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Tyndale, William, 89, 72, 131, 133, Waterland, 280 189, 140, 148, 145; his studies, 74; Weir, Professor, 296 Monmouth's friendship for, 76; Westcott, Canon, 103, 140, 161, 217, visits Hamburg, 79; his probable 251 visit to Wittenberg, 79; visit to Westminster Assembly, 267 Cologne, 81 ; his translation of Testa- Westminster, meetings of translators ment, 81; his flight to Worms, 84; at, 239-241, 244 publishes Testament, 85-87; at Wharton, Lord, 277 Marburg, 88; story of his selling Whitelock, 272 Testaments to be burnt, 91 ; revises Whitchurch, 144, 147, 154, 161 translation, 97, 100; his practice of Whitgift, Archbishop, 217, 227 prelates, 97-100, 111; his merits as Whittingham, William, 189, 190, 195, translator, 102-107; his interviews 201 with Vaughan, 112; his letter to Wilberforce, Dr., 284, 292, 295, 296 Frith, 113; betrayed by Philips, William, I., 11 114; taken prisoner, 115, bis exe- William u., 269 cution, 115, 183; his character, 116 Witt, Dr. de, 297

Wilkes, 219 Udal, Nicholas, 172

Wittenberg, 80, 81 Ussher, Ambrose, 263, 264

Woodfall, George, 276

Woodgate, Canon, 288 Vaughan, Sir Stephen, 108, 11, 112

Woolsey, Dr., 298 Vaughan, Dr., 293

Wolsey, 230, 231 Vetus Itala, 6

Worde, Wynkyn de, 68 Venninge, Ralph, 273

Wordsworth, Dr., 285, 292, 294 Viguay, Jehan de, 64

Wright, Dr., 293
Voragine, Jacobus de, 63, 64

Wright, William, 54
Wright, Dr., W. A., 293

Wyeliffe, John, 23, 43, 44, 50, 52, 53, Waller, 340

63, 70, 102, 105; at Lutterworth, Walsh, Sir John, 71, 73

35; visits Bruges, 27, 41, his Walton, Dr., 272

writings, 28; apress bietes Wanley, 125

synod, 29; his

azy, 30: Ward, Dr. Samuel, 244

his translation

BibleSi Warham, Archbishop, 88, 95, 122

34_42; his d
Warren, Dr., 298
Warton, 22
Washburn, Dr., 298




BY THE REV. DR. STOUGHTON. Homes and Haunts of Luther. The Lights of the World ; or, With many engravings by Whymper and

Illustrations of Character drawn from the others. Small 4to. 8s. cloth boards, gilt

Records of Christian Life. New Edition. edges.

Crown 8vo. 2s. 6d. cloth boards. The Progress of Divine Reve- Stars of the East ; or, Prophets

lation; or, the Unfolding Purpose of and Apostles. Foolscap 8vo. 35. cloth Scripture. Crown 8vo. 6s. 6d. cloth boards. boards.

The New Pocket Paragraph Bible; being the Authorized Version

arranged in PARAGRAPHS instead of in verses. By this arrangement sentences are preserved in their completeness, and the meaning, which is sometimes obscured by the arbitrary division into verses, is more plainly seen. This Bible is an exceedingly useful one for the minister or Sunday school teacher. It contains a preface, references, marginal notes containing improved renderings of many words and passages, chronological tables, and coloured maps, carefully printed on fine paper.

Cloth boards, sprinkled edges, 4s. ; roan, with gilt edges, 5s. ; Persian, calf grained gilt edges, 6s. 6d.; morocco, limp, with flaps to cover edges, 7s. ; best morocco, limp, with flaps to cover edges, ios. 6d. ; morocco, plain, gilt edges, 7s. 6d.; morocco, extra medium quality, gilt edges, gs. ; best morocco, full gilt, 1os.

Price 2s., cloth limp.
The Handy Book for Bible Readers. Comprising-

1. Twelve Coloured Maps.
2. Concordance to the Old and New Testaments.
3. Technical Terms connected with Hebrew Poetry and Music in the Psalms.
4. An Index to Scripture Persons, Places, and Subjects.
5. Names, Titles, and Characters of Jesus Christ.
6. An Alphabetical List of Scripture Proper Names ; with their Signification and

7. Prophecies relating to Jesus Christ.
8. A Table of first Lines of Psalms.
9. Chronological Arrangement of Psalms
10. Chronological Tables.

A New Companion to the Bible.

An Introduction to the Study of the Scriptures for Bible Classes, Sunday-schools, and Famili New and Cheap Edition. With Man

in 8vo, 25. 6d. cloth board

linistry and

of Jesus Christ. KSHEIM. Imperial gilt edges.

