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Your kind of music for you! The kind of music you like best!

Do you prefer to hear magnificent operatic arias, portrayed by Caruso or Farrar or Melba ? Or are your favorites the charming old songs of yesteryear—the ballads so sweetly sung by Gluck and McCormack?

Or it may be that your tastes run to instrumental solos—the exquisite renditions of Elman or Kreisler or Paderewski. Then again, perhaps you would rather hear Sousa’s Band play some of his own stirring marches, or enjoy Harry Lauder's inimitable witticisms.

No matter—you can hear them all on the Victrola. It is the instrument for all kinds of music. It has not only gathered to itself the greatest artists in the world of


but the most celebrated bands and orchestras, the famous instrumentalists, the leading comedians.

The Victrola is supreme in all fields of musical endeavor. It is the instrument for every

home. Hear your favorite music today at any Victor dealer's. He will gladly play any music you wish to hear, and demonstrate the various styles of the Victor and Victrola-$10 to $400.


Victor Talking Machine Co., Camden, N. J., U. S. A.

Berliner Gramoplione Co., Montreal, Canadian Distributors

Important Notice. All Victor Talking Machines are patented and are only licensed, and with right of use with Victor Records only. All Victor Records are patented and are only licensed, and with right of use on Victor Talking Machines only. Victor Records and Victor Machines are scientifically coordinated and synchronized by our special processes of manufacture; and their use, except with each other, is not only unauthorized, but damaging and unsatisfactory.

Victrola XVII, $250
Victrola XVII, electric, $300

Mahogany or oak

New Victor Records demonstrated at all dealers on the 28th of each month


“ Victrola" is the Registered Trade-mark of the Victor Talking Machine Company designating the produits of this Company only. Warning: The use of the word Victrola u pon or in the promotion or sale of any other Talking Machine or Phonograph products is misleading andiliegal.

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