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lady Burgoyne, in Oxford-street, by living on his estate conduced to major-general sir Montagu Roger the benefit of his dependents such Burgoyne, bart. of Sutton Park, is the life of a true country gentle. county of Bedford.

At Plymouth dock, in his 70th In Great Ormond-street, in his year, sir John-Thomas Duckworth, 74th year, Gamaliel Lloyd, esq. bart. G.C. B. admiral of the white At Chelsea, in his 70th year, squadron, commander in chief on George Dobree, esq. of Oxfordthe Plymouth station, and M.P. for street. New Romney.

September 7. Lady Frances PelAt Wallerstein, of an apoplectic ham, third daughter of the earl of fit, the princess dowager of d'at. Chichester. tingen-Ettingen, born duchess of 8. In Upper Eaton-street, Pim. Wurtemberg

lico, aged 69, Mr. John Carter, In his 77th year, Leopold Frede- F.S.A. draftsman and architects rick Francis, duke of Dessau. and eminently distinguished for his

At Amsterdam, the dowager skill in ancient English architecture. marchioness of Sligo.

12. At Bath, the right honour22. In Harley-street, in her 51st able sir John M.Mahon, bart, a year, right honourable Frances lady privy counsellor, and late private Redesdale.

secretary, secretary extraordinary, 23. Honourable Mrs. Hugo Mey. and keeper of the privy purse, to the nell, of Hoarcross, in the parish of prince regent. Yoxall, Staffordshire, sister of the At the Cape of Good Hope, marchioness of Hertford.

Thomas Sheridan, esq. son of Ri. 24. At Herne Hill, near Dul- chard Brinsley Sheridan, by his first wich, aged 49, Signora Storace, wife, the daughter of Mr. Linley : sister of Stephen Storace, the emic and the only child of that marriage. nent composer:

In Dublin, of typhus rever, the At Twickenham, aged 75, vis. honourable judge Osborne, fourth countess Howe, widow of William justice of the court of King's Bench, lord viscount Howe.

in Ireland. 28. At Bottlevs, Surey, sir Joseph At Orlinghury, county of NorMawbey, bart. He succeeded his fa. thampton, Elizabeth Susanna Frether, sir Joseph, the first baronet, in derica, born countess Wartensleber, 1798. He married in 1796, Charlotte wife of the reverend John WhiteCaroline Maria, only daughter, by house, rector of Orlingbury, and his first wife, of the late Thomas widow of John Ewart, esq. former." Henchman, esq. of Littleton, Mido ly his Britannic majesty's minister dlesex, by whom he had issue two plenipotentiary at the court of Berdaughters. The remains of sir Jo. lin. seph were interred at Chertsey : the At Constantinople, of a consumpattempt to render his obsequies sim. tion, aged about 50, the sultana Va.. ple and without pomp was frustrat- lide, mother of the grand Seignior. ed by the numerous applications Count Philip D'Edling, formerly from persons desirous of showing grand master of the household of their last testimony of regard. The the archduchess Leopoldine, now poor in bim have lost a friend, as princess royal of Brazil. he performed his duties as a magis.' 18. 'In Serjeant's-inn, Fleet. trate with unbiassed rectitude, and stroct, aged 60, William Charles


Wells, M.D.F.R.S. L. and E. who 16. At Soleure, in Switzerwas for twenty years one of the phy, land, the brave and virtuous Kossicians to St. Thomas's hospital. ciusko.

22. In Hanover-square, aged 72, At Melchburn, Bedfordshire, sir James Earle, knight, F.R.S. right honourable St. Andrew lord master of the royal college of sur. St. John, baron St John of Bletgeons, many years senior surgeon of so. St. Bartholomew's hospital, and sur. At Lindridge, in his 720 year, geon-extraordinary to his majesty the very reverend Arthur Onslow, and household.

D.D, dean of Worcester, master of 19 In Upper Grosvenor-street, St. Oswald's hospital, and archdeaJane, relict of the late colonel Co. con of Berkshire. nynghame, sister to lady Vernon, In Conduit-street, Hanoverand youngest daughter of the late square, suddenly, in his 58th year, sir John Whitefoord, bart.of White. John Barclay, esq. surgeon. foord.

21. In Windsor cloisters, after a At Kirkoim, near Stutgard, long illness, reverend Francis Roaged 61, of apoplexy, duke Louis per, A.M. vicar of Sutton Courtof Wurtemberg, uncle to the king ney, Oxon, minor canon of St. of Wurtemberg:

George's chapel, and one of the At St. Petersburg, duke Julius conducts at Eton college. de Polignac, well known for the At Frogmore, after an illness of distinguished favour with which he five years, Esther Jane, relict of the was honoured by Louis XVI. late right honourable Richard Brins

