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the audience with breathless atten- company the whole of the land tion; and, it may be added, with through which the canal is cui. real regret. As soon as it was con. Though its level is about 280 feet cluded, several wreaths of laurel above that of the Tamar, it runs were thrown upon the stage, and for a mile and three quarters in a Mr Kemble slowly retired.

tunnel cut under Morwell Down, 23.-A tremendous storm of 450 feet from the summit of the thunder, lightning, hail, and rain, hill. burst over Bristol and Clifton, 27.-This afternoon, the town about seven in the evening. Many and neighbourhood of Banbury shops and warehouses were inunda. were visited with a violent storm of ted, and goods damaged to a very thunder and lighting, the rain considerable amount. Several trees pouring down in torrents. On the facing the house of Gabriel Gold. Castle Farm, in the parish of Cha- . ney, esq. at Clifton, were struck by combe, about two miles from Ban. lightning, and the tops and branches bury, a little before seven o'clock, broke down, so as to have rendered seven cows taking shelter from the the road impassable for some time. storm under a fine lofty oak, four

poor woman, a lodger in Penn- of them were struck down by the street, was so terrified, that she re. lightning, and the two nearest to mained in fits about an hour, when the tree, on opposite sides of it, she expired.

During the storm were killed in a moment. The John Quire, a servant to Mr. Plum- other two recovered. A man at a ley, of Brockley, was employed in short distance, who saw the awful mowing the weeds in the rev. Mr. sight, thought the whole tree was Pigott's park; and taking shelter on fire; but it sustained no injury, under a large oak, was kiiled by the not a leaf of its rich foliage, in all lightning. The tree was not in appearance, being torn off or blastjured; but there were slight traces ed. The tree stands alone, on a on the bark of the electric Auid gentle decliviły, not in a hedge. having passed where the deceased A meeting was held at the Freehad reclined; his hair was scorched, masons' Tavern, for ihe purpose and there was a livid appearance in of giving to Mr. Kemble every the ear and neck of the body, but possible testimony of respect and no other apparent injury; and the esteem for his extraordinary merits attitude was so composed, that, in promoting the interests of the though near the road, the young British acting drama; and was at. man was supposed to be asleep, till tended by an unprecedented assemin the evening he was discovered blage of rank and talents. Lord to be dead.

Holland presided; on his right24.-The Tavistock Canal, form- hand was Mr. Kemble, and on his ing a communication between the left the duke of Bedford. Among town of Tavistock and the river the noblemen and gentlemen at the Tamar, was opened this day. It principal table were, the marquises was commenced in the year 1803, Lansdowne, Tavistock, and Wor. and has cost about 70,0001. The cester; the ea: is of Essex, Mul. duke of Bedford, who is the pro- grave, Aberdeen, Blessington; lords prietor of one-eighth of the con- Erskine, Petersham, and Torring, cern, has very liberally contributed ton; Messrs. Croker, Campbell, to its support, by giving to the T. Moore, Rogers, with severalcha

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racters of acknowledged eminence one of the first poets of the counin literature and the fine arts. M. try, was then recited by Mr. Young. Talma, the celebrated tragedian of Mr. Kemble then, amid the cordial the French drama, was also pre- and fervent acclamations of his sent on this interesting occasion.- friends and admirers, most feelingAfter the usual national toasts, lord ly expressed his gratitude for the Holland called the attention of the honours conferred upon him.-In meeting to the object which they the course of the evening “the had in view. He stated, that it was health of M. Talma” was received the intention of the committee to with warm and universal plaudits. present to his excellent friend near M. Talma, sensibly affected by the him (Mr. Kemble) a piece of plate attention paid to him, presented with 'suitable embellishments; but himself to the company with min. that, as it was found impossible to gled emotions of surprise and gratihave it completed in time, he had tude. He expressed himself in ex. obtained a copy of the inscription, cellent English, but with an occawhich he should read. The plate sional mixture of the French ac, was dedicated to

“ John Philip cent. Kemble, Esq. on his retirement

WATERLOO BRIDGF. from the stage, of which he had The length of stonework, within been thirty-four years he ornament the abutmenis, is, from one river and pride;—which to his learning, bank to the other, 1240 feet, whose taste, and genius, was indebted harmonizing straight line, running for its present state and refinement; parallel with the river, or water-which by his labours and perse- line through it, gives it that simple verance in the advancement of the elegance and grandeur which is legitimate drama, and more parti. not equalled by any work of this cularly in support of Shakspeare, description in Europe. The length, whose muse his performances had or gentle incline of plane from St. aided and embellished, the plate George's Fields, to obtain the sumwas given as a testimony of grati. mit of the bridge, is 1250 feet, and tude, respect, and affection."--His carried on partly hy a mound of lordship proceeded to pass a very earth and brick arches. The length, just eulogium on the talents of Mr. from the ucrth shore, from the Kemble; in the course of which he abutment to the Strand, is 400 feet; observed, that Mr. Kemble had the road principally carried over on given to poetry its full effects, and brick arches, and almost directly conferred upon the drama of the level with the former. The total country all the rational entertain- length of the bridge, with its apment of which it was susceptible. proaches, from the Strand to S:. Among the list of English actors, George's Fields, is 2890 feet. The

