Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation

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John Churchill, 1860 - 286 strán (strany)

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Strana lv - ... the simplest and most primitive type, under a law to which that of like-production is subordinate, gave birth to the type next above it, that this again produced the next higher, and so on to the very highest...
Strana 138 - The proposition determined on after much consideration is, that the several series of animated beings, from the simplest and oldest up to the highest and most recent...
Strana 258 - If mental action is electric, the proverbial quickness of thought —that is, the quickness of the transmission of sensation and will— may be presumed to have been brought to an exact measurement.
Strana i - A law presupposes an agent ; for it is only the mode, according to which an agent proceeds : it implies a power ; for it is the order, according to which that power acts. Without this agent, without this power, which are both distinct from itself, the law does nothing, is nothing. The expression, " the law of metallic nature...
Strana xxvii - ... Although we may not," he says, " be able artificially to produce a change beyond a definite point, it would be a hasty inference to suppose that a physical agent, acting gradually for ages, could not carry the variation a step or two farther ; so that, instead of the original (we will say) four varieties, they might amount to six, the sixth being sufficiently unlike the earlier ones to induce a naturalist to consider it distinct.
Strana 138 - ... terminating in the highest dicotyledons and vertebrata, these grades being few in number, and generally marked by intervals of organic character, which we find to be a practical difficulty in ascertaining affinities; second, of another impulse connected with the vital forces, tending, in the course of generations, to modify organic structures in accordance with external circumstances, as food, the nature of the habitat, and the meteoric agencies, these being the 'adaptations
Strana viii - White-fish, before mentioned, (306,) are two very different fishes ; yet, taking into consideration their external form and bearing merely, it might be questioned which of the two should take the highest rank; whereas the doubt is very easily resolved by an examination of their anatomical structure. The White-fish has a skeleton, and, moreover, a vertebral column, composed of firm bone. The Sturgeon, (Fig.
Strana 231 - The style of living is ascertained to have a powerful effect in modifying the human figure in the course of generations, and this even in its osseous structure. About two hundred years ago, a number of people were driven by a barbarous policy from the counties of Antrim and Down, in Ireland, towards the sea-coast,. where they have ever since been settled, but in unusually miserable circumstances, even for Ireland ; and the consequence is, that they exhibit peculiar features of the most repulsive...
Strana xxvi - in the not unimportant circumstance of size — the most ancient ganoids, yet known, instead of taking their places agreeably to the demands of the development hypothesis among the sprats, sticklebacks, and minnows of their class, took their place among its huge basking sharks, gigantic sturgeons, and bulky swordfishes. They were giants, not dwarfs.
Strana 245 - By this means they have advanced further in the arts of manufacture ; have supplied their lodges more abundantly with the comforts, and even luxuries of life, than any Indian nation I know of. The consequence of this...

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