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Marine Algæ and their Products as Food or Medicine for Man and Domestic Animals, or for Dyeing and other Manufacturing purposes. Competitors must give the results of their original investigations on sea-weeds, and they must prepare a series of specimens illustrative of the best modes of collecting, preserving, and preparing the several species. Mere compilations will not be admitted to competition.

The application for a new trial on behalf of Mr. Herbert Ingram has been granted, notwithstanding the supposed indication to the contrary from the refusal of the Court on Tuesday last to extend the time of moving for it. There seems also good reason to believe that Mr. Ingram will be able to justify the position he has hitherto held.

Mr. Carlyle writes to the Editor of the Ayr Observer_“ Chelsea, Jan. 2, 1859. Dear Sir,_I very much approve of your and Mr. Milnes's notion about the Misses Begg, and I hope you will not fail to get it executed with all the energy and skill that are possible, and with corresponding

Could all the eloquence that will be uttered over the world on the 25th next, or even all the tavern-bills that will be incurred, but convert themselves into solid cash for those two interesting persons, what a sum were there of benefit received and of loss avoided to all the parties concerned ! I think at least the question ought to be everywhere put, pointedly yet with due politeness, whenever in Scotland or elsewhere there is an assemblage of men met to express their admiration, tragic pity, &c., for Burns, what amount of money they will give to save from indigence these two nieces of Burns? The answer, virtual answer, which this question got in 1842, threw a rather dismal light to me on such assemblages ; but they ought to be tried again with more direct emphasis ; and very shame will perhaps force them to do something towards saving indigent merit on the one hand, and saving on the other what is too truly a frightful (though eloquent) expenditure of pavement to a certain locality we have all heard of.—In much haste, I remain yours truly, T. CARLYLE."

Mr. David Jack, of Glasgow, publishes an admirably finished edition of Burns, with the music, for one shilling. The French papers record very

indifferent success attending the Lamartine subscription; but, on the other hand, that his earnings continue great. The Siecle publishes its seventh Lamartine subscription list. The donations are very small. The highest sum appears to be 100f., and the lowest one penny, or ten centimes. The most frequent sums are 10f., 5f., 20f. As a contrast to this a paragraph states that M. Hachette, the publisher, has already paid Lamartine 350,000 francs (£14,000) for his “ Monthly Course of Literature.”

The late M. Beranger's executors are advertising for the co-operation of the friends and correspondents of the poet to publish a complete edition of his correspondence. #

A pipe and a pistol, traced to having been the property of Miles Standish, the hero of Longfellow's last poem, were sold recently at Albany, N.Y., by public auction, for £3.

The British North American press sends out two handsome 8vo. volumes, comprising the speeches and public letters of the Hon. Joseph Howe, an old and leading Royalist of the British provinces, who died in 1835, at the advanced age of 83. They form an important contribution to Colonial Literature and Colonial History. The province of Nova Scotia, of which Mr. Howe was a native, though of a moderate extent of territory, and a comparatively small population, would attain, if we are to judge from her resources or the character of men like Mr. Ilowe, a high position as an independent State, but for her provincial misfortune. Hler maritime development is remarkable. By these speeches and state papers we learn that she already owns more tonnage than Chili, Peru, and Brazil put together, half as much as Holland, and nearly as much as Russia's entire mercantile marine. Nor is she more deficient in mental than material resources. Within less than three years her Legislature bas voted swords to two heroes, who are NovaScotians, Gen. Fenwick Williams of Kars, and Gen. Inglis who so gallantly defended Lucknow. Cunard, another Nova-Scutian, has bridged the Atlantic, and a fourth, Sam Slick, is ranked amongst the favourite humorists of the age.

The Canada press (says the Canadian News) now numbers 20 daily newspapers, 156 weekly, and 33 issued tri-weekly and semi-weekly, making a total of 209 public journals in Canada, east and west. These are distributed over 88 cities, towns, and villages. The smallest amount of population in these places enjoying the luxury of a newspaper range from 200 upwards. The greatest circulation of a daily journal is 5000 copies; and of the weekly journals, 75,000 is the highest issue. The newspapers of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward's Island, not included in the above, number from 40 to 50, and are chiefly weekly publications.

AUCTION SALES DURING THE NEXT Fortnight. January 18th and five following days, Messrs. Southgate and Barrett will sell the stock of books of Mr. W. Miller, who is retiring from business.

January 26th and following days, Mr. Hodgson will sell a very extensive collection of new books, and illustrated books ; and later in the month, a collection of modern books; another of the Library of a Clergyman from Cheshire; and a sale of an oxtousive collection of Engravings.

February 7th, Messrs. Sotheby and Wilkinson will commence a very important sale, extending over 15 days, comprising the whole collection of Foreign Antiquities of M. B. Hertz; and during the month, Mr. Hodgson will have sales of the Library of the late Dr. Marshall Hall; and of the steel plates of Sharpe's Edition of the English Classics.