Sketches of Jewish Social Life

in the Days of Christ. By the Rev. Dr. EDERSHEIM. Imperial iómo, 5s. cloth

boards, gilt edges. The World before the Flood,

and the History of the Patriarchs. By the Rev. Dr. EDERSHEIM. With Map, Crown

8vo., 25. 6d. cloth boards. The Exodus and the Wander

ings in the Wilderness. By the Rev. Dr. EDERSHEIM. Crown 8vo, 25. 6. cloth

boards. Israel in Canaan under Joshua

and the Judges. By the Rev. Dr. EDERsheim. With Coloured Map. Crown 8vo, 2s.6d, cloth boards.

[blocks in formation]

A Handbook to the Grammar A Bible Encyclopædia ; or, a

of the Greek Testament. With complete Dictionary of Eastern Antiquities, GeoVocabulary, and an Explanation of the chief graphy, Natural History, Biography, New Testament Synonyms. By the Rev. Theology, and Biblical Literature. Edited S. G. GREEN, D.D. Ilustrated by numerous by J. EADIE, D.D., LL.D. 8vo. 75. 6d. cloth Examples and Comments, Post Evo., 7s.6d. boards ; 1os. 6d. half-bound ; 125. 6d. calf; cloth; 1os. half-bound.

135, 6d. morocco. The Bible Handbook : an Intro.. duction to the Study of the Sacred Scrip

The Bible Text Cyclopædia. tures.

Crown 8vo., 75. 60. By JOSEPH ANGUS, D.D.

By James Inglis.

12mo. edition. Map. 55. cloth boards; 7s. half

cloth boards; gs. 6d. half-bound ; 12S 6d. bound; 8s. od. calf.

calf; 13s. 6d. morocco. Meditations on the Miracles of

The Word of Promise or, a Christ. First and Second Series. By the

Handbook to the Promises of Scripture. Very Rev. J.S. Howson, Dean of Chester.

By the Rev. HORATIUS BONAR, D.D. Crown 8vo., each

cloth boards.

Foolscap 8vo., 3s. 6d. cloth boards, red The Pattern Prayer. By the Rev. edges.

F. BOURDILLON, M.A., Author of “A Help to Family Worship," &c. Foolscap 8vo.,

The Land of the Pharaohs ; 28. cloth boards.

Egypt and Sinai. Illustrated by Pen and Bible Readings from the Gos

Pencil. By the Rev. SAMUEL MANNING,

LL.D. Profusely Illustrated with fine En. pels. For Mothers' Meetings, &c. By Mrs. FreDERICK LOCKER. Crown 8vo, in

gravings. Imperial 8vo., 8s., handsomely

bound, gilt edges. clear type, 25. cloth boards. How to Answer Objections to

"Those Holy Fields." Palestine Revealed Religion. By Miss E. J. WHATE

Illustrated by Pen and Pencil. By the LY. Foolscap 8vo. Is. 6d. cloth boards.

Rev. SAMUEL MANNING, LL.D. Profusely

Illustrated. Imperial 8vo., 8s. cloth, gilt A New Introduction to the

edges. Study of the Bible. By E. P. BARROWS, D.D., Professor of Biblical Literature. 8vo., Lyrics of Ancient Palestine : ts. cloth boards ; gs. half-bound.

Poetical and Pictorial Illustrations of Old Biblical Geography and An

Testament History. Finely Illustrated. tiquities. By the Rev. E. P. Barrows,

Royal 8vo., 8s. cloth elegant, gilt edges ;

or 20s. bound in best morocco. D.D. With Appendices by the Rev. Canon TRISTRAM, B. HARRIS COWPER, and others. With Maps. Demy 8vo.,

The Seven Golden Candle

6d. cloth boards; gs. 6d. half-bound.

sticks; or, the Seven Churches of Asia.

By the Rev. Canon TRISTRAM, LL.D., The Trades and Industrial Oc

F.R.S. With Engravings. 6s. bevelled cupations of the Bible. By the Rev. W. boards, gilt edges.

G. Lewis. Crown 8vo., 3s. cloth boards. The Companions of the Lord. Bible Studies for Family ReadChapters on the Lives of the Apostles. By

ing. By the late Rev. W. B. Mackenzie. the 'Rev. CHARLES E. B. REED, M.A. Foolscap 8vo, 3s. cloth boards, Crown 8vo., 4s. cloth boards.

William Tyndale; a ContribuThe Book of Ruth, A Popular

tion to the Early History of the English Exposition. By the Rev. Samuel Cox,

Bible. By the Rev. R. DEMAUS, MA. Editor of the Expositor. Crown 8vo., red Portrait. Crown 8vo, 75. 6. cloth boards.

edges, 2s, cloth boards. A Complete Concordance of the Hugh Latimer ; à Biography. Scriptures, on the basis of Cruden. dited

From riginal Documents. By the Rev. by J. Eadie, D.D., LL.D.

3s. 6d. cloth

R. DEMAUS, M.A. With Portrait. Crown boards ; ss. half-bound ; gs. calf.

8vo., 75. 6d. cloth boards,




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