. no one could be named who had span of the nine stone arches over conferred upon the stage so many the river, all of which are of equal essential advantages, and who had dimensions, is 120 feet cach. The combined so successfully the results width of the bridge, within the bar of the kindred arts of painting and lustrades, is 42 teel, divided on of sculpture. He united in him. each side by a footway of 7 feet, self the legitimate claims of the ac- leaving the carriage road 28 feet. tor, the scholar, and the critic. The number of brick, or dry arches, An ode, written on the occasion by on the south shore, is 40; and on


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the north, or Strand side, is 16. So ty-lamps, or the mines should be that the total number of arches better ventilated. which have been carried over, for

ITALY. the completion of this grand work, Eugene Beauharnois has sold his is 65. The whole of the exterior possessions in Italy to the crown of of the bridge is executed with du- Naples, for 5,000,000 francs, or rable Cornish moor-stone.

210,0001. 30.-Our duly imposes upon us Sir Thomas Maitland, the Brithe paintul task to announce another tish commissioner for settling the dreadful accident occasioned by the constitution of the Ionian Islands. ignition of fire damp. About lately convoked the legislative aseleven o'clock this forenoon, an ex. sembly at Corfu, and directed them plosion took place at the Row Pitt, to commence the work of framing in Harraton colliery, near Chester- a free constitution, subject to the le-Street, by which melancholy ac- approbation of the British governcident, we lament to say, 38 men ment. Sir Thomas Maitland then and boys have unfortunately perish- returned to Malta. ed. The force of the explosion

GERMANY. was so great, that two of the men The ceremony of the marriage of were blown from the bottom to the the archduchess Leopoldine with the pit mouth, in a state too shocking king of Portugaltook place by proxy in describe; several of the utensils at Vienna, on the 14th of May. also ascended the shaft, and a corf, A letter from Leipsic of the 16th and two pulleys, from the top of the of May represents the recent fair machine, were thrown a considera. as much inferior to that of ihe preble height into the air. Only three ceding Michaelmas. The number men were taken out alive, and faint of strangers resorting thither was hopes are entertained of their re- less numerous, it is saię, by 14,000 covery. Of the sufferers, there are than on the former occasion. The ten of the name of Hill, viz. a fa. general grievance seems to be, that ther, two sons, and seven grand- Germany is overstocked with goods; sons.

What adds not a little to or, in other words, that its inhabi. the distress occisioned by this acci. tants are destitute of means to buy dent, is the reflection that it was them. The desires of people on caused by the obstinacy of one of the continent are limited to mere the pitmen, who, notwithstanding subsistence. he was cautioned against it, persist- The brave Tyrolese have opened a ed in entering the mine with a can- subscription to raise a national mo. dle instead of the safety lamp. The nument to Andrew Hoffer, the following is the verdict of the coro- hero of the Tyrol, whom Buonaner's jury, by whom the circum- parte ordered to be shot at Man. stances were carefully investigated: tua. The house of Sand-Wirth. “ The deceased came by their Hoffer, which was burned by comdeaths in consequence of an explo- mand of the tyrant, will be re-consion of fire damp, occasioned by the structed of stone. A church will using of candles instead of the safe. be erected near the house. The ty lamps, contrary to orders given.” sepulchral monument will display This dreadful accident shows the the statues of Andrew Hoffer, of necessity of strong regulations to the duke D'Enghien, of Kleber, ot compel the constant use of the safe. Palm, of Pichegru, and of Stoffet.



Jerome Buonaparte has purchas. or twenty-shilling pieces, if of less ed for 250,000 forins an estate at weight than the rates hereafter speErla, about two leagues from Vi. cified, viz. Seven-shilling pieces, enna.

Idwt. 18grs.; sovereigns, or twenty, Great distress prevails in Prussia. shilling pieces, 5 dwts. 2 grs. and No less than 40,000 weavers are three quarters; be not allowed to said to be starving for want of em. be current or pass in any payment ployment.