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AVON (W.)- A Midsummer-Day's Dream, and other OQUEREL

(A.) - The Fine Arts in Italy in their Reli-

Poems. By W. Avon, 12mo. cloth, 48. (Harrison) .... [1

Aspect. Letters from Rome, Naples, Pisa, &c.,

BERNARD (St.) - The Rhythm of Bernard de Morlaix,

Conan Appendix ; with Iconography of the Immaculate

Monk of Cluny, in the Celestial Country. Edited and

Frenction. By Ath Coquerel. Translated

from the

translated by the Rev. J. M. Neale. 16mo. pp. 50, sewed,

tions ay Edward aud Emily Higginson ; with correc-

ed. (Hayes) ....


Author. additions, and an English Preface by the

BICKERSTETH (E. H.)--The Rock of Ages; or, Scripture DASENT (G.

at 8vo. pp. 280, cloth, 6s. (Whitfield) .... [28

Testimony to the One Eternal Godhead of the Father,

George Webb)- Popular Tales from the Norse. By

and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. By Edward

the Origin anasent. With an Introductory Essay on

Henry Bickersteth. Royal 8vo. pp. 150, cloth, 4s. 6d.

(Edinburgb) pp. ffusion of Popular Tales. Post 8vo.



cloth, 10s. 6d. (Hamilton) ...... (29

DAY (H. T.)- A Plea

BIRD (R.M.) – Nick of the Woods; or, Adventures of

Version of the Holythe Revision of the Authorised

Prairie Life. By Robert M. Bird. New eait. 12mo.

sewed, 18. (Williams &iptures. By H. T. Day. 8vo.

pp. 320, boards, 23. (Ward & L.)...


BOOK and its MISSION. Vol I. (1856) 8vo. cloth,

DE VERE (A.)- Julian tu:

.. (30

advanced to 3s. (Kent)


Mercia: Historical Dram.

De Vere. 12mo. cloth, 8s. Giry the late Sir Aubrey

pstate and the Duke of

BOURNE (L.)-Thoughts upon Catholic Truth: Poems.

By the Rev. L. Bourne. 12mo. cl. 2s.6d. (Masters) .... [6 DISRAELI (I.)-The Literary Ckering) ...

. [31

of Men of Genius drawn from

BOYES (J. F.)-Life and Books; or, Records of Thought Confessions ; Literary Miscellanier; or, the History

and Reading. By. J. F. Boyes. 12mo. pp. 268, cloth, 58. the Character of James the First.wn Feelings and


[7 New edit. edited by his Son. Post'n Inquiry into

45. 60. (Routledge)......

aac Disraeli.

BURNS (R.) - Robert Burns: a Memoir. By the Rev.

462, cloth,

Jannes White, 12mo. pp. 100, boards, 6d. (Routledge). [8DORAN (Dr.)—Table Traits, with Somet.

.. [32

BURNS (R.) The Poetical Works of Robert Burns.

By Dr. Doran. 3d edit. post 8vo. pp. 550,

Edited by the Rev. Robert Aris Willmott. 12mo. pp.




490, boards, 2s. (Routledge)

{9 | EAST INDIA REGISTER and Army List for 185.


BUTLER (J.)- The Analogy of Religion. By Joseph

piled by permission. 12mo. sewed, 10s. (Allen)'

Butler. New and improved edition, 12mo. cloth, 2s. EDISON (J. S.)-The Question of the Admissibih.


....[10 the Jews to Parliament as yet undecided. By ul!

Sibald Edison. 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d. (Rivingtons)......l

CAPPS (E.) - The National Debt Financially Considered

(Prize Essay: Society of Arts ). By Edward Capps. EDMOND (J.)-The Children's Charter ; or, the Saviour's

Het svo. pp. 206, cloth, 7s.6d. (Groombridge).. 111

Charge regarding the Young. By the Rey. John Edmond.

CARTWRIGHT (P.) – The Autobiography of Peter Cart-

12mo. pp. 250, cloth, 3s. (Nisbet).....

.. [36

wright, the Backwoods Preacher. Reprinted from the FARNHAM (J. J.) – An Elementary School History of

American edition. 12mo. (Leeds) pp. 530, cloth, 48. 6d. England. By J. J. Farnham. Part 2, from Henry VII.


..[12 to James II. 12mo. pp. 66, sd. 8d. (Groombridge) .. [37

CHAMBERS'S History of the Indian Revolt, and of the FESTU (J.)- A Treatise on the French Subjunctive and

Expedition to Persia, China, and Japan, 1856-7-8, with

its Negatives. By Jules Festu. 12mo. pp. 110, cloth,

maps, plans, and wood engravings. 'Royal 8vo. pp. 630, 28. 6d. (Simpkin)....

cloth, 14. (Chambers)..


FITZBALL (E.) - Bhanavar: a Romantic Poem.

CHAPMAN (E. J.) - A Song of Charity, and other Edward Fitzball. Royal 8vo. pp. 56, cl. 128. (Newby).. [39

Poems. By E. J. Chapman. 2d edit. 12mó, cloth, 38.



FLOWER-GARDEN. The Monthly Flower-Garden.

16mo. packet, 18. (Chr. Know. Soc.)

