A New and General Biographical Dictionary: Containing an ... Account of the Lives and Writings of the Most Eminent Persons in Every Nation in the World, Particularly the British and Irish ...

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The Proprietors, 1795

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Strana 346 - In this mist of obscurity passed the life of Butler, a man whose name can only perish with his language. The mode and place of his education are unknown ; the events of his life are variously. related ; and all that can be told with certainty is, that he was poor.
Strana 230 - Gaule, and other romantic books, which produced fuch a reftleflnefs in him, that he was obliged to apply himfelf to the extraction of the fquare and cube roots, and to the more laborious operations of Algebra, in order to fix and fettle the volatility of his fancy.
Strana 54 - Moors boarded him, but were quickly beat out of his ship again, with the loss of thirteen men, whose heads Captain Benbow ordered to be cut off and thrown into a tub of pork-pickle. When he arrived at Cadiz, he went ashore, and ordered his negro servant to follow him with the Moors...
Strana 95 - Bourdeaux he composed universal gnomonic tables, but they were never published. He returned from France to his own country in 1680. About this time there appeared a comet, the return of which he foretold, and wrote a small treatise upon it, which he afterwards translated into Latin.
Strana 225 - Broghill interrupted him, and a/lured him that the intelligence which the committee had received was falfe; that he was neither in a capacity, nor had any inclination, to raife...
Strana 333 - This great work, the basis of his fame, was originally published in Latin, in 2 vols, 4to, the first two books concerning the Deluge and Paradise, in 1681 ; the last two, concerning the Burning of the World, and the New Heavens and New Earth, in 1689.
Strana 110 - Bez* always kept with admiral Coligny, and did not return to Geneva, till after the peace of 1563. The duke of Guise was pistoled before Orleans by Poltrot, a Protestant gentleman, who was taken, and brought before the queen. He was interrogated in her presence, and answered like a madman ; sometimes declaring that he had committed this action at the solicitation of Coligny, Soubize, and Beza...
Strana 236 - The reader muft be informed, that both thefe pieces were of his writing ; only he thought fit to mark the former with the final letters of his name. Among other papers that he communicated this year to the Royal Society, there were two connected into one difcourfe, that deferve particular notice.
Strana 294 - Browne completed his design of removing all superstitious reliques and images out of the two cathedrals of St. Patrick's and the Holy Trinity, in Dublin, and out of the rest of the churches within his diocese, and in their room placed the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments in gold letters. And in 1541, the king having converted the priory of the Holy Trinity into a cathedral church, consisting of a dean and chapter, our archbishop founded three prebends...
Strana 308 - was a stoic philosopher, who looked not far before him ; a man of notable endowments for his learning and knowledge in .Latin poetry; much honoured in other countries, pleasant in conversation, rehearsing at all occasions, moralities, short and instructive, whereof he had abundance, inventing where he wanted.

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