At Killishee, county of Kildare, ley Sheridan. John-Henry, baron de Robeck. He At Harpenden, major.general possessed large estates in Ireland, Hadden, of the royal artillery, by his marriage with the baroness, At Pimlico, of a paralytic affecdaughter and sole heiress of the late tion, aged 49, Mr. James Grant honourable Richard Fitzpatrick. Raymond. He is succeeded in his titles and At Faris, the comtesse Dillon, reproperty by his only son Henry. lict of the honourable ger eral Ar

At Cheltenham, in his 720 year, thur Dillon, (brother of the late visThomas Bidwell, esq. who during count Dillon, and cousin-german the last twenty-five years of his life to Josephine, the first wife of Bona had filled the office of chief clerk in parte. the department of Foreign affairs, At Vienna, aged 92, baron de Jac. into which he entered fifty years quin. He was one of the first naago.

turalists in Europe, rival and friend October 2. In his 85th year, Alex. of Linnæus. ander Monro, M.D), F.R.S. pro.

Nov. 1. At St. Marde, near Paris, fessor of medicine, anatomy, and of a severe illness, in consequence of surgery, in the University of Edin- having swallowed an ear of rye on burgh, and fellow of the royal col. the 21st of July, in his 12th year, lege of physicians.

viscount Boringdon, eldest son of 8. At his seat at Ammondell, the the earl of Morley. honourable Henry Erskine.

14. At Mr.Coke's, Norfolk, in her 14. At Amelia-place, Brompton 42d year, the right honourable aged nearly 70, the right honour countess of Albemarle. able John Philpot Curran.

17. At Canterbury, in his 62d

(E 3) ycar, year, sir Robert Salusbury, bart. so Dr. John Haviland, regius procreated April 11, 1795.

fessor of physic in the university of 9. At Paris, aged 64, count Otto, Cambridge, vice sir J. Pennington formerly ambassador from France deceased; and one of the physicians to the courts of Vienna, London, and to Addenbrooke's hospital. Munich.

March 22. The earl of Errol, 27. At Paris, in his 65th year, of a commissioner to the general assem. mortification in his leg, which closed bly of the church of Scotland. a long series of indispositions, Pere 27. The earl of Macclesfield Elysée.

took the oaths as lord lieutenant of Aged 72, at the Castle-inn, Salt the county of Oxford. Hill, on his way from Bristol to Lord Combermere, governor of West Tilbury, the rev. sir Adam Barbadoes, Gordon, bart. M.A. prebendary of Dr. Lee, rector of the University Bristol, and rector of West Tilbury of St. Andrew's, Edinburgh. in Essex.

April 17. Marquis of Lothian, one At Chelsea, in his 67th year, of the Scotch representative peers, James Glenie, esq. F.R.S. a gen- vice the earl of Rothes deceased. tleman well known in the literary 22. Mr. Baron Richards, sworn world.

in chief baron of the court of ExcheAt Hayti, aged 31, prince Johnquer, vice Thompson deceased. of Hayti, grandadmiral of the king- May 6. Sir William Garrow, dom.

sworn in a puisne baron of the conri Io childbed, after giving birth, of Exchequer, vice sir R. Richards, prematurely, to a prince and prin- Sir S. Shepherd, sworn into the cess (the former since dead), her office of attorney-general, vice sir imperial highness the archduchess W. Garrow: Hermine, wife of the archduke pa

9. Robert Gifford, esq. sworn in latine of Hungary.

solicitor-general (and a king's coun

cil), vice sir S. Shepherd. PROMOTIONS in the year 1817. Whitehall, May 31. The dignity

Windsor Castle, Jan, 1. Major- of a baron of the United Kingdom general Herbert Taylor, treasurer granted to the right honourable to her majesty, vice the earl of Ef. Charles Abbot, of Kidbrooke, counfingham dec.

ty of Sussex, late speaker of the Mr. Barré Beresford, deputy vice. house of commons, and the heirs treasurer of Ireland.

male of his body lawfully begotten, War office, Feb. 11. General Fran- by the name, style, and title of bacis Dundas, governor of Dumbarton ron Colchester, of Colchester, counCastle, vice general Drummond ty of Essex. deceased. Lieutenant-general Bald. June 7. J. Becket, esq. judge-adwin Leighton, governor of Carrick vocate-general. fergus, vice Dundas,

14. Lord Strangford, envoy-exDr. Edward Daniel Clarke, li- traordinary and minister plenipobrarian of the university of Cam- tentiary at the Swedish court. bridge.

The right honourable Charles Downing-street, Feb. 28. Major. Manners Sutton, speaker of the general George Stracy Smith, lieu. house of commons, vice right hotenant-governor of the province of nourable Charles Abbot, now lord New Brunswick.


Sir Benjamin Bloomfield, keeper Foreign-office, Oct. 14. Charles Manof the privy purse and private se- ners St. George; esq. secretary of cretary to the prince regent, vice legation at the court of Stockholm. right honourable J. M.Mahon re- The right rev. Dr. W. Bennett, signed.

bishop of Cloyne, president of the July 11. Right honourable J. Dublin library, vice right honourBecket, sworn in of the privy council. able J. P. Curran deceased.