CHARNOCK (R.S.) Local Etymology; or, Derivate

Dictionary of Geographical Names. By Richard Stephen

FONBLANQUE (A.) How we are Governed; or, the

Charnock. 8vo. pp. 330, cloth, 125. (Houlston) ......[15

Crown, the Senate, and the Bench: a Handbook of the

Constitution, Government, Laws, and Power of Great

CHILDREN'S (The) FRIEND. Edited by the Rev. C. Britain. By Albany Fonblanque. New edit. 12mo. pp.

Carus Wilson. Vol. 35, 32mo. pp. 290, ball-bound, 18.6d. 226, cloth, 2s. 6d. (Routledge)



. [16

FRANCIS (T.)-The Harvest Day, and other Poems. By

CHRISTIAN (The) TREASURY (1858). Containing Con. Thomas Francis. 12mo. cloth, 3s. 6d. (Whittaker) .. [42

tributions from Ministers and Members of various

Evangelical Denominations. Royal 8vo. (Edinburgh) FRIENDLY VISITOR. Edited by the Rev. C. C. Wilson.

pp. 190, cloth, 58. (Groombridge)..

New series, Vol. 8, 12mo. pp. 230, cl. Is. 6d. (Seeley).. [43

CHRISTIAN'S BANQUET.-12mo. sewed, 6d. ; cloth, 1s.

GIANTS (The), the Knights, and the Princess Verbena : a



Fairy Story. 4to. with illustrations by Hunkil Phranc

(Edinburgh), pp. 16, bonnis, 2s. 6d. (Hamilton)......[44

CHURCH-RATE APPEAL: a Letter to an Abolitionist.

By Agricola. 12mo. sewed, 6d. (Rivingtons). ....[19

GRANT (J.)-Arthur Blanc; or, the Hundred Cuirassiers.

By James Grant. 12mo. pp. 390, bds. 2s. (Routledge).. [45

CHURCH (The). New series. Vol. 1, 12mo. pp. 360, cloth,

Is. d. (Heaton).

. [20

HAND SHADOWS to be thrown upon the Wall : a series

of Novel and amusing Figures formed by the Hand;

CLARK (J. E.) - Short Lessons on some of the Manners from original designs. By Henry Bursill. 4to. boards,

and Customs of the East. Revised by J. Erskine 25. 6d. (Griffith & F.)

... (46

Clarke, M.A. Square, pp. 28, sewed, 1d. (Bell & D.) .. [21

HEALING (The) ART the Right Hand of the Church ; or,

COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE and Social Progress; or, Practical Medicine an Essential Element in the Christian

Gleanings in London, Sheffield, Glasgow, and Dublin.

System of Therapeutics. Post 8vo. (Edinburgh) pp. 280,

By the Author of “The Autobiography of a Beggar

cloth, 58. (Simpkin) (vide Adv. 10).


Boy." 8vo. pp. 196, cloth, 2s. 6d. (Piper)

. [22

HEART STRUGGLES, and other Poems. 12mo. cloth,

CONFESSION. - The Farmer and the Rector on Priestly

2s. 6d. (Partridge)..


Confession. 12mo. (Bath) sewed, 6d. (Marlborough) .. [23

HENDERSON (Mrs.)-Etiquette of the Ball Room, and

CONFESSION. - The Confession Nuisance : an Address.

Guide to all the New and Fashionable Dances ; contain-

By a Minister of the Church of England. 8vo. sewed, Is. ing the Steps and Figures of Quadrilles, Valses, Polkas,


. (24

Galops, Mazourkas, Country Dances, &c. By Mrs.

CONFESSION. – The Wrong and the Right Confession. Nicholas Henderson. 5th edít: 32mo. cl. Is. (Biggs).. [49

12mo. sewed, 6d. (Hatchard)


HERVEY (T.)- A Plain Hymnal for 'the Services of the

CONFIRMATION.- Plain Instructions on Confirmation ; Church of England. Compiled by the Rev. Thomas

ot, the Laying on of Hands. 32mo. sewed, 6d. Hervey. 18mo. cloth, 9d. (Thompson)... ....... (50



HOOD (T.)-The Headlong Career and Woful Ending of

CORNWALLIS (Marquis). Correspondence of Charles, Precocious Piggy. By the late Thomas Hood. Illus-

First Marquis Cornwallis. Edited, with notes, by Charles trated by his Son. New edit. 4to. coloured plates, 28. 6d.

Ross, 3 vols. 8vo. pp. 1700, cloth, 63s. (Murray)

. [27

(Griffith & F.)...


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HOPLEY (T.)-Wrongs which Cry for Redress. To the MULLER (Johann) Johann Müller: an Eclogue pro

Men and Women of the United Kingdom : Letter l' nounced in the Hall of the University of Berlin by ProWritten with a view to the Formation of a Popular fessor Rudolph Verchow. Translated and edited by A. Opinion upon Solemnly-Momentous Questions. B)

Mercer Adam. 8vo. (Edinburgh), pp. 30, sewed, ls. Thomas Hopley, F.S.S. 8vo. pp. 40, wrapper, cu. (Simpkin)...

.[77 (Houlston & W.).....

NEAR THE THRONE. Fcp. pp. 16, sewed, 2d. HOW to FORTIFY LONDON and Nullify Cherbourg: (Wertheim)..

