Loyola: and Jesuitism in Its Rudiments

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Robert Carter & Bros., 1857 - 416 strán (strany)

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Strana 415 - Obedientiae, nullas Constitutiones, Declarationes, vel Ordinem ullum vivendi posse obligationem ad peccatum mortale vel veniale inducere, nisi Superior ea in nomine Domini Nostri Jesu Christi, vel in virtute Obedientiae juberet ; quod in rebus vel personis illis, in quibus judicabitur, quod ad particulare uniuscujusque vel ad universale bonum multum conveniet, fieri poterit...
Strana 232 - For he that will love life, And see good days, Let him refrain his tongue from evil, And his lips that they speak no guile: Let him eschew evil, and do good ; Let him seek peace, and ensue it.
Strana 231 - Protestant could reasonably object. At page 16 it is said — " Man was created for this end, that he might praise and reverence the Lord his God, and, serving him, at length be saved.* But the other things which are placed on the earth were created for man's sake, that they might assist him in pursuing the end of creation ; whence it follows, that they are to be used or abstained from in proportion as they benefit or hinder him in pursuing that end. Wherefore we ought to be indifferent...
Strana 414 - Et sibi quisque persuadeat, quod qui sub obedientia vivunt, se ferri ac regi a divina providentia per Superiores suos, sinere debent, perinde ac si cadaver essent, quod quoquoversus ferri, et quacumque ratione tractari se sinit : vel similiter atque senis baculus, qui ubicumque, et quacumque in re velit eo uti, qui eum manu tenet, ei inservit.
Strana 40 - The Virgin Mother with the infant Jesus in her arms, effulgent in celestial majesty, presented herself before him, and for some space of time, with incredible benignity, remained in view.
Strana 413 - ... voluntatem ac judicium suum cum eo, quod Superior vult et sentit, in omnibus rebus (ubi peccatum non cerneretur) omnino conformantes, proposita sibi...
Strana 391 - Dieu, je n'ai d'attache sur la terre qu'à la seule Église catholique, apostolique et romaine, dans laquelle je veux vivre et mourir, et dans la communion avec le pape son souverain chef, hors de laquelle je suis très persuadé qu'il n'ya point de salut.
Strana 274 - Nor, on the other hand, is anything to be abated from this obedience on the ground that the Superior may be wanting in prudence or discretion...
Strana 414 - Vice Praepositi Generalis Societatis Jesu, et successorum ejus locum Dei tenenti; perpetuam Paupertatem, Castitatem et Obedientiam; et secundum eam, peculiarem curam circa puerorum eruditionem, * " Qui etiam Diviiue Majestatit loco ipsis prsesunt.
Strana 323 - The priests having reduced the laity to this degraded condition of slavery, inform us next how they mean to use these " corpses " and " staffs " in their hands. " It hath seemed good to us , to declare that none of these constitutions, &c., shall make obligatory any sin, whether mortal or venial, unless the superior may command it in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, or in virtue of the vow of obedience ; and that he may judge it conducive either to individual good or to the universal well-being...

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