The Annual Miscellany, for the Year 1694: Being the Fourth Part of Miscellany Poems : Containing Great Variety of New Translations and Original Copies

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Jacob Tonson, 1708 - 485 strán (strany)

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Strana 188 - With coughs is choked, and labours from the chine : The victor horse, forgetful of his food, The palm renounces, and abhors the flood. He paws the ground ; and on his hanging ears A doubtful sweat in clammy drops appears : Parch'd is his hide, and rugged are his hairs. Such are the symptoms of the young disease...
Strana 19 - Mounts on the wings of air ; to her we owe The Indian weed*, unknown to ancient...
Strana 7 - And to yourself be critic most severe. Fantastic wits their darling follies love; But find you faithful friends that will reprove, That on your works may look with careful eyes, And of your faults be zealous enemies: Lay by an author's pride and vanity, And from a friend a flatterer descry, Who seems to like, but means not what he says; Embrace true counsel, but suspect false praise. A sycophant will every thing admire; Each verse, each sentence sets his soul on fire; All is divine!
Strana 59 - Such are thy Pictures, Kneller. Such thy Skill, That Nature seems obedient to thy Will: Comes out, and meets thy Pencil in the draught: Lives there, and wants but words to speak her thought.
Strana 5 - ... and poultry pick much grass ; while geese live for months together on commons by grazing alone. " Nought is useless made : • - On the barren heath The shepherd tends his flock that daily crop Their verdant dinner from the mossy turf Sufficient: after them the cackling goose, Close grazer, finds wherewith to ease her want.
Strana 1 - If he describes a house, he shows the face, And after walks you round from place to place; Here is a vista, there the doors unfold, Balconies here are balustered with gold; Then counts the rounds and ovals in the halls, " The festoons, friezes, and the astragals.
Strana 35 - Fresh blooming in thy generous son ; whose lips, Flowing with nervous eloquence exact, Charm the wise senate, and attention win In deepest councils : Ariconium pleai'd, Him, as her chosen worthy, first salutes. Him on th...
Strana 25 - They, by th' alluring odour drawn, in haste Fly to the dulcet cates, and crowding sip Their palatable bane ; joyful thou'lt see The clammy surface all o'erstrown with tribes Of greedy insects, that with fruitless toil Flap filmy pennons oft, to extricate Their feet, in liquid shackles bound, till death Bereave them of their worthless souls : such doom Waits luxury, and lawless love of gain...
Strana 60 - Shadows are but privations of the light; Yet, when we walk, they shoot before the sight; With us approach, retire, arise, and fall; Nothing themselves, and yet expressing all.
Strana 29 - But how with equal numbers shall we match The Musk's surpassing worth ; that earliest gives Sure hopes of racy wine, and in its youth, Its tender nonage, loads the spreading...

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