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Samuel Roberts, E7, MA, FRS,

and to

Mrs. Roberts

Great-gical-quat granddaughter of

The Generable Oliver Keywood,
This Yolume is respectfully inscribed
By the Editor.


Idel, Leeds,

Aug., 1882


Hunter's Pedigrees)...






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Northowram House

Heywood's Arms

p. 247 | Facsimile of Diary

· p. 250

*** I thankfully acknowledge my obligations to G. H. Adshead,
Esq., for the loan of MS. (a), to S. Vint, Esq., for MS. (b), and to
Samuel. Roberts, Esq., M.A., F.R.S., for the rest.

Pedigree of the Heywood family,


Printed from Rev. Joseph Hunter's MS., dated 1812.cmd, H.'T.

John HEYWOOD, of Heywood Mill, Waterside, in the parish of Bolton-le-Moors, living there in the time of Edward VI. Married daughter of Seddon, of Prestalee, and had a son,

OLIVER HEYWOOD, of Little Lever, in the parish of Boltonle-Moors, where he had a small estate. He was by trade a carpenter. He lived to about the age of 70 years, and died in or about 1628. Married Alice, daughter of — Hulton, of Breightmet, in the parish of Bolton; sister to Adam Hulton, of that place. Wm. Hulton, of Northampton, V.D.M., Nath., Hulton, of Newington green, and Judith, wife of Samuel Heaward, were children of the said Adam Hulton. Oliver Heywood having issue by Alice his wife,

1. RICHARD, of whom presently. (a)
II. John, born 1592, died young.
III. Thomas, died young, Feb. 20th, 1600.
IV. JOHN, of Chapel-house, Little Lever ; died July 30, 1680,

aged 77 ; buried at Bolton, on the 31st. Married Isabella,
1st wife, sister of Roger Barlow, 1627; died, sine pueris,
1667. Married Joan, 2nd wife, sister of James Mason,
1669 ; died Dec. 13, 1691 ; by whom he had two sons,
(Joan had a second husband, James Horrocks, of -
in the parish of Dean,) viz.,
1. JOHN, born Dec. 22, 1678 ; baptized 24th : his

father being 75 and his mother 34 years of age.
In Coley Register in O. Heywood's handwriting the
year is said to be 1677. The above date also occurs
in the Blue Book in 0. H's writing, but I should
think the Register contains the most correct dates.

J. Hunter.
II. Nathaniel, baptized June 22, 1680; died young,

buried at Bolton.
V. Mary, born Ap. 1601, and died unmarried, in 1635. She
was lame.

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(a) RICHARD HEYWOOD, of Little Lever, yeoman; died March 1, 1676–7, aged 81; buried at Bolton. Married Alice Oritchlaw, only daughter of — Critchlaw, of Longworth, in the parish of Bolton. She had four brothers. The eldest, Wm. Critchlaw, died of wounds received at Wigan in the Civil Wars. The names of the second and third were Francis, died 1669, and Hugh, of Shrewsbury. The youngest, Ralph Critchlaw, Esq., acquired a fortune in trade, and became a justice of the peace. She was the first wife of Richard Heywood ; born in 1593 ; married in 1615; died at her son's house at Northowram, April 22, 1657; and was buried in Holdsworth's chapel, south side of Halifax church. Married Margaret, 2nd wife, daughter of Brereton ; died Dec. 8, 1697; buried at Bolton. Richard Heywood, by Alice, his first wife, had

I. John, died in his infancy, and was buried at Bolton.
II. Hannah, married Thos. Crompton, of Breightmet, in

1643, who died April 26th, 1673 (1672, Hunter). She
had 14 children, but only left four living. She died

Dec, 4, 1673. III. Mary, married Nicholas Hunt, of Horwich ; she died

1648, leaving only one daughter, Esther, who married Jas. Worsley, of Rivington. Nicholas Hunt re-married, and died 1673, leaving by his second wife, six sons and one

daughter. IV. JOHN, of, eldest surviving son; married Mary Rams

botham, daughter-in-law to Ingham, of Ribchester,
V.D.M. died April 23, 1672. John Heywood went to the
West Indies, and died at Barbadoes in Sept. 1664, aged
about 40; leaving
1. RICHARD, of only surviving son and heir; mar-

ried Alice, daughter of Robt. Crompton, of Darcey
Lever ; died March 25, 1675, aged about 24, and left
John, only child, died an infant, June 1, 1675, two

months after his father : he was the last male
descendant of John Heywood, elder brother to

Oliver and Nathaniel.
II. Hannah, died in 1672, aged 13 years.
III. Oliver Heywood, died an infant a year old, in 1655.
IV. Mary, sister and co-heir to R. Heywood, and divided

his lands with her sister ; married Peter Rothwell,

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