The Poetical Works of William Falconer: With a Life

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Little, Brown & Company, 1854 - 236 strán (strany)
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Strana 132 - Wilt thou upon the high and giddy mast, Seal up the ship-boy's eyes, and rock his brains In cradle of the rude imperious surge. And in the visitation of the winds, Who take the ruffian billows by the top, Curling their monstrous heads, and hanging them With deaf ning clamours in the slippery clouds...
Strana 132 - With deafning clamours in the slippery clouds, That, with the hurly," death itself awakes ? Can'st thou, O partial sleep ! give thy repose To the wet sea-boy in an hour so rude ; And in the calmest and most stillest night, With all appliances and means to boot, Deny it to a king? Then, happy low, lie down ! Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.
Strana 149 - Tis now struck twelve ; get thee to bed, Francisco. FRAN. For this relief much thanks : 'tis bitter cold, And I am sick at heart.
Strana 149 - Glanced from the imperfect surfaces of things. • Flings half an image on the straining eye ; While wavering woods, and villages, and streams, And rocks, and mountain-tops, that long retained The ascending gleam, are all one swimming scene, Uncertain if beheld. Sudden to heaven Thence weary vision turns; where, leading soft The silent hours of love, with purest ray Sweet...
Strana 22 - For like that Bard unhappy, on his head Malignant stars their hostile influence shed. Both in lamenting numbers, o'er the deep With conscious anguish taught the Harp to weep ; And both the raging Surge in safety bore Amid destruction, panting to the shore. This last, our tragic Story from the wave Of dark oblivion haply yet may save ; With genuine sympathy may yet complain, While sad Remembrance bleeds at every vein.
Strana xxxii - Yet, though full oft to future perils blind, 'With skill superior glow'd his daring mind Through snares of death the reeling bark to guide, When midnight shades involve the raging tide. To Rodmond next in order of command Succeeds the youngest of our naval band: But what avails it to record a name That courts no rank among the sons of fame...
Strana 114 - Maro's art To wake to sympathy the feeling heart ; Like him the smooth and mournful verse to dress In all the pomp of exquisite distress ! Then too severely taught by cruel fate, To share in all the perils I relate, Then might I, with unrivall'd strains deplore The impervious horrors of a leeward shore.
Strana 112 - O yet confirm my heart, ye powers above, This last tremendous shock of fate to prove ; The tottering frame of reason yet sustain ; Nor let this total ruin whirl my brain. In vain the cords and axes were prepared, For now th...
Strana 207 - Necessaries, whereby they are principally if not alone enabled to sustain and protract this long and expensive War...
Strana 110 - The vessel, while the dread event draws nigh, Seems more impatient o'er the waves to fly. Fate spurs her on. Thus, issuing from afar, Advances to the sun some blazing star; And, as it feels th' attraction's kindling force, Springs onward with accelerated course.

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