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St. Andrew's Society

of the State of New York.

Evergreen and
Trees, Vines
and Shrubs.

(Founded in 1756.

Incorporated 1826.)
Offices: United Charities Building,
105 East 22d Street and 287 East Broadway.
It is one of the oldest societies in the United
States; founded for the promotion of social
and friendly intercourse among the natives of
Scotland and their descendants in this city
and its vicinity, and the relief of such as may
be indigent.

A. B. HEPBURN, Treasurer.

GEORGE CALDER, Almoner and General
Agent, to whom apply from 9 a. m. to 3 p. m.




Correspondence solicited. Special
Designs and Estimates for Work to be
Erected in Any Part of the United

States. Send for Photographs,
J. & R. LAMB, Office: 59 Carmiao Street, New York.

Fifth Ave.,
Cor. 45th St.,
New York.

ALLAN LINE Royal Mail Steamers

Turbine Triple-Screw Steamers Victorian and Virginian, 12,000 tons, bl’g
Tunisian, 10,576 tons, Twin Screws.
Bavarian, 10,375 tons, Twin Screws.
lonian, 9,000 tons, Twin Screws.

Parisian, 6,000 tons.

The above steamers sail weekly

Montreal to Liverpool. Separate service from Montreal to Glasgow, calling at Quebec and Moville for mails and passengers.

The St. Lawrence is the picturesque, as well as the shortest, route across the Atlantic Less than five days from land to land.


New York to Glasgow.
The well-known and favorite steamers Mongolian, Numidian and Laurentian
will sail regularly during the season. The rates by these steamers are very low:
Saloon, $50.00; return tickets, $90.00 upwards. Second Cabin, $35.00; return, $66.50.

H. & A. ALLAN, Montreal, or

AUSTIN BALDWIN & CO., 53 Broadway, New York.

Popular Scottish Books


By special arrangement with the leading publishers in Great Britain and America, the publishers of The CALEDONIAN Magazine are enabled to furnish' any book by Scottish authors or on Scottish subjects at the lowest prices within a short notice.

The following list contains the titles of some of the books which will be sent to any part of the United States or Canada, on receipt of the price.


FAMOUS SCOTS. A Series of Popular Biographies of the Great Writers of

Scotland. 12mo. Art canvas cloth. Each, 750. Balladists, The. By JOHN GEDDIE. Blackwood Group, The. John Wilson, John Galt, D. M. Moir, Miss Ferrier, Michael Scott, Thomas Hamilton. By SIR GEORGE DOUG

LAS. Boswell, James. By W. Keith LEASK. Bruce, King Robert (The). By A. F. MURI

SON. Buchanan, George. By ROBERT WALLACE. Burns, Robert. By GABRIEL SETOUN. Cairns, Principal. By JOHN CAIRNS. 12mo. Cameron, Richard. By JOHN HERKLESS. Campbell, Thomas. By J. C. HADDEN. Carlyle, Thomas. By H. C. MACPHERSON, Chalmers, Thomas. By W. G. BLAIKIF. Drummond, Henry. By J. Y. SIMPSON. Dunbar, william. By 0. SMEATON. Erskines, The. By A. R. MACEwen. Fergusson, Robert. By A. B. GROSART. Ferrier, James Frederick. By E. S. HALDANE.

Fletcher of Saltoun. By G. W. T. OMOND. Gregories. The Academic Gregories. By AG

NES GRAINGER STEWART. Guthrie, Thomas. By OLIPHANT SMEATON Hogg, James. With notices of Robert Tannahill, W. Motherwell and Wm. Thorn, By SIR GEORGE DOUGLAS. Hume, David. By H. CALDERWOOD. Johnston of Wariston. By W. MORISON. Kirkcaldy of Grange. By L, A. BARBE. Knox, John, By A. T. INNES. Livingstone, David. By T. B. MACLACHLAN. Macleod, Norman. By JOHN WELLWOOD. Melville, Andrew. By WILLIAM MORISON. Miller, Hugh. By W. K. LEASK. Pary:Mungo.; By T:B..MACLACHLAN. Polipk & Aytopa : By: ROSALINE MASON. Ramsay, Anan: By 'OLIPHANT SMEATON. 2od, Thomag..By A. CAMPBELL FRASER. Scott; sis Walter. By GEORGE SAINTSBURY. Simpson, Sirig hates Y. By E. B. SIMPSON. : Srnt, Adam By H. C. MACPHERSON. Smoustt.

Tobias.. By OLIPHANT SMEATON. Stevenson,'Robert Louis. By M. M. BLACK. Thomson, James. By WILLIAM BAYNE. Wallace, william. By A. F. MURISON. Wilkie, Sir David, and the Scots' School of Painters. By E. PINNINGTON.


.80 .40 1.50 .40 .40

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1.00 1.00 3.50


Bible House, New York.

[blocks in formation]

INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSIT SUBJ KOT TO CHEQUE OR ON CERTIFICATE Acts as Trustee for Corporations, Firms and Individuals; and as Guardian, Executor and Administrator ; takes

entire charge of Real and Personal Estates; carefully selected securities offered for investment


COMMERCIAL LETTERS OF CREDIT ISSUED DRAFT3 on all parts of Great Britain, France, Germany, China and Philippines BOUGAT and SOLD

WALTER G. OAKMAN, President.

