Early Music History: Volume 22: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Music

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Iain Fenlon
Cambridge University Press, 16. 10. 2003 - 342 strán (strany)
Early Music History is devoted to the study of music from the early Middle Ages to the end of the seventeenth century and includes manuscript studies, textual criticism, iconography, studies of the relationship between words and music, and the relationship between music and society. Articles in volume 22 include: O Quelle Armonye: dialogue singing in late Renaissance France; Ars Subtilior and the patronage of French princes; Laboring in the midst of wolves: reading a group of Fauvel motets; Watermarks and musicology: the genesis of Johannes Wiser's collection.

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O quelle armonye dialogue singing in late renaissance France
Enté a survey and reassessment of the term in thirteenth and fourteenth century music and poetry
An episode in the south? Ars subtilior and the patronage of French princes
Labouring in the midst of wolves reading a group of Fauvel motets
Watermarks and musicology the genesis of Johannes Wisers collection
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