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M. Las Casas, the friend of Buo- was read by prince Oscar at the naparte, recently returned from opening of the diet. The Swedish St. Helena, has received orders to paper currency was, in 1802, for his residence in the Prussian do. 14,000,000, and is now 30,000,000 minions; and he has left Frankfort of bank.dollars, having more than for Berlin under the care of a Prus- doubled in fifteen years. On the sian officer of police.

other hand, the government makes By a Hamburgh mail we have the gratifying boast, that, notwithreceived copies of two letters ad- standing the natural wants of Swe. dressed by the count Las Casas, in den, none of its inhabitants have, the latter end of last month, one to like those of more fertile countries, lord Sidmouth, and the other to been forced to emigrate from the lord Holland. In the former Las apprehension of famine. Casas mentions his having been for four days in the hands of an English Ukase addressed to the legislative state messenger, on his arrival in synod at Moscow, by Alexander, the Thames, who at first permitted emperor of Russia, dated from him to enjoy the free use of his Moscow, Oct. 27. papers, and to indulge himself in

“During my late travels through writing-but, as if to take advan- the provinces, I was obliged, to my tage of the confidence thus inspired, no small regret, to lis.en to speeches this messenger, at the very moment pronounced by certain of the clergy of departure, seized on every paper, in different parts, which contained even the most trifling, in the name unbecoming praises of me-praises and under the authority of lord Sid. which can only be ascribed unto mouth. “ Every thing," says the God. And as I am convinced, ia letter, “has been taken from me: the depth of my heart, of the Chriletters, notes, my son's writing- stian truth, that every blessing flow. books, deeds of property, domestic eth unto us through our Lord and secrets, official documents of sir Saviour Jesus Christ alone, and that Hudson Lowe and lord Charles every man, be he who he may, withSomerset, my journals, and even out Christ, is full only of evil; there. a letter to the French minister of fore to ascribe unto me the glory of police, and another to my wife. deeds, in which the land of God They have been taken from me hath been so evidently manifested without making an inventory of before the whole world, is to give them, or numbering them; and unto men that glory which belong. they declare that it was done by eth unto Almighty God alone. your lordship's orders.”

In the “ I account it my duty, therefore, letter to lord Holland, the count to forbid all such unbecoming er. alludes to some statements previ- `pressions of praise; and recommend ously transmitted to his lordship to the holy synod, to give instrucfrom the Cape of Good Hope, tions to all the diocesan bishops, touching the alleged grievances at that they themselves, and the clergy St. Helena ; and also mentions the under them, may, on similar occa. great difficulty he experienced in sions, in future, refrain from all such writing the present letter.

expressions of praise, so disagree.

able to my ears; and that they may A mail from Hamburgh brings render unto the Lord of Hosts alone the king of Sweden's speech; which thanksgivings for the blessings be




stowed upon us, and pray for the ed. What efforts were made on outpouring of his grace upon all of the part of the government to reus; conforming themselves in this monstrate with these deluded peomatter to the words of sacred writ, ple, or to procure their peaceable which requires us to render to the dispersion, does not satisfactorily King Eternal, Immortal, Invisible, appear. Dispositions were made the only wise God, honour and glory to attack them, which was done for ever and ever. ALEXANDER.' at Lobenar on the 20th of De. The Russian interest prevails so

cember. In the contest 100 of much in Persia, that Russian traders the natives were killed, and 594 are expected to be allowed a

passage were made prisoners. These men through that country to and from were all disarmed, and by the maIndia.

