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Statesmen, the posthumous renown of, 425
Sterne, a resemblance to, 155
Stewarts, account of the Highland, 513
Stimuli, mental and moral, how affected by
factory labour, 345

Stratagies of parties, specimen of, 433
Street beggars, opinions regarding com-
mon, 581

Strength of the Whig party in towns, 427
Strong-handed measures, rash recommen-
dation of, 317

Succession, account of the Highland law
of, 502

Suicide, explanation of the anomaly of,

Summer in the Pyrenees, Murray's, 617
Sunday publications in London, charge
against, 198

Superstitions, specimen of Portuguese, 4
Surrendered town, picture of a, 25
Swain, Ch, notices concerning, 421
Sweden, Raumer's contributions respecting
the history of, 593

Switzerland Illustrated and Described,
Beattie's, 248
Sympathies between the British and Ame-
ricans, 207


TABLES of Mortality, distinctions to be
observed in studying, 113

Talent, observations concerning the charac-
ter of men of, 174

Tam Neuel, misfortunes of, 493
Tanistry, account of Highland law of, 503
Tarrare, account of the gluttonous mon-
ster, 216

Theft, imperfect state of the law respecting,

Theory of National Education considered,

Thieves, Laurie's description of London,

Tomb, account of an extraordinary, 73
Tower, situation of ce n Records in

Tide of crime increasing, methods taken to
stem it, 480

Tints of Talent from Many Pencils, 122
Toad-eaters of England, information for
the, 531

VOL. IV. (1837). No. 1.

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