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248. On Beneficence, with Examples ...

249. Laughter and Ridicule...

250. On the Eyes...

Complaint of Starers

251. Letter on the Cries of London.

252. Letters on the Eye-Cure for a bad Husband.

Female Oratory.....

253. On Detraction among bad Poets-Pope's Essay

on Criticism ...

254. Letter from a Coquette to a new married Lady, and

Answer-Case of Love.

255. Uses of Ambition-Fame difficult to be obtained.. ADDISON

256. Subject Disadvantages of Ambition....

257. Ambition hurtful to the Hopes of Futurity.

258. Letter on the Theatre-on a musical Scheme...

259. On outward Civilities–Salutation at Church.

260. Letters from an old Bachelor-from Lovers....

261. Love and Marriage...

262. The Spectator's Success-Caution in Writing-

announces his Criticism on Milton.....

263. Letters on the relative Duties of Parents and Chil-

dren-between a Mother and Son.......

264. On living in a particular Way-Character of Irus-

Letters from Estcourt-from Sir Roger

265. Female Head-dress-Will Honeycomb's Notions

of it......

266. Miseries of Prostitution-Arts of Procuresses...

267. Criticism on Paradise Lost..

268. Letters on pulling the Nose...

On choice in Marriage—from a heedless Gazer-

on Hoodsman Oxford Toast-on patching...

269. Visit from Sir Roger-his Opinions on various


270. Reflections on the Characters in the Scornful

Lady ..

271. Letters from Tom Trippit, complaining of a Greek

Quotation-soliciting a Peep at Sir Roger from

a Showman ...

272. Letters from Cleanthes on a Mischief-making old

Maid-from E. G. on Kissing-Hoods...

273. Criticism on Paradise Lost.


274. On Seducers-Procuresses-Letter from one.... STEELE

275. Dissection of a Beau's Head....


276. Letters on Delicacy in the Censure of Vices—from

an affected Lady-a Kept-Mistressa Quaker STEELE

277, Remarks and Letters on French Fashions

278. Letters from a Shopkeeper on his Wife's Greek-

Private Marriage-Musical Plan..

279. Criticism on Paradise Lost

280. On the Desire of Pleasing—Character of Poly-


281. Dissection of a Coquette's Heart.

232. False-hopes-decorating Churches with Ever-


283. On the Art of growing rich..

284. Affectation of Negligence of Business Letter

from the Parish Clerk on Evergreens .

285. Criticism on Paradise Lost...

286. False Delicacy-Defence of the Spectator's Cer-

sure of public Vices—Complexions ...

287. On the Civil Constitution of Great Britain ..

288. Description of Male Jilts.....

Letter from an Author turned Dealer.

289. Reflections on Bills of Mortality–Story of a


290. Tragedy of the Distressed Mother-Letter from

Sophia in love with a short Face ..

291. Criticism

on Paradise Lost....

292. On the Art of bestowing Favours—Letter of

Pliny-Letter from a poor and proud Jezebel UNKNOWN

293. Connexion betwixt Prudence and good Fortune-

Fable of a Drop in the Ocean..


294. On Want of Charity in the Wealthy_Charity


295. Letter on Pin-Money-Reflections on that Custom ADDISON

296. Letters on Greek Mottoes—the Use of the Win-

dow—soliciting Advice-Lampoonis - Good-


on Paradise Lost

298. Letter on the general Notion Men have of the

Fair Sex....

299. Letter from Sir John Envil

, married to a Woman

of Quality...

300. Indelicate Conversation-Conversation with the

Fair Sex--Inconstancy of Friendship-Criti-


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