gistrates delivered into the care Funeral service has been per- of the military. On their arrival . formed at Warsaw, for the death at Indramaye, they were put into a of Kosciusko, at which the grand coffee store house within the fort, duke and all the public authorities and the temporary prison was surattended,

rounded by sentinels. In the course

of the night some of these poor A horrible transaction has oc- creatures having endeavoured to curred at the island of Java, since get out, for the purpose, as it is its repossession by the Dutch, of now believed, of enjoying the freshwhich the subjoined is an affecting ness of the open air, the Dutch detail:-Towards the close of 1816 guard fired in among them, and, a disturbance took place at no great horrible to relate, continued their distance from Batavia, the capital, execution, in spite of Mr. Matenan produced by some unauthorized ex- the magistrate, and under the eye actions of the kapala chootak, and of their own officers, until 300 of other native chiefs acting under the those unarmed, unresisting, help.' Dutch government. The ignorant less human creatures were mas. and suffering inhabitants were pre- sacred in cold blood! The prayers vailed upon by a few of the heads and commands of the civil magiof villages, to assemble for the pur- strate were equally disregarded on pose of marching to Indramaye, for this occasion, which was but the the ostensible purpose of having first act of an atrocious tragedy. their grievances redressed. No chief The survivors were embarked in of any rank was amongst them, and coffee prows, and dispatched up the their number did not at any time river to Caroug Sauberg ; while on exceed 900. It is a fact worthy of the river, they were accused of a senotice, that in all their marches cond attempt to escape ; when the over a considerable extent of coun- former dreadful scene was renewed, try, no property of any kind was and near 200 more were mercilessly seized, nor one personal outrage slaughtered! So insatiate was the committed. At Lobenar, where thirst for Javanese blood, that of they remained for several days, the 594 made prisoners after the atservants, rice, paddy, cattle, &c. of tack upon them by the Dutch Mr. Muntinghe, a public function. troops, only 113 remained alive when ary, lay open before them; but not the account of these ful transa human being was molested, nor actions was written, in the month an article of any description touch of January following:

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CHRISTEKINGS and BORIALS from December 10, 1816, to December 16, 1817.

Christened { Females 19505} 9,1% | Buried { Maletes 19933 ? 19. all Decrease in



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) 19,968) Burials . Died under 2 years 5698 20 and 30-1364 60 and 70 - 1614 | 100 .. 7. Between 2 and 5 201930) and 40- 1795 70 and 80-1224 | 105.. .2.

5 and 10 929 40 and 50 - 1933 80 and 90- 683 10 and 20 706 50 and 60 - 1788 90 and 100 156 Diabetes

3, Palpitation of the CASUALTIES. DISEASES. Dropsy


4 Broken Limbos Abortive, Still born 700 Epilepsy

5 Palsy

162 Bruised Abscess 98 Evil. 6 Pleurisy, 29 Burnt

41 Aged 1975 Fevers of all kinds 1299 Purples.

1 Choked Ague 2 Pistula . 3 Quinsy

2 Drowned

119 Apoplexy and

9 Rash

21 Excessive Drinksuddenly 462 French Pox 86 Rbenmatism 111 ing

. 12 Asthma 743 Gout 54 Scrophula

5 Executed*

10 Bedridden 5 Gravel, Stone, and Scurvy

6 Found Dead Bile G Strangury: 24 Small Pox. 105! Fractured

4 Bleeding. 45 Grief 4 Sore Throat .. 5 Frighted

9 Bursten & Rupture 43 Headmoldshot, Horse-Sores and Ulcers . 11 Killed by Falls and Cancer. 99 shoe-head, & Water Spasms

25 several other Ac. Chicken Pox

1 in the Head 419 St. Anthony's Fire 7 cidents ... 65 Childbed 252 Imposthume 2 Stoppage in the Sto- Killed themselves 34 Colds 14 Inflammation. 1002 mach.

24 Mardered

3 Colick, Gripes, &c. 7 Jaundice

75 St. Vitus's Dance 1 Poisoned Consumption 4201 Jaw-locked 2 Stricture

1 Scalded

4 Convulsions 3242 Livergrown

70 Swelling
1 Sbot

1 Cough, and Hooping- Lumbago

1 Teeth
449 Slarved

8 Cough 615 Lunatick 244 Chrush 111 Strangled

1 Cow Pox 1 Measles. 725 rumor

3 Suffocated Cramp 1 Miscarriage

tWater in the Chest 68 Croup. 109 Mortification. . 30Worms


Total 367 • There have been executed in the city of London and County of Surrey, 26; of which number 10 only have been reported to be buried within the Bills of Mortality.




