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HE former Edition of this Collečtion of English Proverbs falling into the hands

of divers ingenious. Perfons, my worthy Friends, in several parts of this Kingdom, bad (as I hoped it would) this good effečt to exçıte them, as well to examine their own memories, and try what they could call to mind themselves that were therein wanting, as also more


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carefully to heed what occurred in reading, or dropp'd from the mouths of others in discourse. Whereupon having noted many fiecḥ, they were pleasest for the perfečting of the work frankly to communicate them to me.' All which, amounted to some hundreds, besides not a few of my own Observation, I present the Reader with in this second Edition. I dare not yet pretend it to be a compleat and perfe&t_Catalogue of all English Proverbs : But I think I


without arrogance affirm it to be more full and comprehensive than


Collection bitberto published. And I believe that not very many of the Proverbs generally used all England over, or far diffused over any considerable part of it, whether the East, West, North, or Midland Countries, have escaped it; I having had Communications from obfervant and inquiftive Persons in all those parts, viz. from Francis Jessop, Esq; of Broomhall in Sheffield Parish, Yorkshire, Mr. George Antrobus, Master of the Free School at Tamworth in Warwickshire,

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and Mr. Walter Ashmore of the same place. Michael Biddulph, Gent. of Polesworth in Warwickshire, deceased ; Mr. Newton of Leicester, Mr. Sherringham of Caius College in Cambridge; Sir Philip. Skippon of Wrentham in Suffolk, Knight, Mr. Andrew Paschall, of Chedsey in Somersetshire, and Mr. Francis Brokesby, of Rowley in the East Riding of Yorkshire. As for Lou cal Proverbs of lesser extent, proper to Some Towns or Villages, as they are very numerous, fo are they hard to be procured, and few of them, could they be had, very quaint or significant.

If any one fall find fault, that I have inserted many English Phrases that are not properly Proverbs, though that word be taken in its greatest Latitude, and according to my own definition of a Proverb, and object that I might as well have admitted all the idioms of the English Tongue; I answer, that, to say the truth, I cannot warrant all those Phrases to be genuine Proverbs to which I have


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allowed room in this Collection ; for indeed I did not satisfy myself in many : but because they were sent me for such by learned and intelligent Perfons, and who I ought to presume understand the nature of a Proverb better than myself, and

because I find the like in Collections of Foreign Proverbs, both French and Italian, I chose rather to submit them to the Censure of the Reader, than myself pass sentence of rejection on them.

As for the Method I have used, in the Preface to the former Edition I bave given my Reason why I made choice of it, which to me do fill appear to be suffiçient. The Method of Common-places, if any man think it useful, may easily be fupplied by an Index of Common-places, wherein to each bead the Proverbs appertaining or reducible fhall be referred by the Apposition of the numeral characters of page and line.

Some Proverbs the Reader may possibly find repeated, but I dare say not many,

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