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the world: 13. But now h in Christ Jesus, ye who fomctimes were far off, are made nigh, by the blood of Christ. 14. For he is our peace, who hath made k both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us; 15. Having abolished m in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances, for to make in himself, of twain, one n new man, so making peace;

16. And that he might o reconcile both unto God in P one body by the cross, having flain the enmity * thereby [Or, in himself] : 17. And came and preached peace to you which were safar off, and to u them that were nigh. 18. For a through him we both have an access by one Spirit unto the Father. 19. Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but » fellow-citizens with the faints, O 2

and vice to them which by Nature are destroved, that henceforth we should

not serve fin. † Rom. 8 3. -God ; Gal. 3. 29. If ye be sending his own Son in the Like. Christ's, then are ye Abraham's ness of sinful Flesh, and for fin, Seed, and Heirs according to the Pro- 5 condemned Sin in the Flesh. † Col. mile.

2. 14. The Words under Ver. 15. 14. i Mich. 5.5.: Aets ro. 36. 17.: + Isa, 57. 19. + Zech.9.10. See on Joh. 16. 33.

See on Joh. 16. 33. † Joh. 10. 16. Other Sheep $ Afts 2. 39. The Promise is have I which are not of this Fold:10 unto you, and to your Children, them also I must bring, and they and to all that are afar off, even shall hear my Voice ; and there as many as the Lord our God shall be one Fold, and one Shepherd. shall call. † Gal. 3. 28. --Ye are all one in 15 u + Psal 148. 14. He also ex

alteth the Horn of his people, 15.' † Col. 2. 14. Blotting out even of the Children of Israel, a the Hand-writing of Ordinances People near unto him. that was against us, which was

+ Eph. 3. I 2. contrary to us, and took it out of 16. + Heb. 10. 19, the Way, nailing it to

his 20 Rom. 5. 2. Cross.

19. Gal. 4.26. Jerusalem which m + Col. 1. 21, 22. You that is above is free, which is the Mon were sometime alienated, and Ene- ther of us all. † Phil. 3. 20. Our mies in your Mind by wicked Conversation is in Heaven. Heb. Works, yet now hath he reconci-25

12. 22, 23. Ye are led in the Body of his Flejb through Mount Sion, and unto the City of

the living God, the heavenly Jerusa2 Cor. 5. 17. | Gal. 6.15. See lem, and to an innumerable Com

pany of Angels, To the general 16. " See on Rom. 5. 10.

3° Allembly and Church ofthe first born pt Col. 1. 22. The Words un. which are written in Heaven, and

to God the Judge of all, and to 9 t Ron. 6. 6. Knowing this, the Spirits of just Men made perthat our old Man is crucified with fest. him, that the Body of Sin might les

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Christ Jesus.

18. a

f Heb. 4.

See on



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come unto


on Joh. 3. 3.

der Ver. 15.

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and of the houshold of God; 20. And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Chrift himself being the f chief corner-stone ; 21. In whom all the building 3 fitly framed together, groweth unto an 5 holy temple in the Lord : 22. In whom you also are i builded together for an habitation of God through

the Spirit.


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are we.


See on


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OR this cause I Paul, the a prisoner of Jesus Chrift

b. for you Gentiles; 2. If ye have heard of the dispensation of the grace of God, which is given me d to you-ward: 3. e How that * by revelation he made known unto me the & mystery, (as I h wrought * afore in few words, [Or, a little before], 4. Whereby when ye read ye may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Chrift.) 5.

Which ..t Gal. 6 --Let us do fakes. good unto all Men, especially to cf 1 Cor. 4. 1. Let a Man them which are of the Houshold of fo.account of us as of the MiniFaith. Heb. 3. 6. Christ as a Son fters of Christ, and Stewards of the over his own House : whose House 5 Mysteries of God. : Eph. 4. 7.

† Acts 13. 2. t Gal. 1. 16. 20. ď of 1 Pet. 2. 4, 5.

See on A&ts 9 15. 1 Cor. 3.9.

3 € † Acts 22'17,-21.. –When + Mat. 16: 18. * Rev. 21. 4. I was come again to Jerusalem, eSee on Gal. 2.9.

so ven while I prayed in the Temf Pfal. 118. 22.

| Isa. 28. 16. ple, I was in a Trance. And he See on Luk. 2. 34.