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16. Viscountess Folkestone, of BIRTHS in the year 1817. a daughter. Jan. 2. In Devonshire-place, the 25. In Grosvenor-street, the lady of major-general sir William wife of the dean of Chester, of a Auson, K. C. B. of a son.

4. In Hertford-street, the coun- 31. At the Admiralty, the wife tess of Clonmell, of a son and heir. of John Wilson Croker, esq. of a

At Hollycombe, Sussex, the wife of C. W. Taylor, esq. M. P. of a At Salton Hall, Scotland, son and heir.

lady Eleanor Balfour, of a daughter. 13. At Kemsey Lodge, Wor- - At Porto-bello, Scotland, cester, the lady

of major-general sir lady Elibank, of a son. Roger Hale Sheaffe, bart. of a Feb. 4. Aç Powerscourt-house, daughter.

Cheltenham, the lady of sir Hun14. In Wimpole-street, the lady gerford Hoskyns, bart. of Hareof the right honourable lord Brid-wood-house, county of Hereford, port, of a daughter.

of a son.



4. At Valenciennes, the wife of May 2. Lady Harriet Paget, of lieutenant-colonel MacGregor,88th a daughter. regiment, of a daughter.

3. In Grosvenor-place, viscountess 17. In Margaret-street, viscoun- Milton, of a son. tess Duncannon, of a daughter.

Of a son and presumptive 21. In Upper Grosvenor-street, heir, the wife of the honourable G, the countess de la Warr, of a son. J.Tuchet, eldest son of lord Audley.

March 6. At Wells, the lady of June 4. At the Chateau of Neuil. the honourable Dr. Ryder, bishop ly, the duchess of Orleans, of a of Gloucester, of a daughter. daughter.

8. At Bath, the lady of rear-ad. 21. At Naples, the lady of earl miral sir John Gore, K.C. B. of a Compton, of a daughter. daughter.

26. At Dalhousie Castle, lady 13. At Yeste-house, the mar. Robert Ker, of a daughter. chioness of Tweedale, of a daughter. 30. At Geneva, the countess of

17. At Methley-park, county of Minto, of a son. York, viscountess Pollington, of a In the Austrian dominions,

princess Paul Esterhazy, lady of the 21. At Melbury, the countess of Austrian ambassador, of a son. Ilchester, a son.

July 2. In Hamilton Place, the At Chester, the wife of Rev. duchess of Bedford, of a son. Richard Massie, of a son, (her 20th - 15. The duchess of Modena, child.)

of a princess. 28. At Ham, Surrey, the lady At Lacken, near Brussels, of sir Henry C. Montgomery, bart. lady Thurlow, of a son. of a daughter.

20. At Rosiere, near Lyndhurst, At Brighton, the wife of the ho- Hants, the countessof Erroll, of a son. nourable D.M. Erskine, of a son.

24. At the earl of Besborough's, 31. In Saville-row, lady Sarah Roehampton, lady Barbara PonsonLittleton, of a son.

by, of a daughter. At Eastbourne, thewife of Davies At her father's (the earl of Gilbert (late Davies Giddy) esq. Hardwicke) in St. James's-square, M.P, of a daughter.

lady Caroline Cocks, of a daughter, April 4. in Gloucester Place, August 15. At Framingham, near viscountess Hawarden, of a son and Norwich, the wife of Edward Righeir.

by, M.D. of Norwich, of three sons 11. In Hamilton Place, right ho- and a daughter. nourable lady Emily Murray, of a 21. The queen of Spain, of a daughter.

princess. 14. In Lisson Grove North, the 24. At the house of her father, countess of Rothes, of a daughter. (the earl of Malmesbury,) lady