...[78 12mo. sewed, 1s. (Freeman)

... (53 OLLENDORFF (H. G.) - A New Method of Learning to HOW (W. W.)-Plain Words; or, Sixty Short Sermons for Read, Write, and Speak a Language in Six Months:

the Poor, and for Family Reading. By the Rev. William adapted to the Spanish; for the use of Schools and Walsham How. 12mo. pp. 254, ci. 2s. (Sheffington).. [51 Private Teachers. By H. G. Ollendorff. 8vo. pp. 580,

cloth, 12s. (Whittaker) [vide Adv. 84)..

79 HUNT (J.)-A Manual of the Philosophy of Voice and

OSBURN (H. S.) --- Palestine, Past and Present; with Speech, especially in relation to the English Language

Biblical, Literary, and Scientific Notices. By the Rev. and the Art of Public Speaking. }. James Hunt. Post 8vo. pp. 130, cloth, 7s.6d. (Longman)

... (55

Henry S. Osburn; with original illustrations, and new

map of Palestine. Royal 8vo. pp. 590, clothi, 21s. HUNTER (J.)-Paraphrasing and Analysis of Sentences


..80 Simplified, for the use of Schools, and iorming a Manual

OXFORD (University of). -- First Annual Report of the of Instruction and Exercises for Normal Students and

Delegacy rendered to Convocation, December 31, 1838. Pupil Teachers. By the Rev. John Hunter. 12mo. pp. 70, cloth, 18. 3d. (Longnian)


8vo. pp. 100, sewed, Is. 6d. (J. H. & J. Parker) ...... 81

PARDOE (Miss)- Episodes of French History during the JOHNS (C. A.)-Rambles about Paris. By the Rev. C. A.

Consulate and the first Empire. By Miss Pardoe. Johns. Sq. 16mo. pp. 200, cl. 35. (Chr. Know. Soc.).. (57

2 vols. post 8vo. pp. 590, cloth, 21s. (Hurst & B.) .. (82 LANGUAGES OF INDIA. Papers originally published in PAYNE (E.) – A Letter to the Church Laity of the Rural

Calcutta, in 1834 and 1836, on the application of the Roman Deanery of Deddington, Oxon. By the Rev. E. Payne. Letters to the Languages of India : to which is added a 8vo. sewed, 6d. (J. H. Parker)

(83 Letter from the Rev. R. C. Mather to Sir C. E. Trevelyan, PEARSON (J.) Christ's Spirit Dwelling in us the showing the progress made up to the commencement of Earnest of our Resurrection to Life. 8vo. sewed, 15. the Great Mutiny. 8vo. pp. 62, sd. Is. (Longman) .. [58


[8+ LARDNER (D.)-Chemistry for Schools. By. Dionysius PHILLIPS (C. P.) — The Law concerning Lunatics, Idiots, Laruner. 12mo. illustrations, pp. 258, cloth, 3s. 6d.

and Persons of Unsound Mind. By C. P. Phillips, M.A., (Waiton)

... [59 Barrister. Royal 12mo. cloth, 18s. (Butterworths)..[85 LAW the Servant not the Tyrant of Commerce: being a

PIRIE (W. R.)-An Inquiry into the Constitution, Powers, Reply to Mr. Ford's attempt to make Preferential Securities Secret. 8vo. sewed, is. (E. Wilson). ........... 160

and Processes of the Human Mind. By the Rev. W.R.

Pirie. 8vo. (Aberdeen) cloth, 158. (Longman) ....(86 LETTERS to YOUNG SERVANTS.

By the Author of “ Sunlight in the Clouds."

PITTMAN (Josiah).-The Music to the Order for Morning

18mo. pp. 96, cloth, ls. (Mozley)

and Evening Prayer and the Litany, together with brier ...[61 directions for understanding the same.

By Josiah LINCOLN (Bp.)--The Pastor wholly given to his Office: Pittman. 8vo. pp. 20, sewed, 2s. (Bell & D.). · [87

an Address to Candidates for Holy Orders. By John PULPIT (The). Jackson, D.D., Bishop of Lincoln. 12mo. pp. 32, cl. is.

- Sermons by Eminent Living Ministers. (Skeffington)

Vol. 74, 8vo. pp. 570, boards, 78. Od. (Piper)......

... (62 LONGFELLOW (H. W.) Poems.

PUNCH. Vol: 35, 4to. pp. 260, cloth, 8s. 6d. (Office).. (89

By Henry Wads. worth Longfellow. New and complete edition, 12mo.

PURCHAS (J.) Directorium Anglicanum : being a pp. 510, cloth, 4s. (Philip)


Manual for the Right Celebration of the Holy ComLONGFELLOW (H. W.) - Courtship of Miles Standish,

munion; for the Saying of Matins and Evensong; and and other Poems. By H. W. Longfellow.

for the Performance of other Ritos and Ceremonies of

Author's edition, with illustrations by Absolon, &c. Post 8vo.

the Church, according to Ancient Uses of the Church of cloth, 78. 6d. (Kent)....

