Ancient Meeting-houses: Or, Memorial Pictures of Non-conformity in Old London

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S. W. Partridge & Company, 1870 - 477 strán (strany)

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Strana 249 - God bless your majesty and the church. We hope your majesty is for Dr. Sacheverel.
Strana 130 - He was once a man, and of some little name ; but of no worth, as his present unparalleled case makes but too manifest: for, by the immediate hand of an avenging God, his very thinking substance has for more than seven years been continually wasting away, till it is wholly perished out of him, if it be not utterly come to nothing.
Strana 300 - Baxter ; but if Baxter did but stand on the other side of the pillory with him, I would say two of the greatest rogues and rascals in the kingdom stood there.
Strana 426 - For them no more the blazing hearth shall burn, Or busy housewife ply her evening care ; No children run to lisp their sire's return, Or climb his knee the envied kiss to share.
Strana 303 - Richard, Richard, dost thou think we'll hear thee poison the court? Richard, thou art an old fellow, an old knave; thou hast written books enough to load a cart, every one as full of sedition, I might say treason, as an egg is full of meat. Hadst thou been whipped out of thy writing trade forty years ago, it had been happy.
Strana 301 - Pollexfen, I know you well. I will set a mark on you. You are the patron of the faction. This is an old rogue, a schismatical knave, a hypocritical villain. He hates the Liturgy. He would have nothing but longwinded cant without book...
Strana 303 - Sometimes you humbly conceive, and sometimes you are very positive. You talk of your skill in church history, and of your understanding Latin and English ; I think I understand something of them as well as you ; but, in short must tell you, that if you do not understand your duty better, I shall teach it you ;
Strana 303 - this is your Presbyterian cant; truly called to be bishops: that is himself, and such rascals, called to be bishops of Kidderminster, and other such places. Bishops set apart by such factious, snivelling Presbyterians as himself: a Kidderminster bishop he means. According to the saying of a late learned author — And every parish shall maintain a tithe pig metropolitan.
Strana 304 - I'll look after thee. I know thou hast a mighty party, and I see a great many of the brotherhood in corners, waiting to see what will become of their mighty Don, and a Doctor of the party (looking to Dr. Bates) at your elbow; but, by the grace of Almighty God, I'll crush you all.
Strana 118 - Rogers, going to the child, laid his hand upon her head, and, lifting up his eyes to heaven, said, " God bless you, my dear child ! May the blessing of that God, whose cause you did now plead, though as yet you know him not, be upon you in life, at death, and to all eternity!

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