1aid unto me, Depart, for I will t-Eph. 16. From whom

fend thee far hence unto the Gentiie whole Body fioły joined toge tiles. ther and compacted by that which is

ft. Gal. 1:

I neither reas every joint supplietli, according to 'ceived it of Man, neither was I the effectuał working in the Mea. taught it, but by the Revelation of fure of every part, maketh increale Jesus Christ. of the Body, unto the Edifying of † Col. 1. 26. See on Rom. it self in Love,

2016. 25. ti Cor. 3. 17. t 1 Cor.6. 19. b Eph. 1. 9, ro. Having made † 2 Cor. 6. 16. See on Rom. known unto us the Mystery of his

Will, according to his gocd Plea† i Pet. 2. 5.

See on Rom. fure, which he hath purposed in 8. 9:

himself: That in the Dispensatie

25 CHA P. II.

on of the Fulness of Times, he † Eph. 4.1. + Phil. 1. might gather together in one all t

See on

things in Chrift. Afts 9.16.


i Mat. 13. 11. - It is given + Col. 1. 24. Who now


unto you to know the Mysteries of joice in my Saferings for you.- the Kingdom of Heaven, but to

+ 2 Tim. 2. 10. I them-it is not given :: 1 Cor. 4. dure all things for the E!.


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801 Which in other ages was not made known unto the fons of men,

k as it is now revealed unto his holy apostles, and prophets, by the Spirit ; 6. That the Gentiles should be

fellow-heirs, and of the im fame body, and " partakers of his promise in Chrift by the gofpel: 7. Whereof I was made a minister, according to the gift of the grace of God given unto-me, by the P effe&tual working of his power. 8. Unto me, who am 9 less than the least of all fåints is this

grace given, that I should preach among the Gertiles the :: unsearchable riches of Chrift; I. And to make all men fee, what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been á hid in God, who b created all things by Jesus Christ. 10. To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places, might be o known by the church the f ma



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2. 4.


1. The Words under Ver. 2. Eph. of the Spirit through Faith. See 1. 9. Having made known unto us on Acts 2. 17. the Mystery of his Will.-; Eph. 7.

v See on Rom. 1.5. 6. 9. -That I may open my

Þ See on Eph. 1. 19. Mouth boldly, to make known 5 8. 9 + 1 Cor 15.9. t 1 Tim. 1. the Mystery of the Gospel. Col. 1. 13, 15, See on 2 Cor. 12. II. 26. 1 he Mystery which hath been Gal. 1. 16. † Gal. 2. 8. † I hid from Ages, and from Generati

Tim. 2.7.

2 Tim. 1.11. See 0.2 ons, but now is made manifest to

Afts 9. 15. his Saints. Col. 2. 2. -Unto all to S. Eph. 1.7. See on Rom. Riches of the full Alurance of Understanding, to the acknowledg- 9. + Ver. 3. Eph. 1. 9. See ment of the Miftery of God, and of on Ver. 4. the Father, and of Cbrist. Col. 4.

Col. 1. 26. See on Rom. 3. Praying also for us; that God 15 16. 25. would open unto us a Dopr of ut

Pfal. 33. 6. I Col. 1. 16. terance, to speak the Mystery of † Heb. 1. 2,

2. See on Joh. 1. 3. Christ.- Ver.3. and Ver 9.

tu Pet. 1.12, Whick Joh. 16. 13. When he, the things the Angels desire to look Spirit of Truth, is come, he will zo into. guide you into all Truth, and + Eph. 1..21, f. Per. 3. 226 he will shew you things to come. See on Rom. 8. 38. * A&ts 10. 28. --God bath shewed me e: Tim. 3:16. Without that I should not call any Man Controversie great is the Mystery common or unclean.

Eph.25 of godlinefs: God was manifest in 2 20.

the Flesh, justified in the Spirit, 6.1 + Gal. 3. 28. .: Eph. 2. 14. seen of Angels, preached unto the See on Acts 10. 35.

Gentiles, believed on in the World: † Eph.2. 15;16.

received up into glory. Gal. 3. 14. That the Bler- f Ronn. 11. 33. O the Depel fing of Abraham might come on of the Riches both of the Wism che Gentiles through Jesus Christ; dom and knowledge of God! Cor, that we might ticceive the Promise



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