The Works of Soame Jenyns ...: To which are Prefixed Short Sketches of the ... Author's Family, and Also of His Life, Zväzky 1–2

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Strana 5 - Jig difplays the nimble fair, At every ftep new beauties we explore, And worfhip now, what we admir'd before : So when ^ENEAS in the TYRIAN grove, Fair VENUS met, the charming queen of Love, The beauteous Goddefs, whilft unmov'd...
Strana 82 - Cum tot sustineas et tanta negotia solus, Res Italas armis tuteris, moribus ornes, Legibus emendes, in publica commoda peccem. Si longo sermone morer tua tempora, Caesar.
Strana 106 - I was inftantly attacked by all prefent with one voice, or rather with many voices at the fame time> to accompany them thither ; to which I made no oppofition, thinking it would be attended with more trouble than the expedition itfelf.
Strana 213 - ... it : it is feldom of any fervice to the giver, becaufe it more frequently makes him an enemy, than a friend ; and as feldom to the receiver, becaufe, if he is not wife enough to act properly without it, he will fcarcely be wife enough to diftinguifh that which is good.
Strana 166 - Beiides this, every new tax does not only affect the price of the commodity on which it is laid, but that of all others, whether taxed or not, and with which, at firft fight, it feems to have no manner of connection.
Strana 21 - T' extend our narrow views beyond the tomb, And give an earneft of a life to come : For if when dead we are but duft or clay, Why think of what pofterity fhall fay ? Her praife or cenfure cannot us concern, . 180 Nor ever penetrate the filent urn.
Strana 132 - ... and unmerited torments for my convenience ; but when I reflect, that they once...
Strana 55 - The daily bounties of their Maker's care; The great Creator from his heav'nly throne, Pleas'd, on the wide-expanded joy looks down, And his eternal law is only this, That all contribute to the general blifs. Nature...
Strana 115 - Through circling joys while you inceflant ftray, Charm in the Mall, and fparkle at the play ; Think (if fucceffive vanities can fpare One thought to love) what cruel pangs I bear, Left in thefe plains all wretched, and alone, To weep with fountains, and with echoes groan, And mourn inceflantly that fatal day, That all my blifs with CHLOE fnatch'd away.
Strana 59 - Kindly perhaps fometimes afflicts us here, To guide our views to a fublimer fphere, In more exalted joys to fix our tafte, And wean- us from delights that cannot laft.' Our prefent good the eafy tafk is made, To earn fuperior blifs, when this fhall fade; For, foon as e'er thefe mortal pleafures cloy, His hand mall lead us...

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