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THESE thoughts, while through my brain they passed, were mine;

Passing through thý brain, reáder, they are thine;

Use them as best thou mayst; who I am, thee

Concerns as little, as who thou art, me.

COME, Máry with the eyes so blue,
Come, Máry with the heart so true,
Cóme and let 's roam a while together
Ín the bright, warm, sunshiny weather,
Along the lane, beneath the trees,

In the field or garden, where you please,
For it 's not about the walk I care,
Bút to be with you anywhere.

If you don't like to walk, we 'll sit
In the jéssamine bower and while you knit,
Or draw, or work in filligree,

Í, on a stool beside your knee,
Will tell you tales, read poetry,
Or lilt to my guitar an air,
Nót that guitar or book 's my care,
Bút to be with you anywhere.

If less agreeable the bower,

Come, let 's ascend the ruined tower
That on the hill commands the shore
And far off hears the breakers roar.
There, armed with Galilean eye,
Évery spar, sail, rope we 'll descry
In every táll ship passing by,
Not that for tower, sea, ship I care,
Bút to be with you anywhere.

If you will not the tower ascend,
Into the wood our steps let 's bend
And márk with what agility

The brown squirrel bounds from tree to tree,
Or hear the oft repeated stroke

That félls at last old monarch oak,

Or gather mushrooms or see glide

The clear stream by the gray rock's side,
Nót that for stream, rock, wood I care,
Bút to be with you anywhere.

You'll none of all; well, Mary, no;
Out of this spot we 'll never go.
Smile but on me those eyes so blue,
Beát but for me that heart so true,
Hére is my world, and other none
I récognise beneath the sun;
Beside you here I'll live and die,

Beside you 's my eternity.

TAUERNHAUS, FEHRLEITEN, at the foot of the GROSS-GLOCKNER, July 17, 1854; and while walking from LIENZ to SILIAN in the PUSTERTHAL, July 21, 1854.

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