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24. At Stutgard, the hereditary Bradford, to Selina, fourth daughprince of Saxe Heildburghausen, to ter of the honourable general Needihe princess Amelia, second daugh. ham, of Waresley Park, county of ter of duke Louis of Wirtemberg, Huntingdon. uncle to the king.

17. By special licence, viscount 29. Earl Percy, to lady Charlotte Strangford, to Ellen, youngest Florentia Clive, daughter of the earl daughter of the late sir John Bourke, of Powis.

bart, and relict of Nicholas Browne, At Vienna, general Macdonald, esq. of Mount Hazle, county of to madame Murat.

Galway. May 19. Honourable C. Lowther, 31. The duke of Saxe Cobourg, major of the 10th royal Hussars, se- brother of prince Leopold, to the "cond son of the earl of Lonsdale, princess Louisa, of Saxe Gotha. to the right honourable lady Eleanor Viscount Ebrington, to lady Sherrard, daughter of the late earl Susan Ryder, eldest daughter of the of Harborough.

earl of Harrowby. 24. By special licence, Edmund Aug. 12. The grand duke Meck. Phelps, esq. to Anne Catherine, lenburgh Strelitz, to the princess countess of Antiim.

Mary, daughter of the Landgrave - Mr. Milbank, to lady Augusta Frederick of Hesse. Vane, second daughter of the earl Sept. 17. At Vienna, count Joof Darlington.

seph Esterhazy, of Galantha, to the - Honourable Charles Noel Noel, princess Mary of Metternich, daughof Barham Court, Kent, eldest son of ter of the minister for foreign sir Gerard Noel, bart, to Elizabeth, affairs. second daughter of the honourable 30, At Dublin, sir J. M. Doyle, sir George Grey, bart. commis- K. C, B. &c. to Mary, only daughsioner of Portsmouth dock-yard, ter of major Bryan.

June 5. At Mr. Mitchell's house, October 7. The earl of Desart, to Sigismund marquis de Nadaillac, Catherine, eldest daughter of Mau- . son of the duchess d'Escars, to Ca. rice N.O'Connor, esq. therine Maria, daughter of Mr. 9. John Sim, M. D. of GrevilleMitchell, Charles-street, Berkley- street, Hatton Garden, to Ann Elisquare.

za, eldest daughter of James Clark, 20. At Edinburgh, count Fla- M. D. of Dominica. hault (who was aid-de-camp to Bo- 13. Major-general Darling, denaparte at the battle of Waterloo] puty-adjutant.general, to Eliza, seto the honourable Margaret Mercer cond daughter of the late lieutenantElphinstone, of Aldie, eldest daugh- colonel Dumaresa, ter of viscount Keith, of Purbrook 16. Lieutenant-colonel D'Arcy, park.

royal artillery, to lady Catherine At Berlin, George Sholto Georgiana West, daughter of the Douglas, esq. secretary to the Bri- late earl Delawarr. tish legation, to Miss Rose, eldest Edmund Antrobris, esq. nedaughter of his majesty's envoy ex- phew of sir E. Antrobus, bart. to traordinary and minister plenipo. Anne, only daughter of the honourtentiary at that court.

able Hugh Lindsay, of Plaistow. July 5. Honourable Orlando lodge, Bridgman, third son of the earl of Rear-admiral sir Philip Charles


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Durham, K.C.B. to Ann Isabella, 12. At Maidstone, aged 83, sir only child of sir J. Henderson, bart. William Bishop, knight, the oldest of Fordel, county of Fife.

justice of the corporation. 18. Honourable captain J. A. 13. Suddenly, aged upwards of Maude, royal navy, to miss Albina 70, George Harriot, esq. lately one Broderic, second daughter of the of the magistrates of the Thames archbishop of Cashel.

police office. 21. Lord Selsey, to the honour- 26. In Grosvenor-place, Caroline able Anna Maria Louisa Irby, dowager countess of Buckinghamyoungest daughter of lord Boston.

shire. 28. At Dresden, the heredit ry 28. In his 84th year, Anthony prince of Tuscany, to the princess Gell, esq. of Cheyné-walk, Chelsea. Maria Anne Caroline of Saxony. 29. At Blenheim, aged 78, his

November 14. At Culzean Castle, grace George, third duke of Marlviscount Kinnaird, son of the earl of borough. Newburgh, to lady Margaret Ken- At Pisa, the right honourable nedy, third daughter of the earl of Francis North, earl of Guilford. Cassillis.

