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Pis. 'Tis semper idem, for absque hoc nihil est. 'Tis all in every part.

Shal. 'Tis so, indeed.

Pis. My knight, I will inflame thy noble liver, And make thee rage. Thy Doll, and Helen of thy noble thoughts, Is in base durance, and contagious prison; Haul'd thither By most mechanical and dirty hand. Rouse up revenge from ebon den with fell Alecto's

snake, For Doll is in; Pistol speaks naught but truth. Fal. I will deliver her.

[shouts within, and the trumpets sound. Pis. There roar'd the sea, and trumpet-clangor


Enter King and his train, the LORD CHIEF JUSTICE

among them.

Fal. God save thy grace, king Hal! my royal

Hal ! Pis. The heavens thee guard and keep, most

royal imp 1 of fame! Fal. God save thee, my sweet boy. King. My lord chief justice, speak to that vain


Ch. Jus. Have you your wits ? Know you what

'tis you speak?

i Child.

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Fal. My king! my Jove! I speak to thee, my

heart! King. I know thee not, old man.

Fall to thy prayers. How ill white hairs become a fool and jester! I have long dream'd of such a kind of man, So surfeit-swell’d, so old, and so profane ; But, being awake, I do despise my dream. Make less thy body, hence, and more thy grace; Leave gormandising: know, the grave doth gape For thee thrice wider than for other men. Reply not to me with a fool-born jest ; Presume not, that I am the thing I was : For Heaven doth know, so shall the world per

ceive, That I have turn’d away my former self ; So will I those that kept me company. When thou dost hear I am as I have been, Approach me; and thou shalt be as thou wast, The tutor and the feeder of my riots : Till then, I banish thee, on pain of death, As I have done the rest of my misleaders, Not to come near our person by ten mile. For competence of life, I will allow you, That lack of means enforce you not to evil; And, as we hear you do reform yourselves, We will, -according to your strength and quali


i Henceforth.

Set on.

Give you advancement. Be it your charge, my

lord, To see perform’d the tenor of our word.

[Exeunt King and his train. Fal. Master Shallow, I owe you a thousand pound.

Shal. Ay, marry, sir John ; which I beseech you to let me have home with me.

Fal. That can hardly be, master Shallow. Do not you grieve at this : I shall be sent for in private to him : look you, he must seem thus to the world. Fear not your advancement: I will be the man yet that shall make you great.

Shal. I cannot perceive how, unless you give me your doublet, and stuff me out with straw. I beseech you, good sir John, let me have five hundred of my thousand.

Fal. Sir, I will be as good as my word : this that you heard, was but a color.

Shal. A color, I fear, that you will die in, sir John.

Fal. Fear no colors; go with me to dinner. Come, lieutenant Pistol; come, Bardolph : I shall be sent for soon at night.

Re-enter PRINCE JOHN, CHIEF JUSTICE, Officers, &c.

Ch. Jus. Go, carry sir John Falstaff to the Fleet; Take all his company along with him.

Fal. My lord, my lord,-
Ch. Jus. I cannot now speak: I will hear you


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