Memoirs and correspondence, ed. by L. Horner, Zväzok 2

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Strana 30 - REPORT FROM THE SELECT COMMITTEE ON THE HIGH PRICE OF GOLD BULLION. Ordered, by the House of Commons, to be printed, 8 Jime, 1810. THE SELECT COMMITTEE appointed to enquire into the cause of the High Price of Gold Bullion, and to take into consideration the state of the Circulating Medium, and of the Exchanges between Great Britain and Foreign Parts...
Strana 268 - It was a strange thing to feel my clothes stiff with blood, and my arms powerless with the exertion of using the knife; and more extraordinary still, to find my mind calm amidst such a variety of suffering.
Strana 327 - Committee should be appointed for inquiring into the expediency of restoring the Cash Payments of the Bank of England, and the safest and most advantageous means of effecting such restoration.
Strana 488 - That an humble address be presented to his majesty, that he will be graciously pleased to give directions that there be laid before this house, copies of...
Strana 437 - It requires," he used to say, " a surgical operation to get a joke well into a Scotch understanding. Their only idea of wit, or rather that inferior variety of this electric talent which prevails occasionally in the North, and which, under the name of WUT, is so infinitely distressing to people of good taste, is laughing immoderately at stated intervals.
Strana 434 - I interpreted this to mean a person who thought for himself— who had firmness enough to take his own line in life, and who loved truth better than he loved Dundas, at that time the tyrant of Scotland.
Strana 254 - They will explain themselves ; and I am sure you will agree with me in thinking, that nothing can be more...
Strana 418 - ... impressive style of oratory which seemed admirably adapted to the elucidation and discussion of important business : it seemed to combine the force and precision of legal argument with the acquirements and knowledge of a statesman. Of his political opinions it is not necessary for me to enter into any detailed statement: they are sufficiently known, and do not require from me any comment or illustration. I am confident that his political opponents will admit that he never courted popularity by...
Strana 439 - ... as the destruction of a great statesman, who had done but a small part of the good which might be expected from him, who would infallibly have risen to the highest offices, and as infallibly have filled them to the public good. Then as he had never lost a friend, and made so few enemies, there was no friction, no drawback ; public feeling had its free course ; the image of a good and great man was broadly before the world, unsullied by any breath of hatred ; there was nothing but pure sorrow...
Strana 418 - ... exposing its defects, on the part of others with that of displaying its beauties and perfections ; we may derive some consolation from the reflection, that a man not possessed of the advantages of hereditary rank or of very ample fortune, was enabled, by the exertion of his own honourable industry — by the successful cultivation of his native talents, to vindicate to himself a station and eminence in society, which the proudest and wealthiest might envy and admire.

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