Statistical Survey of the County of Cork: With Observations on the Means of Improvement ; Drawn Up for the Consideration, and by the Direction of the Dublin Society

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Graisberry and Campbell, 1810 - 853 strán (strany)

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Strana 32 - ... sweet islands and goodly lakes, like little inland seas that will carry even ships upon their waters; adorned with goodly woods, even fit for building of houses and ships, so commodiously, as that if some princes in the world had them, they would soon hope to be lords of all the seas, and ere...
Strana 441 - This, too, had been a troop-horse; and it was supposed, not without reason, that after regimental discipline had failed no other would be found availing. I observed that the animal seemed afraid whenever Sullivan either spoke or looked at him.
Strana 136 - Ye shall utterly destroy all the places, wherein the nations which ye shall possess served their gods, upon the high mountains, and upon the hills, and under every green tree: and ye shall overthrow their altars, and break their pillars, and burn their groves with fire; and ye shall hew down the graven images of their gods, and destroy the names of them out of that place.
Strana 33 - ... so commodiously, as that if some princes in the world had them, they would soon hope to be lords of all the seas, and ere long of all the world : also full of very good ports and havens opening upon England, as inviting us to come unto them, to see what excellent commodities that country can afford; besides, the soil itself most fertile, fit to yield all kind of fruit that shall be committed thereunto. And lastly, the heavens most mild and temperate, though somewhat more moist than the parts...
Strana 440 - Every description of horse, or even mule, whether previously broke, or unhandled, whatever their peculiar vices or ill habits might have been, submitted, without show of resistance, to the magical influence of his art, and, in the short space of half an hour, became gentle and tractable. The effect, though instantaneously produced, was generally durable. Though more submissive to him than to others, yet they seemed to have acquired a docility unknown before.
Strana 89 - At that period not only all former influence was lost, but even that confidence in their clergy, without which all their exertions must prove abortive, ceased in a great measure to exist among the people; nor was it till the rebellion, and its consequent irritations and antipathies, opened their eyes, that this confidence began again to revive. The...
Strana 441 - I observed that the animal appeared terrified whenever Sullivan either spoke or looked at him; how that extraordinary ascendancy could have been obtained it is difficult to conjecture. In common cases this mysterious preparation was unnecessary. He seemed to possess an instinctive power of inspiring awe, the result, perhaps, of natural intrepidity, in which I believe a great part of his art consisted, though the circumstance of the tete-atete shows that, upon particular occasions, something more...
Strana 87 - But if mass should be said at the house of a parishioner, at his own request, he usually gives the clergyman a crown. The general stipend of the curate is the third part of the general receipts of the parish. But in some instances, such as where the parish priest is old, infirm, or unacquainted with Irish, and consequently incapable of lessening in any great degree the labour of the curate, the latter frequently receives half the parochial emoluments.
Strana 78 - ... himself to his weapon, and to the gentlemanly trade of stealing, as they count it. So that if a gentleman, or any wealthy man yeoman of them, have any children, the eldest of them perhaps shall be kept in some order, but all the rest shall shift for themselves and fall to this occupation.
Strana ii - Society do not deem themselves pledged to any opinion given by the Author of this Survey ; and they desire, that nothing contained in it be considered as their sentiments ; they have only published it, as the Report of the gentleman, whose name is affixed, and they publish it for the comments and observations of all persons, which they entreat to be given freely, and without reserve. It is therefore requested, that the observations on reading this...

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