22. AtClumber Park, the duchess Frances Cole, of a son. of Newcastle, of a son.

October 4. At Clifton, the map 26. At Glen Stuart, the marchio. chioness of Ely, of a son. Tress of Queensberry, of a daughter. 6. Right honourable lady Cart

28. In Cavendish-square, the lady line Anne Macdonald, of 'Clatroof admiral sir G. Cockburn, of a nald, of a daughter. daughter

29. At Ormiston-hall, the cour29. In Seymour-place, lady K. tess of Hopetoun, of a son. Halketi, of a son.

-At Pakenham-ball, Ireland,


the countess of Longford, of a son bishop of Cloyne, to Louisa, eldest and heir.

daughter of Robert Otway, esq. of November 8. Lady Charles Ben- Cork. tinck, of a son.

80. Peter Herve, esq. founder of At Stevenson's, the lady of sir “ The National Benevolent Institu. John Gordon Sinclair, bart, of a tion,” to miss Nicholls of Hamp. daughter.

stead, daughter of the late J. Nie 10. At Cheveley, the duchess of cholls, esq. of Lincoln's Inn, Rutland, of a son.

Feb. 3. Captain J. L. Stuart, of 11. At Toft-hall, Cheshire, the the Bengal army, grandson of wife of Ralph Leycester, esq. of a Francis, late earl of Moray, to Sa. son and heir.

rah, sixth daughter of the late Roo December 12. At Dublin, the coun- bert Morris, esq. M. P. for Gloutess Talbot, of a son.


4. At Ickham church, Kent, and MARRIAGES in the year 1817. at the chapel at Hales Place, Ed.

Jan. 6. Righthonourable Joshua ward Quillinan, esq. 3d dragoon lord Huntingfield, of Heveningham guards, to Jemima, second daughter Hall, Suffolk, to miss Blois, daugh- of sir Egerton Brydges, of Lee ter of sir C. Blois, bart. of Cock. Priory, near Canterbury, bart. field Hall, in the same county. M.P.

11. Sir John Anstruther, of 5. Sir Watkin Williams Wynne, Anstruther, bart. M.P. to Jessie, bart, to lady Harriet Clive, eldest third daughter of major.general daughter of the earl of Powis. Dewan, of Gilston.

March 3. Lieuto-gen. the honour. 13. By special license, lieutenant- able sir William Lumley, K.C. B. colonel sir Guy Campbell, bart. to to Louisa Margaret, widow of the Frances Elizabeth, eldest daughter late major Cotton, brother to lord and co-heiress of Montagu Bur- Combermere. goyne, esq. of Mark-hall, Essex.

18. At Desart by special licence, 20. John Becket, esq. under se- colonel James Campbell, 94th regicretary of state for the home de- ment, to lady Dorothea L. Cuffe, partment, to lady Anne Lowther, daughter of the late earl of Desart. third daughter of the earl of Lons- 19. In the Elector's palace at Case dale.

sel, the grand duke of Mecklen. 22. The earl of Longford, to burgh Strelitz, to the princess lady Georgiana Lygon, sister of earl Maria, second daughter of the Land. Beauchamp.

grave Frederic. 27. At Ugbrooke-park, Devon, 20. Major-general sir Thomas honourable Mr. Langdale, of Sidney Beckwith, K.C.B. to Mary, Haughton, county of York, to the eldest daughter of the late sir Wil. honourable Charlotte Clifford, liam Douglas, bart. of Kelhead. daughter of lord Clifford.

April 1o. Charles, earl of March, 29. Captain Ord, royal artillery, eldest son of the duke of Richmond, second son of Craven Ord, esq. of to lady Caroline Paget, eldest Greensted-hall, Essex, to miss daughter of the marquis of Angle. Blagrave, niece to the late lady sey. Cullum, of Hardwicke-house, Suf- 17. Sir William Hoste, bart, royal folk,

navy, to lady Harriet Walpole, third Rev. J. Bennett, nephew to the daughter of the earl of Orford,

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