England: with Illustrations. Edited by the Rev. John

. [64 Purchas. 4to. sewed, 14s. 6d. ; vellum, 175. 6d. ... [90 LOWE (E. J.)-Ferns, British and Exotic. By E. J. Lowe. PYNE (H.)- Table showing the Value of Tithe Rent

Vol. 4, royal 8vo. pp. 170, cloth, 188. (Groombridge) ..[63 Charges for the Year 1859; to which is added another LUMLEY (W. G.) – The New Sanitary Laws : namely,

Table showing the Extent of the Yearly Fluctuation in the Public Health Act, 1848; the Public Health Act,

the Prices of Wheat, Barley, and Oats since 1835. By 1858 ; and the Local Government Act, 1858 : an Intro

Heory Pyne. 8vo. sewed, ls. (Shaw & Sons) (91 duction, Notes, and Index; with an Appendix containing RAGG (T.)-Creation's Testimony to its God. By Thomas the various Statutes referred to therein, and those Ragg. 7th edit. with Autobiography. Post 8vo. cloth, 78. which are incorporated therewith. B. W. G. Lumley. (Piper)

192 12mo. pp. 566, cloth, 10s. (Shaw)

- [66 RAYSON (J.) – Miscellaneous Poems and Ballads. By MACINTOSH (C. A.) - Popular Outlines of the Press,

John Rayson. 12mo. cloth, 3s. (Piper)

(93 Ancient and Modern; or, a Brief Sketch of the Origin and Progress of Printing, and its Introduction into this

REFORM (HANDBOOK of): explaining the True PrinciCountry; with a Notice of the Newspaper Press. By

ples of Political Government and Taxation, and showing C. A. Macintosh. 12mo. pp. 230, cl. 35. (Wertheim).. [67

the Administrative, Financial, Law, Electoral, Church,

and other Reforms Needed. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 112, sewed, 1s. MACKENZIE (W. B.) The Word of Life : Scriptural

(Henry Adams & Co.)

(94 Instruction. By W. B. Mackenzie. 12mo. pp. 236,

REFORM.-The Proposed New Reform Bill, 22 & 23 Vict. cloth, 3s. 60. (Seeley)

..168 Session 1859: with a Preface. “ The Bill, the whole MARKHAM (T. H.)- The Commercial and Trader's Legal Bill, and nothing but the Bill." Royal 8vo. sewed, Is. Guide. By Thomas Hugh Markham. 2d edit. 12.10.


(95 pp. 64, cloth, 18. (Richardson Brothers)....

........169 REVISION of the LITURGY. Reply to the Bishops in MARRYAT (Capt.)- Poor Jack. By Captain Marryat;

Convocation, also in the House of Lords, May 6, 1858, with illustrations by Clarkson Stanfield. New edit. 8vo. on Lord Ebury's Motion for the Revision of the pp. 390, cloth, 6s. (H. G. Bohn)...

Liturgy. 12mo. sewed, 28. (Partridge)...

.. (96 MARSH (R. B.) - Every Parish a Family in Christ: Two

ROGERSON (J. B.) - Musings in many Moods. By John Sermons. By the Rev. R. B. Marsh, 12mo. sewed, 6d.

Belton Rogerson. 8vo. pp. 398, cl. 108: 6d. (Partridge) (97 (J. H. Parker)...

ROMANCE and its HERO. By the Author of "Magdalen MARSHALL (T. W.M.) - Christianity in China: a Frag- ROWCROFT (C.).

Stafford.” 2 vols. 12mo. pp. 580, cloth, 12s. (Bell) ..[98 ment. By 'T. W. M. Marshall. 8vo. pp. 190, cloth, 6s.6d.

Tales of the Colonies; or, the Ad(Longman)


ventures of an Emigrant. By Charles Rowcroft. New

edit. 12mo. pp. 430, cloth, 2s. 6d. (Smith & E.) ...... (99 MARTINEAU (H.) – Endowed Schools of Ireland. By Harriet Martineau. Reprinted from the “ Daily News.”

SALMON (A.)-Lettre concernant l'Etat Actuel de Tahiti 8vo. pp. 80, cloth, 3s. 6d. (Smith & E.)

adressée a sa Majesté lnipériale Napoleon III.

Par . [73 Alexander Salmon. 8vo. sened, la. (E. Wilson).... (100 MEDICAL DIRECTORY for Scotland. 12mo. cloth, 5s. SANG (E.)—Five Place Logarithms. Arranged by Edward (Churchill)


Sang: buited for the waistcoat pocket. 6d. (J. BlackMEDICAL DIRECTORY for Ireland. 12mo. cloth, 58.


[101 (Churchill)


.[75 MORGAN (Lady).

CHAMPNEYS (W. W.) - Preached at the Visitation Passages from my Autobiography. By Sydney, Lady Morgan.

of the Bishop of London at St. Paul's Cathedral, 8vo. pp. 340, cloth, 14s. November 15, 1858. By the Rev. W. W. Champneys. (Bentley) .. (76 Post 8vo, sewed, 6d. (Seeley)




SERMONS (continued):

THOM'S Almanac and Official Directory of the United GOULBURN (E. M.), Learning a Requisite for the Mi. Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, for the Year 1859.

nistry of the Present Day. Preached at the Ordination 8vo. (Dublin), pp. 1400, cloth, 13s. 6d. (Longman) [vide held by the Lord Bishop of Oxford, in Christ Church Adv. 19)

(117 Cathedral, on Sunday, December 19, 1858. By Edward THOM'S County and Borough Directory, 1859. 8vo. 8s. 6d. Meyrick Goulburn. Svo, sewed, ls. (Rivingtons) [103 (Longman).

