The British Poets: Including Translations ...

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C. Whittingham, 1822

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Strana 248 - The critic, who with nice discernment knows What to his country and his friends he owes ; How various nature warms the human breast, To love the parent, brother, friend, or guest; What the great offices of judges are, Of senators, of generals sent to war ; He can distinguish, with unerring art, The strokes peculiar to each different part.
Strana 245 - From well-known tales such fictions would I raise As all might hope to imitate with ease; Yet while they strive the same success to gain, Should find their labour and their hopes are vain: Such grace can order and connexion give; Such beauties common subjects may receive.
Strana 252 - A youth who hopes the" Olympic prize to gain, All arts must try, and every toil sustain; The' extremes of heat and cold must often prove, And shun the weakening joys of wine and love.
Strana 153 - The wise, who well maintains An empire o'er himself ; whom neither chains Nor want, nor death, with slavish fear inspire, Who boldly answers to his warm desire, 20 Who can ambition's vainest gifts despise, Firm in himself who on himself relies, Polish'd and round who runs his proper course, And breaks misfortune with superior force.
Strana 9 - And taming haughty monarchs" pride, With laurel'd brows conspicuous far, To Jove's Tarpeian temple ride: But him, the streams which warbling flow Rich Tibur's fertile vales along, And shady groves, his haunts, shall know The master of the
Strana 238 - But if, through weakness, or my want of art, I can't to every different style impart The proper strokes and colours it may claim, Why am I honour'd with a poet's name ? FRANCIS. IT is one of the maxims of the civil law, that definitions are hazardous. Things modified by human understandings, subject to varieties of complication, and .changeable as experience...
Strana 142 - I often wished I had a farm, A decent dwelling, snug and warm, A...
Strana 163 - The public converse, wherefore I refuse To join the public judgment, and approve Or fly whatever they dislike or love; Mine be the answer prudent reynard made To the sick lion—' Truly I'm afraid, When I behold the steps that to thy den Look forward all, but none return again.
Strana 248 - Keep Nature's great original in view, And thence the living images pursue. FRANCIS. MY friend Sir Roger de Coverley, when we last met together at the club, told me that he had a great mind to see the new tragedy * with me, assuring me, at the same time, that he had not been at a play these twenty years.
Strana 20 - Should have his glorious name enroll'd; He better claims the glorious name who knows With wisdom to enjoy what Heaven bestows...

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