Feb. 2. Aged 85, general Car21. At Ballenstadt, prince Fre- leton, colonel of the 20 battalion deric of Prussia, to the princess 60th foot, and great uncle tothe preLouisa, of Anhalt-Bernbourg. sent lord Dorchester.

27. George Stanley Repton, esq. 3. . At Cambridge, in of Dover-street, to the honourable 720 year, sir Isaac Pennington, Elizabeth Scott, daughter of lord knight, M. D. regius professor of Eldon.

physic, senior fellow of St. John's

college, and senior physician of AdDEATHS in the


1817. denbrooke's hospital. Jan. 4. In his 77th year, sir Ar- 6. In Queen Ann-street, Caven. thur Owen, bart. late adjutant-ge- dish square, theright honourable Caneral in the East Indies, and a colo- tharine Anne, lady Glenbervie. She nel in the army. He is succeeded was the eldest daughter of Frederick in his titles by his nephew, w. second earl of Guildford, and sister Owen, esq. of the Temple, barris- to the late earl. ter-at-law.

At Rufford Hall, Lancashire, the 10. At West-Ham, Essex, in lady of sir Thomas Dalrymple Hes. consequence of a fall from his gig, kech, bart. George Anderson, esq. F.L, S. son 7. At the Jews Hospital, Mileof the late Dr. James Anderson, end, aged 104, Henry Cohen. He author of Essays on Agriculture, was taken ill in the morning, and the Bee, and other works. As a expired in the evening, retaining his man of genius, erudition, and deep senses to the last. botanical research, his death is a se- 8. At Yellowfield, Devon, in her vere loss to the scientific world, and 89th year, the dowager lady Carew, will be long deplored by a nume- relict of the late sir John, and grandrous circle, both of learned and so. mother of the present sir Henry cial friends.

Carew, bart. of Haccombe. At St. Andrew's, rev. Dr. Ro. N. At his seat at Carlton, in bertson, professor of Oriental lan- Northamptonshire, aged 82, sir guages.

John Palmer, bart.


12.At Leeds, Joshua Walker, esq. earl of Darnley, and lineally de. M.D. of the Society of Friends; scended from the illustrious earl of 25 years physician to the general in- Clarendor. firmary in that town.

At Gilcomston, Aberdeenshire, 14. Ather hotel in Paris, aged 85, aged 101, John M.Bain. He was the countess of Coislin, formerly one present at the battle of Culloden, of the attendants upon the person of and was attached to the corps the queen of Louis XV. and grande brought into the field by lady M'Inaunt of the duchess of Pie of Bavaria. tosh, which made so furious an is.

22. At Camberwell, much re- ruption into the left wing of the spected, Mr. John Walker, late of royal army, that they completely Paternoster-row, bookseller, andone annihilated the first line. In this of the common council of the ward attack he received a wound, being of Farringdon Within.

struck with a musket-ball on the 23. At the house of Charles left cheek when running on to the Brooke, esq. Long Ditton, Surrey, second line after the first had been right honourable lady Amelia Les- overthrown; but he said it did not lie, second daughter of the late earl disable him. of Rothes.

In Bolton-row, in her 75th year, March 7. At the house of sir Jane countess of Uxbridge. Henry Halford, bart. in Curzon- At his house in Ipswich, at the street, London, in his 65th year, advanced age, there is reason to bethe rev. David Hughes, D.D. prin- lieve, of 100 years, and deservedly cipal of Jesus-college in the univer- respected, sir William Innes, bart. sity of Oxford, and many years rec. of Balvenie. tor of Besselsleigh, Berks.