[118 GRBY (F. F.)-The Love of God and the Patience of WALPOLE (H.)—The Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of

Christ. By the Hon. and Rev. Francis F. Grey, M.A. Orford, now first chronologically arranged. Edited by Sro. pp. 18, sewed, 60, (Masters).

[104 Peter Cunningham. 9 vols. Vol. 9, 8vo. pp. 710, cloth, HARRISON (W.)-The Blessings of the Reformation. 10s. 6d. (Bentley) (vide Adv. 19]

(119 Preached by the Rev. W. Harrison. 8vo. (Colchester) WALSH (J. H.)-The English Cookery Book, uniting a good sewed, 1s. (Seeley).....

(105 Style with Economy, and adapted to all Persons in every HAYNE (R. J.) - St. Stephen's Vision, Preached at Clime; containing many unpublished Receipts in Daily

Devonport. By the Rev. R. J. Hayne. 8vo. sewed, Usc by Private Families. Collected by a Committee of 6d. J. H. Parker)


Ladies, and edited by J. H. Walsh. New edit. 12mo. pp. RALEIGH (A.) – The Right Way: Preached by the 380, half-bound, 3s. 6d. (Routledge)....

[120 Rev. Alexander Raleigh at the Close of his Ministry WATKINS (C. R.)- Principles and Rudiments of Botany, in Elgin Place Chapel, Glasgow. 8vo. (Edinburgh) delivered according to a Julian System of Arrangement sewed, 6d. (Hamilton) ..

(107 and Julian Method of Classification. By C. R. W. RICHARDS (F. J.)-The Fallibility of Human compared Watkins. 12mo. pp. 120, cloth, 2s. 6d. (Partridge) (121

with Divine Justice. Preached before the Honourable WHATELY (Abp.)- Dr. Paley's Works: a Lecture. By Sir William Wightman, in the Parish Church of All Richard Whately, Archbishop of Dublin. 8vo. sd. ls. Saints, Maidstone, December 6, 1858. By the Rev. (J. W. Parker)

(122 F. J. Richards. 8vo. sewed, 60. (Rivingtons).... [108 | WILSON (J. H.)–Our Moral Wastes, and How to Reclaim TEMPLE (F.)- And ye shall know the Truth, and the them. By the Rev. J. H. Wilson. 12mo. pp. 112, cloth, Truth shall make you Free. By the Rev. F. Temple. 3s. (Partridge). ..

(123 12mo. sewed, 6d. (Rivingtons)

(109 WITT (C.)-An Effectual and Simple Remedy for Scarlatina VAUGHAN (C.J.) - Power from on High. Preached in and Measles.By C. Witt. 8vo. sewed, 1s. (Philip) {124

St. Paul's Cathedral, at the Ordination held by the WILMOT (J. E. E.)--Parliamentary Reform: a Second Bishop of London, on the Fourth Sunday in Advent, Letter to Richard Freedom, Esq. on the Redistribution, 1859. By Charles John Vaughan. 8vo. sewed, ls. Extension, and Purification of the Electoral Franchise. (Rivingtons).

(110 By Sir John E. Eardley-Wilmot. 8vo. pp. 78, sewed, WELLINGTON (Bp.) – The Catholic Unity of Christ's Is. 6d. (Longman).

[125 Church. Preached at St. Matthew's, City Road. By the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Wellington. 12mo.

BOOKS REDUCED IN PRICE. sewed, 6d. (E. P. Williams)


PROFESSOR (The): a Novel. By Currer Bell. New edit. SEXTON (G.)-Life Assurance : its Aspects and its Claims. 1 vol. post 8vo. cloth, 3s. 6d. (Smith & E.)

(126 By George Sexton. 8vo. sewed, 6d. (Freeman).... (112 STOWE (H. B.) – Uncle Tom's Cabin; or, Life among the STARKEY (A.) - The Prioress's Tale, and other Poems. Lowly. By Harriet Beecher Stowe. With Introductory By A. Starkey. 12mo, cloth, 3s. (Jarrold)

(113 Remarks by the Rev. James Sherman. 12mo. bds. Is. STORY BOOKS. - The Golden Rule Story Books. 24

(H. G. Bohn)

[127 Orts. 32mno. sewed, each 3d. (Hogg)

(114 SUNDERLAND (C. W.)-The Lion and the Lamb: Allegory for Children. By C. W. Sunderland.


12mo. sexed, 6d. (Piper).


HOUSE of LORDS Cases. Clark, Vol. 6, Part 4, 138. TAIT (W.-Appeal to the British Public against the Opium (Butterworths)

(128 Trade on Religious, Moral, and Commercial Grounds. PROBATE, Divorce, and Matrimonial Causes. Swabey By the Rev. W. Tait. 8vo. sewed, 6d. (Wertheim). . 116 and Tristram, Vol. 1, Part 2, 8s. (Butterworths) (129

AMERICAN [continued from p. 616, Vol. 21, December 15, 1858.] ADAMS (C.)--Words that Shook the World; or, Martin ORIENTAL TALES of Fairy Land. 12mo. (New York, Luther bis own Biographer: being Pictures of the Great

1859) pp. 223, cloth, London

4s. 6d. Reformer. By Charles Adams. 12mo. (New York, 1859) POOR and PROUD; or, the Fortunes of Katy Redburn : pp. 333, cloth, London ...