The Margate Regent steamJULY.

packet took fire on her passage 2.--This afternoon, some pitmen from London to Margate, with a descended into the new pit, at Har- crew of ten men, and about forty raton, in order to ascertain the in- passengers, men, women, and chil. jury it had sustained from the ex. dren. The voyage was extremely plosion of the old pit above de. quick and favourable till about four scribed, when, shocking to relate, in the afternoon, when, having eight men were suffocated, in con. cleared the point of the isle of Shep. sequence of the impure state of the py, and with a view of the destined air in the mine.

port in the distance, a smoke was The Gazette of July 5 contains observed to issue from the wooden a proclamation, dated the 1st in casing on the deck surrounding the stant, by the prince regent, ordering lower part of the chimney of the that the new gold coin called sove. steam-engine. The attempt to stifle reigns shall pass current at the va- the fire was fruitless; and the smoke lue of twenty shillings. Each so. and heat increasing in the engine. vereign contains 5 dwts. 3 grs. and house, the captain shortly after or. the 2740-10,000dth part of a grain dered all hands upon deck, and di. of standard gold. The impression on rected all the apertures communithe obverse is the head of his ma- cating with the interior of the vessel jesty, with the inscription “ GEOR. to be closed. The danger now beGIUS III. D. G. Britanniar. Rex, came dreadfully apparent, and it F. D." and the date of the year; was determined as the most probaand on the reverse the image of St. ble chance of preserving the lives George armed, sitting on horse- of the passengers and crew, to hoist back, encountering the dragon with a signal of distress, and to direct a spear, the said device being placed the course of the vessel towards within the ennobled garter, bearing Whitstable, from which place, at the motto Honi soit qui ma! y pense." the time the accident was first diswith a newly-invented graining on covered, the vessel was about eight the edge of the piece.

miles distant, and the steam-engine Another proclamation, of the still acting from the external heat same date, orders, that, as much of surrounding the boiler, was a cir. the present gold coin in circulation cumstance which fortunately fais deficient in weight, none shall bevoured the object. For the space taken in payment of less weight of upwards of an hour did the pasthan as follows:-Guineas, 5 dwts. sengers remain in a horrible state of 8 grs.; half guineas, 2 dwts. 16 suspense, the fire raging in the ingrs.; quarter guineas, 1 dwt. 8 grs.; terior of the vessel beneath, and be. and that seven-shilling pieces, and ing only kept from penetrating the gold pieces called sovereigns, through the deck by the constant



application of water, till the vessel terred at St. Denis on the 16th ingrounded on the sand at Whitstable, stant. when three boats from that place Twenty-one persons implicated which had overshot them, arrived in the late disturbances in the to their assistance, and safely took neighbourhood of Lyons were tried on board all the passengers and before the prevôtal court there on crew; and here, as if the hand of the 30th ult. Three were condemnProvidence was further manifested ed to death, and executed; sever: in their preservation, in less than to deportation, two to hard labour three minutes afterwards the deck for five years, and nine were ac. over the engine and fore cabin quitted. The disturbances prove fell in.

to have been of a far more serious 8.—Uffington-house, Lincoln- character than has hitherto been shire, the seat of the earl of Lind- represented. The tri-coloured Aag, sey, was discovered to be on fire it is said, was hoisted in no less at two o'clock in the morning, sup- than thirty communes; and the ob. posed by incendiaries, as it broke ject is distinctly stated to have been out in two separate apartments.

the overthrow of the reigning dy. It was most providentially subdued, nasty. after doing about 5001, damages

19.-This day, as three men em- The Spanish general Lacy, with ployed on the new works carrying four officers of rank, his associates, on at Sheerness dock-yard were were condemned to death on the descending in the diving-bell, some 27th ult. by a court-martial at Baraccident occurred; and the signal to celona. The same sentence was be drawn up not being understood passed upon Milans, and many of by the men above, two out of the his accomplices, par contumace. The three were unfortunately drowned; proceedingsand sentence were transthe one who was saved made his mitted for the king's approbation; escape from under the bell,' which and Lacy has since been sent off to the others were unable to effect: as Majorca. soon as recovered, the bodies were

RUSSIA. taken to the surgery, and means The emperor of Russia has is. used to restore animation, but with sued an ukase for establishing a out effect.

commercial bank at Petersburgh, FRANCE.

on principles somewhat resembling The duchess de Berri was deli- those on which the charter of the vered on the 13th inst. of a daugh- bank of England is founded. ter: the young princess, by order It appears that the emperor, of the king, was named Louise- since his return from England, is Isabelle d'Artois, Mademoiselle. introducing into his capital foolSponsors were named, and a mag- pavement of Aag-stones as in all our nificent christening was to have large towns; but the emperor has taken place; but the preparations improved upon us, by separating were very soon interrupted by the the foot pavement from the cardeath of the royalinfant, which took riage way by an iron railing. place the next evening. The duchess de Berri is, in the mean A society has been formed in time, in a fair way to do well. The the United States, for the encouragebody of the infant princess was in- ment of American manufactures,



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