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The opposite engraving presents a fac-simile of Stanza xcii. of the third canto of “ Childe Harold," as dashed off by Lord Byron, in June, 1816, during one of his evening excursions on the Lake of Geneva. The reader will find Sir Walter's Scott's opinion of this Stanza at p. 174. Vol. VIII.

The sky is changed !- and such a change! Oh night,
And storm, and darkness, ye are wondrous strong,
Yet lovely in your strength, as is the light
Of a dark eye in woman! Far along,
From peak to peak, the rattling crags among
Leaps the live thunder! Not from one lone cloud,
But every mountain now hath found a tongue,

And Jura answers, through her misty shroud,
Back to the joyous Alps, who call to her aloud !

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