.....6s. 6d

a Story for Young Folks. By Oliver Optic. Fcp. 8vo. ARNOLD LESLIE; or, the Young Sceptic: being the (Boston, 1859) pp. 274, cloth, London

History of a Boy who worked his Way to Honour and
Competence through many Trials and Temptations.

PRESCOTT (W. H.)-History of the Reign of Philip the Written by Himself. 18mo. (New York, 1859) with 5

Second, King of Spain. By William H. Prescott. Vol.3, illustrations, pp. 257, cloth, London.....

8vo. (Boston, 1859) pp. 476, cloth, London ..........14s.

2s. 6d. BARNES (A.)- Inquiries and Suggestions in regard to the

PRIME (S. I.)- The Power of Prayer, illustrated in the Foundation of Faith in the Word of God. By Albert

Wonderful Displays of Divine Grace at the Fulton Street Barnes. 12mo. (Philadelphia, 1859) pp. 176, cloth, Lon.

and other Meetings in New York and elsewhere in 1857

and 1858. By Samuel Irenæus Prime, Author of don

4s. 6d.

“Travels in Europe and the East,” “Thoughts on the FRED FREELAND; or, the Chain of Circumstances : a Death of Children," &c. 12mo. (New York, 1859) pp. Story for Boys and Girls. By Willis Loveyouth. Fcp. 374, cloth, London....

6s. 8vo. ( Boston, 1859) pp. 288, cloth, London..


SEYMOUR (Mrs. W. W.)-Christmas Holidays at Cedar GIBBONS (J.S.)-The Banks of New York, their Dealers, Grove. By Mrs. William Wood Seymour, Author of

the Clearing Houses, and the Panic of 1857; with a Easter Holidays at Cedar Grove," &c. Fcp. 8vo. Financial Chart. By J. S. Gibbons. Crown 8vo. (New (New York, 1859) pp. 243, cloth, London... 48. 60. York, 1859) with numerous illustrations, pp. 399, cloth, SINDING (P. C.)-History of Scandinavia, from the Early London

10s. Times of the Norsemen and Vikingr to the Present Day. GOODRICH (F. B.) - Women of Beauty and Heroism By the Rev. Paul C. Sinding, of Copenhagen. Crown

from Semiramis to Eugenie: a Portrait Gallery of 8vo. (New York, 1859) pp. 429, cloth, London 15s. Female Loveliness, Achievement, and Influence. II. lustrated with 19 Engravings on Steel from Original

TAIT (J. R.)- Dolce Far Niente. By J. R. Tait. Fcp. Designs by Champagne and Wandesforde. By Frank

8vo. (Philadelphia, 1859) pp. 74, cloth, London....3s. 60. B. Goodrich, Author of the Court of Napoleon.” 8vo.

THAYER (W. M.)--- From Poor-house to Pulpit; or, the (New York, 1859) morocco elegant, London ........633.

Triumphs of the late Dr. John Kiito, from Boyhood to HEROES (The) of the LAST LUSTRE: a Poem.

Manhood : a Book for Youth. By William M. Thayer, 12mo.

Author of “The Poor Boy and the Merchant Prince,' (New York, 1859) pp. 135, cloth, London

45. 60.

“ Life at the Fireside," &c. Fcp. 8vo. (Boston, 1859) HOWE (J.)--The Speeches and Public Letters of the Hon.

pp. 350, cloth, London.

5s. Joseph Howe. Edited by William Annaud. 2 vols. 8vo.

TOWNSEND (F. V.)-While it was Morning. By F. (Busion, 1858) pp. 1200, cloth, London...... ...... 24s.

Virginia Townsend. 12mo. (New York, 1859) pp. 374, MALGAIGNE (J. F.)--A Treatise on Fractures. By J. F. cloth, London...

Malgaigne, Chirurgien de l'Hôpital Saint-Louis, Chevalier de la Legion d’llonneur, et du Mérite Militaire de

TOWNSEND (F. V.)- Buds from the Christmas Boughs, Pologne, Membre de l'Academie de Medicine, Trans

and other Tales. By F. Virginia Townsend. Fcp. ovo. lated from the French, with Notes and Additions, hy

(New York, 1859) pp. 214, cloth, London.......... 48.6d. J. H. Packard, M.D. 8vo. (Philadelphia, 1859) 106 illus- WOOD (G.)-Future Life; or, Scenes in another World. trations, pp. 684, sheep, London

21s. By George Wood. Crown 8vo. (New York, 1859) pp. 359, NEWCOMB (H.)-The Harvest and the Reapers : Home cloth, London

6s. Work for all, and How to do it. By the Rev. Harvey YULE LOG (The): a Series of Stories for the Young. Newcomb. 18mo.(Boston) pp. 270, cloth, London 4s. 6d.