At their encampment at Honiton, At Rudding Park, in her 83d Mrs. Boswell, sister to the Queen of year, right honourable Catherine, the Gipsies. She was interred with dowager countess of Aberdeen, great pomp. daughter of Mr. Hanson, of Wake. 25. Expired easily, and almost field in Yorkshire.

imperceptibly, at his apartments in At Trawnstynydd, county of Me. Jesus college, Cambridge, rev. Ro. rioneth, agediio, Edmund Morgan, bert Tyrwhitt, formerly fellow of being, as it is believed, the oldest in- that college. habitant of Wales. He retained his 27. At Halliford, Middlesex, Jofaculties to the hour of his death. seph Boydell, esq. well known as His funeral was attended by his an eminent encourager of the arts, three sons, one daughter, twenty. and himself a very superior artist.

three grand-children, ten great- April 1. At Paris, aged 71, the grand-children, and five great-great duke of Laval de Montmorency, a grandchildren, and upwards of peer of France and a lieutenantseven hundred inhabitants of that general in the king's army. and the adjoining parishes.

2. In Grosvenor-place, in his 22d At Brighton, in her 74th year, year, Charles-Fox Townshend, esq. Theodosia, countess of Clanwilliam, eldest son of lord John Towns. relict of John earl of Clanwilliam, hend. only child and heiress of Robert At his estate, at Ruel near Paris, Hawkins Magill, esq. of Gill-hall after a long and severe illness, Anin the county of Down. Her lady- drew Massena, prince of Esling, ship was grand-daughter of John 10. At Gatcombe, near Ports. 1817.

(E) mouth,


esq. F.S.A.

mouth, lady Curtis, relict of the late 23. At Gort, county of Galway, admiral sir R. Curtis, bart. G.C.B. in his 76th year, the right honour.

11. At his house in Kensington- able John Prendergast Smyth, vissquare,

thé reverend William count Gort, baron Kiltarton, a go. Beloe, B.D, F.S.A. rector of All. vernor of the county of Galway, hallows, London Wall, prebendary chamberlain of the city of Limeof Pancras in St. Paul's cathedral, rick. and prebendary of Lincoln,

At Rome, the celebrated Cardi. 13. In Macclesfield-street, Soho, nal Maury ; who was in some mea. in his 73d year, Thomas Hearne, sure, under Buonaparte and during

the capacity of the Pope, the head 15. At Bath, in his 73d year, of the Catholic church. He fancied right honourable sir A. Thomson, he saw a change of colour in his lord chief justice of his majesty's lips, that denoted his having swalcourt of exchequer.

lowed poison; and by taking coun. 18. At Mauldslie Castle, in his terpoisons, he killed himself. 60th year, the right honourable At Heckington, aged 65, Mr. Sa. Thomas Carmichael, earl of Hynd- muel Jessup, an opulent grazier, ford.

of pill-taking memory.

He lived May 1. At Clifton, near Bristol, in a very eccentric way as a baright honourable lady Edward chelor, without known relatives; O'Bryen, daughter of the late Paul and has died possessed of a good Cobb Methuen, esq. of Corsham- fortune, notwithstanding a most in. house, Wiltshire.

ordinate craving for physic, by At Aston-hall, Yorkshire, right which he was distinguished for the honourable lady Mary Foljambe, last thirty years of his life, as appear. sister to the present earl of Scar. ed on a trial for the amount of an borough, and relict of the late Fran. apothecary's bill, at the last assizes cis Ferrand Foljambe, esq. of Ose at Lincoln, in which Mr. Jessup berton-hall, Nottinghamshire. was the defendant. The evidence

2. At Paris, M. de Urquijo, prime on the trial affords the following minister of Spain under 'king materials for the epitaph of the de Charles IV. and during the govern- ceased : In twenty-one years (from ment of Joseph.

