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A Handbook to the Grammar

of the Greek Testament. With complete
Vocabulary, and an Explanation of the chief
New Testament Synonyms. By the Rev.
S. G. GREEN, D.D), Illustrated by numerous
Examples and Comments, Post 8vo., 7s.6d.

cloth; 1os. half-bound. The Bible Handbook : an Intro.

duction to the Study of the Sacred Scrip-
tures. By JOSEPH ANGUS, D.D.
edition. Map. 55. cloth boards; 75. half-

bound ; 8s. 6d. calf. Meditations on the Miracles of

Christ. First and Second Series. By the
Very Rev. J.S. Howson, Dean of Chester,
Crown 8vo., each


cloth boards. The Pattern Prayer. By the Rev.

F. BOURDILLON, M.A., Author of “A Help to Family Worship," '&c. Foolscap 8vo.,

2s, cloth boards. Bible Readings from the Gos

pels. For Mothers' Meetings, &c. By Mrs. FREDERICK LOCKER. Crown 8vo, in

clear type, 2s. cloth boards. How to Answer Objections to

Revealed Religion. By Miss E. J. WHATE

LY. Foolscap 8vo. Is. 6d. cloth boards.
A New Introduction to the

Study of the Bible. By E. P. BARROWS,
D.D., Professor of Biblical Literature. 8vo.,

6s. cloth boards; gs. half-bound. Biblical Geography and An

tiquities. By the Rev. E. P. Barrows, D.D. With Appendices by the Rev. Canon TRISTRAM, B. HARRIS COWPER, and others. With Maps. Demy 8vo., 6s, 6d.

cloth boards; gs. 6d. half-bound. The Trades and Industrial Oc

cupations of the Bible. By the Rev. W.

G. LEWIS. Crown 8vo., 35. cloth boards. The Companions of the Lord.

Chapters on the Lives of the Apostles. By the 'Rev. CHARLES E. B. REED, M.a.

Crown 8vo., 4s. cloth boards.
The Book of Ruth, A Popular

Exposition. By the Rev. Samuel Cox,
Editor of the Expositor. Crown 8vo., red

edges, 2s. cloth boards. A Complete Concordance of the

Scriptures, on the basis of Cruden. Edited by j. Eadie, D.D., LL.D.

3s. 6d. cloth boards; 5s. half-bound ; gs. calf.

A Bible Encyclopædia ; or, a

Dictionary of Eastern Antiquities, Geography, Natural History, Biography, Theology, and Biblical Literature. "Edited by J. EADIE, D.D., LL.D. 8vo. 7s. 6d. cloth boards ; ios. 6d. half-bound ; 125. 6d. calf;

135, 6d. morocco. The Bible Text Cyclopædia.

By JAMES Inglis. Crown 8vo., 7s. 6d. cloth boards ; 9s, 6d. half-bound ; 12s 6d,

calf; 13s. 6d. morocco. The Word of Promise or, a

Handbook to the Promises of Scripture.
Foolscap 8vo., 35. 6. cloth boards, red

edges. The Land of the Pharaohs ;

Egypt and Sinai. Illustrated by Pen and
Pencil. By the Rev. SAMUEL MANNING,
LL.D. Profusely Illustrated with fine En-
gravings. Imperial 8vo., 8s., handsomely

bound, gilt edges. "Those Holy Fields." Palestine

Illustrated by Pen and Pencil. By the
Rev. SAMUEL MANNING, LL.D. Profusely
Illustrated. Imperial 8vo., 8s. cloth, gilt

edges. Lyrics of Ancient Palestine :

Poetical and Pictorial Illustrations of Old
Testament History. Finely Illustrated.
Royal 8vo., 8s. cloth elegant, gilt edges ;

or 20s. bound in best morocco. The Seven Golden Candle

sticks; or, the Seven Churches of Asia. By the Rev. Canon TrISTRAM, LL.D., F.R.S. With Engravings. 6s. bevelled

boards, gilt edges. Bible Studies for Family Read

ing. By the late Rev. W. B. MACKENZIE.

Foolscap 8vo, 3s, cloth boards, William Tyndale ; a Contribu

tion to the Early History of the English Bible. By the Rev. R. DEMAUS, MA. Portrait. Crown 8vo, 7s, 6d. cloth boards.

Hugh Latimer ; a Biography.

From Original Documents. By the Rev. R. DEMAUS, M.A. With Portrait. Crown 8vo., 75. 6d. cloth boards,


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