Fcp. 8vo. (New York, 1859) pp. 160, cloth, London 3s.od.

48, 6d.




[Jan. 17

Advertisements of New Books.


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VILLAGE. Super-royal 8vo. with 4 plates,

2s. 6d. HENRY III. KING of FRANCE: His Court and Times. By Miss FREER. 3 vols. with On toned paper, with beautiful plates, Portraits, 31s. 6d.

printed in colours, from paintings executed ex

pressly for the work. WINTER EVENINGS. By LEITCH RITCHIE. 2 vols. with Illustrations


FELLOW, and WILSON. With 4 plates, 2s.6d. A SUMMER and WINTER in the TWO

GRAY'S ELEGY written in a COUNTRY SICILIES. By Miss KAVANAGH. 2 vols. 218.

CHURCHYARD. With 4 plates, 2s. 6d. RIGHT or WRONG. By Miss JEWSBURY.

GEMS from ROGERS, HEMANS, EMER2 vols. 218.

SON, &c. With 4 plates, 2s. 6d. ONWARDS. By the Author of "Anne Dysart.” *** Others in preparation, uniform with the 3 vols.

above. STEPHAN LANGTON. By MARTIN F. “ First-class verse, and some charming specimens of TUPPER, D.C.L., F.R.S., Author of “Proverbial have yet seen of the kind.”—LITERARY GAZETTE, De

coloured engravings—a great improvement in anything

we Philosophy,” &c. 2 vols. Plates, 21s.

cember 18th, 1858. JOHN HALIFAX, GENTLEMAN. Form- Groombridge and Sons, 5 Paternoster Row. (5) ing the Second Volume



post free.

Modern Works.” Each comprised in One Vol. elegantly printed, bound, and illustrated, price 5s. Life of Stephenson.” By OswaLD DODD HEDLEY.

OCEOLA. By Capt. MAYNE REID. 3 vols, Demy 8vo. 45. 6d. cloth; post free, 4s. 8d. with Illustrations.

[Just ready.

In this work the startling inaccuracies of Smiles's

statements respecting the Locomotive Engine are Hurst and Blackett, 13 Great Marlborough Street. clearly shown.


Ward and Lock, 158 Fleet Strect. (6) and his


ПНЕ BOOKSELLERS' LONDON Nature. Small 8vo. 9s.

CATALOGUE of PERIODICALS : and John W. Parker and Son, West Strand.

(2) NEWSPAPERS, for the Year 1859. To which is

added, the Transactions of various Societies, speciBANIM'S CELEBRATED TALE OF IRISH LIFE.

fying the last Part published, and price. Also, a

a Tale. By List of Printing Societies and Clubs. Royal 8vo. the “O'Hara Family.” Fcp. 8vo. (uniform 1s. sewed. in size with “ Gerald Griffin's ") 2s. 6d. cloth gilt,

Longman, Brown, and Co. (7) of innow, and beautiful, yet cheap edition, is THE FOSTER BROTHERS : being the

History of the School and College Life of Two of the Brothers Banim ; enriched by an original | Young Men. Post 8vo. 10s. cloth gilt. Preface and Notes from the pen of the survivor,

As fresh as the morning."-DAILY News. Mr. Michael Banim.

" Full of life, and fun, and vigour...... These sketches At the time of its first appearance, “Father of school and college life are among the happiest of their

. Connell was spoken of in the highest terms by the Arthur Hall, Virtue, and Co., 25 Paternoster Row. Spectator, Athenæum, Literary Gazette, &c.

(8) Dublin : O'Byrne, 43 Wellington Quay; and all Booksellers.


SCIENCE and ART for 1859; exhibiting the (EMORIALS of the MARTYRS and most Important Discoveries and Improvements of INDIAN REBELLION. By the Rev. Wm. Arts. By JOHN TIMBS, F.S.A. Fcp. 8vo. with a Owen, Author of the “Life of Havelock.” With Portrait of Sir Benjamin C. Brodie, Bart., D.C.L., beautiful Frontispiece and Title-page, uniform with President of the Royal Society, 5s. cloth.-- On Brock's “Life of Havelock." 3s. 6d. cloth extra. the 29th inst.

Mr. Owen has done his work faithfully and well.”Patriot. “This very beautiful volume will be highly Street.

W. Kent and Co. (late D. Bogue), 86 Fleet

(9) valued."-City Press. “ One of the most interesting books we ever read."-BRITISH STANDARD.

" Most instructive, pathetic, and edifying."-CHRISTIAN WITNESS. “ Will doubtless have a very wide circulation."--BRITISH THE HEALING ART the RIGHT MESSENGER. “This excellent volume."-DUBLIN Ex

HAND of the CHUROH; or, Practical Medi“ Will no doubt attain a wide circulation."- cine an Escontial Element in the Christian System. Press. “Interesting work."-RECORD. “A most fitting By THERAPEUTES. Crown 8vo. 58. present at any time."-LADIES' NEWSPAPER. doubt achieve a circulation equal to the 'Memoir of

“Length of days is in her Right Hand." --Prov, iji, 14. Havelock.'"- MORNING ADVERTISER.

Edinburgh: Sutherland and Knox.
Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

London : Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. (10)


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