1794 to 1816) the deceased took 7. At Dunglass-house, Scotland, 226,934 pills supplied by a respectHelen, eldest daughter of sir James able apothecary at Bottesford ; Hall, bart. of Dunglass.

which is at the rate of 10,806 pills 8. At Carlsruhe, of convulsions, a-year, or 29 pills each day: but as the hereditary prince of Baden, only the patient began with a more moson of the grand duke.

derate appetite, and increased it as 15. In Welbeck.street, madame he proceeded, in the last five years de Freire, wife of his excellency the preceding 1816 he took the pills at chevalier de Freire, late minister at the rate of 78 a-day, and in the this court from the court of Por- year 1814 swallowed not less than tugal.

51,590. Notwithstanding this, and 16. At Bath, the right honourable the addition of 40,000 bottles of Charlotte Newcomen, viscountess mixture and juleps and electuaries, Newcomen, baroness Newcomen of extending altogether to fifty-five Mosstown, county of Longford, in closely written columns of an apoher own right.

thecary's bill, the deceased lived to


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five years.

attain the advanced age of sixty- At Paris, M. Suard, whose loss

will be sensibly felt by literature. At Great Melton-hall, Norfolk, 9. At Brighton, in her 87th year, aged 86, sir John Lombe, bart. so lady Anne Murray, sister to the created in 1783.

late earl of Mansfield. 29. In Grosvenor-square, the 13. At Eglinton Castle, the right countess dowager of Leitrim. honourable Hugh Montgomery,earl

At Enfield, aged 74, William of Eglinton. Saunders, M.D.F.R.S. and F.S.A. 14. At Bath, in his 54th year, right Fellow of the royal college of phy- honourable James Everard, ninth sicians, physician extraordinary to lord Arundel of Wardour Castle,and the prince of Wales, and senior phy- count of the sacred Roman empire. sician to Guy's hospital.

19. In Somerset-street, Portmana, June 2. At the advanced age of 103, square, suddenly, in his 71st year, Catherine Prescott, of Manchester. Sir William Parsons, knight, one of

5. At Bamborough.hall, aged 78, the magistrates belonging to the Henry Grey, esq. of Shoreston- public office, Marlborough-street, house, Northumberland.

and master of his majesty's band of . 7. At Warwick, in his 83d year, musicians. the honourable James Dormer, bro- At Paris, in the hospital for patither to the late and uncle to the per lunatics of Salpetriere, where present lord Dormer,

he had lived unpitied and unknown 16. At the royal arsenal at Wool. for many years, aged 57, the famous wich, in his 80th year, general Theroigne de Mericourt, one of the Vanghan Lloyd

regicides, and the most blood-thirsty July 8. At his house in Curzon- of the heroes of the revolution. street, in consequence of a paralytic At Agen, aged 50, madame Tous affection, with which (like the great saint Louverture, widow of the ce. earl of Chatham) he had been sud- lebrated black general. denly seized, a few evenings before, At Philadelphia, after a shott ill. in his place in parliament, the right ness, supposed about eighty years honourable George Ponsonby, M.P. of age, Mr. Thomas M.Kean, for. for Wicklow

merly representative in the conti10. At Northumberland-house, nental congress, one of the signers in his 75th year, his grace Hugh, of American independence, chief duke of Northumberland.

justice of Pennsylvania, and nine Ac Paris, aged 53, the celebrated years governor of that state. madame de Stael-Holstein, daugh- August 1. At St. Catherine's, near ter of M. Necker, so much distin- Dublin, in his 86th year, right ho., guished before the French revolu- nourable David Latouche, many tion for his financial talents. years one of his majesty's privy

At Dresden, Werner, the cele. council, and for forty years a mem. brated German mineralogist. ber of parliament of Ireland.

At Edinburgh, Alexander Carre, 5. At Wolsely-hall, Staffordshire, esq. of Caverse and Nisbet. sir William Wolsely, bart.

At Hamburgh, at a very advanc- 10. In Upper Berkeley-street, ed age, professor Ebeling, one of the lieutenant-colonel the honourable most learned geographers of Ger. W. Grey, fourth son of the late and many, who continued the geogra- brother of the present earl Grey. phical works of Busching.

At his mother's, the dowager.

(E 2) lady

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