19. The dignity of a baronet Rev. John Banks Jenkinson, D.D. conferred on the right honourable dean of Worchester, vice Onslow J. M.Mahon.

deceased. Foreign-office, July, 22. Right ho- Rev. Herbert Oakley, prebendary nourable Edward Thornton, envoy- of Worcester, vice Jenkinson, extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary at the court of his Most Faithful Majesty. Honourable

SHERIFFS for the year 1817. Francis Reginald Forbes, secretary

Bedfordshire. S. Crawley, of of legation,

Siockwood, esq. Earl Bathurst, a knight of the Berkshire. Tilliam Stone, of garter.

Englefield, esq. 26. The duke of Northumber- Buckinghamshire. G. Carringland took the oaths on his appoint- ton, of Missenden-abbey, esq. ment as lord lieutenant of that Cambridgeshire and Huntingcounty.

donshire. Thomas Spooner, of HillWhitehall, August 29. John lord house, Ely, esq. Somers, lord lieutenant of the coun. Cheshire. Sir Richard Brooke, of ty of Hereford, vice the earl of Es, Norton-priory, bart. sex resigned.

Cumberland. Sir Ph. Musgrave, H. Hobhouse, esq. under secre- of Eden-hall, bart. tary of state for the home departe Derbyshire. T. Hallowes, of ment, vice J. Beckett, esq.

Glasswell, esq. George Maule, esq.solicitor to the Devonshire. Sir Wal. Roberts, of treasury, vice Henry Hobhouse, esq. Courtland, bart.

Mr. Shield, master of the royal Dorsetshire. Sir W.Oglander, of band.

Parnham, bart. Carlton-house, Sept. 17. Lord Tal- Essex. John Hall, of Woodford, bot, a member of the privy council, esq. and lord lieutenant of Ireland.

Gloucestershire. Sir H. Cann Lord Somers, lord lieutenant of Lippincott, of Stoke Bishop, bart. Herefordshire.

Herefordshire. Tomkyns Dew, 27. Lord William Gordon, re- of Witney-court, esq. ceiver-general of Cornwall, vice sir Herts. Edmond Morris, of Char. John M.Mahon deceased.

ley-wood, esq. Oxford, Odober 8. Rev. Thomas Kent. W.A. Moreland, of LamLee, vice chancellor of the Univer- berhurst, esg. sity for the year ensuing.--Rev. Lancashire. R. Townley Parker, Whittington Landon, D.D. rev. esq. John Cole, D.D. rev. Frodsham Leicestershire. Clement Winstan. Hodson, D.D. and rev. George, ley, of Braunston, esq. William Hall, D.D. pro-vice-chan- Lincolnshire. Sir Robert Shef. cellors.

ficid, of Normanby-hall, bart.

(E 4) Mon.

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S H E R I F F S.

(1817. Monmouthshire. Sir Robert Yorkshire. Sir William M. Mil. Thompson, of Tinterne-abbey. ner, of Nun-Appleton, bart.

Norfolk. Henry Negus Burroughes, of Burlingham, esg.

WALES. Northamptonshire. Sir C. Knight

Caermarthenshire. G. Lloyd, of ley, of Fawsley-park, bart. Northumberland. Sir T.J. Cla

Brunant, esq.

Pembrokeshire. C. Mathias, of vering, of Harwood Skeels, bart.

Nottinghamshire. T. Blackburne Langwarren, esq. Hildyard, of Flentham,


Cardiganshire. J. Davies, of

Glanrhocca, esq:
Oxfordshire. Walter Perry, esq.
Rutlandshire. T. F. Baines, of

Glamorganshire. Thomas Bates

Rous, of Court-yr alla, esq. Morcott, esq.

Breconshire. C. C. Clifton, of Shropshire. W.0. Gore, of Por

Tuy Mawr, esq. kington, esq; Somersetshire. Phillip J. Miles, Pen Llan, esq.

Radnorshire. Penry Powell, of of Wraxnell, esq.

Merioneth. J. Evans, of HendreStaffordshire. T. Kirkpatrick

morfydd, esq. Hall, of Hollybush, esq.

Carnarvonshire. John Lloyd, of County of Southampton. J. Flem

Trallwyn, esq. ing, of Stoneham-park, esq. Suffolk, Sir R. Harland, of Nac

Anglesey. Rice Thomas, of Cemaes, esq.

Montgomeryshire. R. Price, of Surrey. T. Lett, jun. of Dul.

Gunley, esq: wich, esq. Sussex. James C. Strode, of


Pierce Wynne

York, of Dyffrynaled, esq. Frant, esq;

Flintshire. William Rigby, of Warwickshire. The honourable H. Verney, of Compton Ver- Northop-hall, esq. ney: Wiltshire. John Hungerford Pen

Appointed by the Prince of Wales. ruddock, of Compton, esq.

Cornwall. W. A, Harris, of KeWorcestershire. John Taylor, of néggy. Strensham-court, esq.

ton, bart.

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