JOHN W. CASTLES, 1st Vice-President. GEORGE R. TURNBULL, 2d Vice-President.

HENRY A. MURRAY, 3d Vice-President. WM. C. EDWARDS, Treasurer.

JOHN GAULT, Manager Foreign Department F. C. HARRIMAN, Assistant Treasurer.

E. C. HEBBARD, Secretary.

R. C. NEWTON, Trust Officer.

George F. Baker,
E. H. Harriman,

Adrian Iselin, Jr.,

Walter G. Oakman, John W. Castles, G. G. Haven, James N. Jarvie,

Norman B. Ream, George S. Bowdoin, Edwin Hawley,

Augustus D. Jullliard, Henry H. Rogers, Frederic_Cromwell, R. Somers Hayes,

Richard A. McCurdy,

H. McK. Twombly, Walter R. Gillette, Charles R. Henderson, Levi P. Morton,

Frederick W. Vanderbilt,

Harry Payne Whitney. London Committee :


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THE CALEDONIAN enters on its fourth chasers. In this regard THE CALEDONIAN year with this number, and we take the has been peculiarly fortunate in securing opportunity to thank our many friends and retaining the best class of advertisefor the warm and continuous support ments. that has come to us

from all over We therefore enter upon our fourth America. To say that we feel grateful year of publication with confidence. Our for the kindly encouragement only mildly aim is to make THE CALEDONIAN in expresses our thought. We are more and more assured that the course we took in publishing a high-class, illustrated monthly magazine was a fitting and proper one, and while we have not yet reached the limit of our expectations either in the literary or artistic features of our publication we are hopeful of being able to mark each year with a higher step towårds the fulfilment of the ideal that we have set before us.

We have been fortunate in securing the valuable cooperation of many of the best writers among the Scottish residents in America. Their timely articles and contributions of a miscellaneous kind have kept THE CALEDONIAN in the forefront in the best literary work of our time.

Our illustrations have been presented in the best style of the art, and we are

DONALD MACDOUGALL, arranging for the production of illustrations on

more extensive scale than hitherto. In this department the por- every way worthy of the enthusiastic traits of Scots who have become promi- support of the Scottish residents of North nent in America will, as formerly, form a America and their descendants. The conspicuous part.

progress made in the past three years of Our warmest thanks are also due our

its existence surpasses anything hitherto many advertisers, and there is no better attempted in the same field. The publiproof of the success of a periodical than cation has been established in the interthe fact that the managers of great busi- ests of the Scots and their descendants ness establishments find it an excellent on this continent and in their interests it medium to reach the best class of pur- will be carried on.




[blocks in formation]

One of the most brilliant epochs in the lark at the gate of heaven; Bowles English literature-brilliant in many re- was inditing sonnets, “thick as leaves in spects as the Elizabethan period, and Valambrosa,” on every conceivable subrivaling the Augustan age of Queen ject; Wordsworth, the chief expounder Anne-was that embraced in the last and chief apostle of the “Lake” school, quarter of the eighteenth and the first having disgusted his readers with the quarter of the nineteenth centuries. It sorrows of “Betty Foy, the idiot mother was an era of great mental activity, not of the idiot boy," had discovered better alone in the realm of poetry, but in the material for his pen than love ditties to domains of theology, of criticism and his- snood-crowned Highland girls at Invertory, of philosophy and of the abstract snaid, and was wending his way through and physical sciences. The double- the noble “Excursion,” for which Jeftopped Parnassus, erewhile a Grecian frey so long and so vainly sought a calhill, was deserted by deity and muse, culus to measure its vastness; Southey and had one peak in England and the (who accepted the laureateship which other in her sister country to the north Scott had declined, and who, in return of the Tweed; the sacred nine claimed for the compliment and in execution of each her votary, and within the period his office, produced some of the worst I have named, the whole of the reign of poetry a mortal could write) was weavthe third George, and the half of that ing the wild and wondrous tale of of his less virtuous successor, George IV, “Thalaba,” and, “in Berkeley ballads most of the so-called "schools" of poetry most uncivil,” dared, despite the protestook their rise. The poetic firmament tations of the satiric author of "English was aglow with stars of every magni- Bards and Scotch Reviewers," to "detude, the brightness of whose shining vote old women to the devil”; Samuel has left a sheen of glory over the Vic- Rogers-happy mortal !—was reveling

in "The Pleasures of Memory" and makCrabbe, “nature's sternest painter, yet ing poetical Baedeckers to Venice, the the best,” as Byron said of him, from “glorious city in the sea”; Hogg, the surgery had turned to poetry, and had Etrick shepherd, was

warbling the left a name as the author of “The Vil- visions of the tender-hearted Kilmeny in lage"; Cowper, whom Southey calls the Fairyland; Thomas Moore, having best of English letter-writers, had com- wisely ceased to wail for the time he lost pleted his “Task,” and brought “John in wooing, was weaving for himself the Gilpin” in comparative safety to his gaudy chaplet of fame with his Oriental journey's end; Shelley was singing with romance of Lalla Rookh, and to the

torian age.

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